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Game The Industry
Creator izumiez
Network Reality TV Games
Date started July 23, 2010
Number of seasons 4

The Industry is an online eLouai competition hosted by elouai supermodel Constance Jacquard, played by Izumiez. The competition follows aspiring supermodels who battle it out in high end photoshoots and face elimination each week. It was originally hosted at a proboards forum, but relocated to RTVG due to a decrease in activity and viewers after it was prohibited to advertise there. After a highly successful second season, The Industry has now become one of the most famous games at Reality TV Games.Th search for new supermodel in eLouai industry is beginning here!

Every season the girls come to join the competition for one reason, to named "The Industry" Constance try hard to find new supermodel by faced them to tested every single things about modeling hard challenge,difficult photoshoot for more than 10 weeks but in the ending the diamond will be shine bright and be come the new face of "The Industry" also the winner will gets the huge prizes that can make her dream comes true! The competition is heavily affiliated with Industry Models and L Magazine. Representatives from both have been involved in the competition.

Seasons after seasons The Industry produced the real gorgeous supermodel who can rock the runway and work the photoshoot, campaigns and many covers. because of the judges try truly hard to find them.The judges including by many well-know famous persons in eLouai industry suck as El Divo Coutura, Alexa Randal, Moe Ndaye etc

Judges Chart

Judges Seasons
Constance Jacquard (Host)
Moe Ndaye
El Divo Coutura
Geneva Swasson
Alexa Randal
Patty Go
Yza Sauders
Gloria Longley

Hosts & Judges

Season Start Date Host Judging Panel
Cycle 1 July 23, 2010 Constance Jacquard Moe Ndaye, Geneva Swasson & El Divo Coutura
Cycle 2 January 28, 2011 Constance Jacquard Moe Ndaye, El Divo Coutura & Alexa Randal
Cycle 3 August 2, 2011 Zani Smajli El Divo Coutura, Alexa Randal, Patty Go & Yza Sauders
Cycle 4 January 29, 2014 Constance Jacquard Moe Ndaye, El Divo Coutura & Gloria Longley

Season summary

Season Premiere date Winner Runner-up Other contestants in order of elimination Number of contestants Destination
1 July 23, 2010 Zani Smajli Nereida Leannan Shir Lutner, Sasha Ford, Natasha Ford, Laura Windsor, Cornelia Schwab, Claudia Valen, Shadow Elif, Svetlana Soroko, Ellie Bellamont, Adele Moloney, Jolinne Bartosh, Karyna Hynes, Gisela Sjovic, Ursula Waleenstedt, Jessica Ricci 17 France


2 January 28, 2011 Nenden Ayuningsih Baja Torres-Rivera Olesyia Kosevich, Mercury Arbman, Penn Prescott, Anxhela Shkoder, Jessica Leung, Octavia LeGuin, Rubi Perez, Chosz Bleszynski, Sirena Miles, Alysha Farah, Pia McCarden, Tatjana Russvic, Eloise Huntley, Natasha Ford 16 Australia
3 August 2, 2011 Nerianne Smithz Constance Jacquard Joyce Bolitho, Ximena Munoz, Audrey Taylor, Bijou Jean-Pierre, Maurice Higgins, Rachel Hugh, Samantha Layton, Aspen Wimmer, Hailee Smalls, Jua Mwangi, Lena Khedira, Larisa Jankovic, Whitney Emerson, Viola Adalsteinn, Rhea Pitera, Lucia Mendes, Nada Oreichsjeva, Cassie Vandegan, Michael Fiorentino, Shria Tsetsegmi 22 New York, USA
4 January 29, 2014 TBA TBA Aafreen Meer, Anniken Vage, Anpreet Singh-Mundi, Belle Van Alphen, Carmen Cooper, Cassandra Gatewood, Idina Bharadwaj, Jesinta Brooks, Justyna Piechowiak, Maris Mannick, Nadia Evans, Najali Meer, Regine Onouwe, Shanika Thompson, Valentina Santos 15 TBA

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