Elouai's Next Top Model 12

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Game Elouai's Next Top Model 12
Creator spellboundboy
Network Reality TV Games
Date started December 26, 2010
Number of contestants 14

This cycle of ENTM returned to the normal format after the special 11th cycle, and cutepongki/Pseudoneuro took over hosting the game!


  • 1. Aaliope Riverstone / 17 / Los Angeles, California, USA / College student
  • 2. Angela "Angie" Brito / 20 / Santa Catarina, Brazil / Singer
  • 3. Anya Li / 19 / London, United Kingdom / Unemployed
  • 4. Arden Chou / 19 / San Francisco, California, USA / Model
  • 5. Bryn Rushcliffe / 19 / Oakland, California, USA / Socialite
  • 6. Kennedy Ghenty / 17 / Saint Michael, Barbados / Unemployed
  • 7. Kyra Hevekk / 16 / Los Angeles, California, USA / Student
  • 8. Mercedes Colomar / 18 / Bogotá, Colombia / Dancer
  • 9. Nadia Ganidou / 21 / Paris, France / Dancer
  • 10. Oliv VanWyngarden / 19 / New Hartford, New York, USA / Art student
  • 11. Raven Lockleare / 20 / New York, New York, USA / Unemployed
  • 12. Salem West / 19 / Salem, Massachusetts / Satan-obsessed college student
  • 13. Sameera Hasan / 18 / Karachi, Pakistan / Aspiring model
  • 14. Zahra Adebayo / 17 / Cairo, Egypt / Fashion enthusiast


  • 1. Karin Elouai - Pseudoneuro
  • 2. Rutta - cutepongki
  • 3. Romy Reiter - LaChunk
  • 4. Sandra Cleary- youllseemeontv

Call-Out Chart

GREEN indicates that the contestant was named Elouai's Next Top Model;
RED-VIOLET indicates that the contestant was runner-up of the competition;
PINK indicates that the contestant appeared in the bottom 2, 3, or 4 for the week;
RED indicates that the contestant was eliminated at panel;
Week 01 Week 02 Week 03 Week 04 Week 05 Week 06 Week 07 Week 08 Week 09 Week 10 Week 11
1 Bryn Bryn Aaliope Zahra Nadia Nadia Nadia Aaliope Aaliope Aaliope Aaliope
2 Aaliope Salem Kyra Kyra Aaliope Aaliope Aaliope Nadia Nadia Nadia Nadia
3 Sameera Kyra Salem Aaliope Kennedy Kennedy Sameera Sameera Sameera Sameera
4 Arden Zahra Arden Salem Zahra Angie Kennedy Kennedy Kennedy
5 Zahra Arden Sameera Nadia Angie Salem Salem Salem
6 Kennedy Kennedy Angie Angie Salem Sameera Angie
7 Kyra Oliv Kennedy Kennedy Kyra Kyra
8 Oliv Nadia Oliv Sameera Sameera Zahra
9 Angie Angie Zahra Oliv Oliv
10 Anya Aaliope Nadia Arden
11 Nadia Sameera Bryn
12 Salem Anya
13 Raven
14 Mercedes

Photoshoot Guide

  • Week 1: Flying with Balloons on top of Paris
  • Week 2: Bal Masqué group shoot
  • Week 3: 3-D Paintings showing Jewelry
  • Week 4: Sleeping Beauties
  • Week 5: Native American Bikers
  • Week 6: Statue of Liberty
  • Week 7: High Fashion Eskimos in Fur
  • Week 8: Couture in Metro
  • Week 9: Motion Editorial in St. Basil's Cathedral
  • Week 10: V eLoaui Cover Tries/Rutta Ad Tries

Makeover Guide

  • Aaliope: Long weave, dyed reddish brown
  • Angie: Boy cut, dye engine red
  • Anya: Cut short in classic mod stlye
  • Arden: Dyed dirty blonde
  • Bryn: Cut and Trimmed to chin length, then added long extensions and dyed brown
  • Kennedy: Short red hair
  • Kyra: Longer and thicker weave
  • Nadia: Long brown weave with short bangs
  • Oliv: Boy-short platinum blonde
  • Salem: Dyed strawberry blonde, cut boy-short
  • Sameera: Dyed brown, more volume
  • Zahra: Dyed deep purple red

Weekly Summaries

Week 1

The final fourteen were thrilled to learn that they would be heading to Paris, France for their first photoshoot. Rejected semi-finalist, Rana, couldn't handle her dream being crushed, and jumped off the hotel ledge, killing herself. During their first photoshoot in Paris, the girls were suspended in the air, holding balloons. At judging, it was revealed that two girls would be leaving the competition. Bryn received high marks for her photo, and was awarded the first call-out. Mercedes, Salem, and Raven were named the bottom three. Salem was spared, and fan-favorites Mercedes and Raven were sent home.

Week 2

The twelve remaining girls were flown back to America, where co-host, Rutta, announced that they would be getting makeovers. Many of the girls were disappointed in their new looks, including Bryn, who later received a second makeover. The girls were then informed that the next photoshoot would be a dramatic, team photoshoot. Bryn and Salem's photo was deemed the strongest, while Sameera and Anya struggled. In the end, it was the bipolar beauty, Anya, who got the axe.

Week 3

At the house, the models congratulated Bryn on her second first call-out of the cycle. Then, darkening the mood, Salem claimed that she had accidentally released a demon into the house. Nadia dismissed the claims, and went to bed. After the beauty photoshoot, Oliv expressed her dislike for the other contestants, saying that the only people she considers cool are the makeup artists and Tony, the camera guy. When judging arrived, the girls were sweating like whores in church, as no one was given all-around positive reviews. Aaliope was called first, while chocolate queen, Nadia, and frontrunner, Bryn were called down as the bottom two. In what some call the most shocking elimination in ENTM history, Bryn was eliminated, despite being called first at the two previous panels.

Week 4

Shocked by the events of the previous elimination, the girls all knew that any mistake could send them packing. Even eliminated contestant, Mercedes, who was never known to waste food, sent her chicken flying everywhere when she witnessed Bryn's elimination on TV. Salem once agained shocked everyone when she appeared to be possessed by the devil, following a comment from Nadia. Angie and Nadia tried to perform an exorcism, but nothing worked. The girls were then whisked away to the next photoshoot, which was inspired by Sleeping Beauty. Zahra blew the judges away with her stunning photograph, but others didn't see the same praise. In an extremely close elimination, Arden was eliminated over Oliv, whose score was only one point higher.

Week 5

After the elimination of one of the competition's front-runners and the emergence of Zahra as one, the girls were feeling on edge. Kennedy struggled to let her inner persona shine while Nadia acted out of character by cussing out one of the audience members who was none too pleased with her shot last week. The girls also noticed something was different about Zahra who too was acting strangely out of character. With the entire cast completely out of whack, the girls were whisked off to their next photoshoot where they had to embody the essence of an Indian biker in the heat of the desert. At panel, Nadia finally impressed and received the FCO. Aaliope and Kennedy also received high marks for their photos, while Salem managed to conjure up a devil eagle in her shot and was also safe. In the end, Sameera and Oliv landed in the bottom two both for their lack of improvements, but it was alienesque beauty Oliv that got the cut.

Week 6

This week saw a complete turnaround for Nadia as she began to believe in Salem's antics after witnessing Sameera and Zahra's strange behavior. Sameera called up Edwina, an equally-modelesque witch. The two agreed that a demon has indeed been released into the house, had possessed both Sameera and Zahra (because they were tan with light eyes maybe) and refused to leave. While the rest of the cast was hidden somewhere away from the erratic behavior of the two, especially Edwina's literal man-eating habits, the two witches drew pentagrams and made a spell made out of fairy dust and spermicide among other things. This served as the pilot for a spin-off series entitled "30 Minute Exorcisms!". After both the demon and Edwina had left, the girls were taken to Ellis Island where they had to pose as the Statue of Liberty being brought back to life by her lover. Though the shoot turned out fair, it was a bit of a disappointment due to the step down from last week's iconic shoot. At panel, no girl really stood out as the clear best of the week, upon which Karin announced that two girls will be going home. The girls hyperventilated, fainted, and some even died. Nadia received her second FCO in a row, while Sameera, Kyra, and Zahra landed in a suspenseful bottom 3. Sameera's beauty saved her once more, and it was former frontrunners Kyra and Zahra who were shockingly eliminated. The final six were then told to pack their bags because they would be going to Russia.

Week 7

The final six girls arrived in Moscow, Russia. The atmosphere was one of wonder at the sheer beauty of Moscow and contentment at having made it so far into the competition, until Salem's aunt, the equally-cuckoo Zelda, burst through a window to help the girls fend off yet another loose demon. Sameera summoned a swarm of locusts to fend off the two witches but failed to prevail against the strenght of their spermicidal remedy. The girls were then whisked off to their next photoshoot where they had to face the cold and harsh climate of the Russian mountains and portray hikers. At panel, Nadia impressed with yet another great photograph and received her third FCO in a row. Aaliope also did a commendable job, still retaining her spot as the most consistent girl in the competition. Sameera proved her reason for being in the competition by delivering a knock-out photograph. Kennedy also produced a great photo but was told to push more. Thus, rivals Angie and Salem landed in the bottom two. The judges felt that Angie was coasting while Salem was inconsistent. In the end, it was Brazilian beauty and singer Angie who received the axe, and Salem's demons saved her once more, proving that evil sometimes could prevail.

Week 8

This week was rather uneventful since Salem had a premonition that she would be eliminated this week and as such she reduced her Satanic activities throughout the house. However, Nadia got on Salem's bad side when she peed in Salem's luggage in retaliation for Salem's antics, upon which Salem collected the urine in a ziplock bag for future usage. Nadia and Aaliope bonded and discussed the competition, where Aaliope stated that she wanted Nadia in the final two with her. Kennedy was still struggling with her shyness and became even more reclusive than before, seemingly letting the stress of the competition get to her. Sameera was nowhere to be found. For this week's shoot, the girls were taken deep into the Russian underground to the very metro where they had to wear couture gowns and hats, and emote high fashion. It was unanimously agreed that this was the best result to a shoot so far in the competition and all the girls delivered. At panel, Aaliope was called first. Nadia was called second and Sameera was called third after yet again impressing with a risque photo. Salem and Kennedy landed in the bottom two. Salem was told that she was not making progress while Kennedy was told that she let the other girls outshine her. In a shocking elimination, it was fan-favorite, Satan-obsessed college student Salem who was sent home. Four girls remain: Aaliope, Kennedy, Nadia and Sameera. Who will miss out short of the final 3?

Week 9

The girls all sighed of relief after Salem's elimination, except for Sameera who still seemed to be suffering from the repercussions of being possessed. Nadia expressed concern that she might be going home as she feels that this week's shoot was way more than she bargained for. Kennedy vocalized similar concern and Nadia consoled her, tightening the sisterly bond between the two. Contrasting to the former two's self-doubts, Aaliope felt very confident and stated that this week the judges would see a new side of her. Sameera showcased inner turmoil and a multiple personality disorder. This week was completely different for the girls as they had to do a group motion editorial wearing Russian designs and also a group beauty shoot. All the girls' performance were hailed. At panel, Aaliope was deemed the best all around and was called first, receiving her third FCO. Nadia was called second to her shock. Kennedy and Sameera landed in the bottom two. The judges agreed that Kennedy was failing to stand out, although Romy argued that she was underrated, and that Sameera needed to push more. In the end, Sameera's potential saved her once more and it was chocolate beauty Kennedy who was sent home in what some call the saddest elimination of the cycle thus far. Nadia and Kennedy, dubbed the chocolate sisters, bid each other adieu amongst tears and Kennedy begging Nadia to win this for them. Three girls remain: Aaliope, the consistent biracial beauty from Los Angeles, California; Nadia, the try-hard ballet dancer from Toulouse, France; and Sameera, the Pakistani stunner who has been called the most beautiful girl the competition has ever seen. Who will be in the final 2?