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Thread: Reality TV Games Interview with ANTM 12's Sandra Part 1 of 2

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    Reality TV Games Interview with ANTM 12's Sandra Part 1 of 2

    Brady Photography / Modelmayhem

    Reality TV Games and other media outlets participated in a post-elimination conference call with America Next Top Model 12's Sandra Nyanchoka.

    Part One is Sandra's responses to Reality TV Games questions:


    1. RTVG: Do you feel it was a contradictory of the judges to eliminate you for not being able to do a full frontal shot when there were other girls who received similar feedback regarding doing the same poses and angles?
    Yes! I do agree with that. I feel like Allison was one of the girls who always had the same face for all her pictures, I guess they just wanted me to go home I don't know what to say about that, but it's true.

    2008 Race Model Management. All Rights Reserved, David M. Russell/The CW 2009 The CW Network, LLC. All Rights Reserved

    2. RTVG: What was your previous modeling experience? Do you think your previous modeling experience helped, or was it a disadvantage for you?
    I do have modeling experience - not that much, but yeah I feel like they expected so much from me. For example, at photo shoots I am used to posing in front of the camera but they wanted me to look more relaxed. That was definitely a downfall for me.

    3. RTVG: Which judge do you think supported you the most?
    Even though towards the end he didn't really support me, Nigel was the most supportive. At the beginning, he was supportive and really saw the potential in me. And Jay too...Manuel.

    4. RTVG: Now that you are out of the running, who are you rooting for to win?
    I would say Allison because she has a very unique beauty. I have never seen a girl who looked like her before on the show. If she gets better on the runway then she'll take it.

    5. RTVG: Did you ever clash with another girl (or girls)?
    Ummm, yes I did but it was towards in the beginning, but then after that I tried to ignore anything that was said to me. In the beginning I stood up for myself and that was the only time I think that I got into an argument since I have been here. Then I started ignoring the girls that I didn't get along with and the girls that may have not liked me more because of that.

    6. RTVG: Did you watch Top Model previously?
    Yes, I loved Eva from the first episode. Yaya was good too, also Yoanna and Elyse.


    7. RTVG: What kind of modeling career would you like to have?
    I don't mind runway, but then I love commercial. Anything! I love all kinds of modeling

    2008 Race Model Management. All Rights Reserved.

    8. RTVG: Can you tell us a little more about the products or designers that will be ideal?
    I love Cover Girl. l also love Marc Jacobs and would love to walk the runway in one of his designs.



    9. RTVG: Would you go overseas?
    Yes! If I get the opportunity I would definitely go overseas.

    10. RTVG: Who are your favorite models?
    I love Iman! and Ajuma.

    Iman and Ajuma Nasanyana


    11. RTVG: Tell us a little about your family and friends. When did you come to the States?
    We came here about 8 years ago. I have a big family three brothers and three sisters. My oldest sister June passed away in April 2006. She supported me a lot my in everything I did in modeling like when I had a photo shoot, she would be there to help do my makeup or just anything in general. She was a very big part of my modeling career and she was my #1 fan. She and my whole family supported me. During the show, it would hit me that she was no longer there. There were times when I was in the house and I would think about her and how she would be so proud of me for making it to the show.

    12. RTVG: Any parting words...
    I want to thank my fans for supporting me and believing in me, I love you!!!

    2008 Race Model Management. All Rights Reserved.

    Stay tuned for Part 2 of RTVG's interview with Sandra. Find out what she thinks about her makeover, her friends in the house, Celia's announcement at judging, and what she would have done differently.

    ************************************************** *********
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    OIC @ her rooting for Allison to win. D:

    But WORK @ her taste in models.

    She is so fierce! I miss her!

    @ her sister.

    Can't wait for part 2! Thanks aga!

    Lova ya Sandra.

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    We love you too :D Good luckkkk

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    Another great interview! Sad to hear about her sister though.

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    Huhuhuh she sounds so cute to me. Miss her.
    Love her gold purse pictures.
    You don't know me like that.

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    I love these interviews so much. Thank you aga!
    TBH, she sounds really sweet lol. I love Sandra, I hope nothing but success for her

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    The part about her sister is so sad.

    Great interview, aga! Thanks :D

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    I feel Terrible for her sister .

    Another Great interview aga

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    Ugh, such an amazing girl.

    Wonderful interview anyhow!

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    Amazing. Thanks so much aga.:D

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    Where can we submit questions ?

    Great interview btw :D

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    I think that'd be great if we could submit potential questions.

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    It's great to hear from Sandra post-show! I never would've guessed that she would like to do commercial modeling. Thanks for a great interview!

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    Interviews are not guaranteed, but you can send me a Visitor Message (VM) with questions, that would be appreciated. I hope this doesn't sound snarky, because I really appreciate getting good questions, but don't bother asking the questions about the makeovers, whatever the big drama was in the house, her response to the reasons the judges eliminated or criticized her, is she really what she was portrayed as on the show: a b****, crazy, crybaby, etc and what are her future plans when it comes to modeling.

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    I LOVE this woman. She is so inspiring
    She werks

    Don't ht, EXFOLIATE.

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    Yay Sandra. She was so fun to watch and had a great smile.


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    Great interview! I didn't expect this!

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    Great interview! She's so sweet and about her sister.

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