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  • Amanda

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  • Barbara

    57 25.22%
  • Celine

    24 10.62%
  • Chesca

    53 23.45%
  • Gani

    89 39.38%
  • KB

    3 1.33%
  • Legetta

    12 5.31%
  • Melissa

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  • Monika

    15 6.64%
  • Rani

    11 4.87%
  • Tahlia

    100 44.25%
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Thread: Episode 3: Jewelry Photoshoot

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    Aimee & Melissa are my favorite photos this week
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    Quote Originally Posted by o~Aya~o View Post
    I don't understand the hate for the shoot i think it turned out ok, the makeup is a mess tho. I can't at KB getting called before Rani and Loretta, i think she expected herself to get the boot and when G called her name she just wasn't able to contain her excitement. She should have left tbh. Monika getting called higher than the rest of the remaining girls except the B3 is also surprising, i like her but her photo deserved to be thrown in the bottom.

    am i the only one attracted to the photographer?
    nah olaf is really cute.
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    Terrible pictures

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    My thoughts:

    Aimee - Not a huge fan of her bangs, it hides her face and her picture isn't too interesting imo
    Amanda - I feel like she had better pictures than this and she looks kinda sad or caught off guard, still pretty though
    Barbara - Probably one of the better pics, it's more natural looking that's for sure
    Celine - She's definitely looking a little sleepy in this shot and I'm not a fan of how her mouth looks tbh
    Franchesca - Hair looks pretty good, pose from the waist up is fine, eyes look pretty dead though
    Gani - Her face looks great because it usually does, I don't like the hands though
    KB - Definitely one of my least favorite shots and I don't like the hand on the crotch pose
    Loretta - Her face is kinda dead, she's hiding her neck, I wish she had a better shot
    Melissa - Here we go! This picture is probably the one out of all of them where I go, "That's a good shot!" I really like it
    Monika - I love her but I'm confused as to how she got third for this photo, I'm not a big fan of it, a part of it is because I don't like her lipstick color, and I think her picture (like with most others) would be better angled, I noticed that there's a reason why I liked Melissa's shot in comparison with everyone else's since it wasn't straight on
    Rani - Definitely looking a little lost or tense in the face, pose is nice but it makes sense that she went home
    Tahlia - Pose is great except for the fact that she lost her neck, I also don't like her lipstick color lol

    1. Melissa
    2. Barbara
    3. Gani
    4. Amanda
    5. Tahlia
    6. Aimee
    7. Franchesca
    8. Loretta
    9. Monika
    10. KB
    11. Celine
    12. Rani

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    1. Melissa
    2. Aimee
    3. Franchesca
    4. Gani
    5. Barbara
    6. Amanda
    7. Celine
    8. Tahlia
    9. Rani
    10. Monika
    11. KB
    12. Loretta

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