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Thread: Eurovision

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    Quote Originally Posted by rashutaarbl View Post
    Unpopular opinion but I am so happy the juries brought down Norway and wasn't the winner. I still can't understand how it won the public's televoting, the song is so generic and outdated.
    and people say it's a copy of Saara Aalto's Monsters but with joiku. (I don't know myself nor do I care because I also hated Aalto...)

    also, the joiku is the only reason basically why the people vote for it, because they are like "THIS IS THE ESSENCE OF EUROVISION!" and I'm like... just because it's weird doesn't mean it's THAT good. Norway apparently also used their screens not working at the final rehearsal/jury voting as a reason why they must have not gotten points, but come on guys, the juries don't vote on that. juries vote on the song (or at least are supposed to if you don't count in the neighbour loving).

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    Judges are also supposed to be neutral and yet year after year the Cyprus/Greece juries vote for each other, the Scandinavian countries give each other 12 points, former Yugoslavic countries do the same, etc.

    Norway was memorable which is why it did so well in the televote. It also didn't hurt them to have a handsome bisexual guy who's married to another man, an ethnic minority and a girl who can sing her ass off.

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    Hungary will most likely not participate in 2020.

    Orbán Viktor, itt van még egy ok, hogy a pokolban rohadj, te büdös féreg.

    Can't wait for Melodifestivalen. <3

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