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Thread: Group 1: The Puerto Rican sensation that's sweeping the nation: it's TATIMANIA!

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    Arrow Group 1: The Puerto Rican sensation that's sweeping the nation: it's TATIMANIA!

    with Sir Bitter

    2/18/09 - Group 1: The Puerto Rican sensation that's sweeping the nation: it's TATIMANIA!
    Episode 12: Semifinals, Group 1

    Here we are. Top 36. This is when the good stuff is supposed to happen. The semifinalists have been chosen, and they're about to battle it out for those 12 sacred spots in the final. I am expecting fireworks. Or at least a meltdown, either one will do.

    Ryan walks down and chats a little with the judges, who I must say are looking a little ragged; Randy looks hopped up on caffeine, Kara looks like her face was injected with a little wrinkle-be-gone, Paula looks somewhere between confused and asleep, and Simon's hair is looking peculiarly square. They're sitting in reverse order this year, but they're still ending the comments with Simon because those are the only comments that matter.

    As always, the judges make the obligatory "do or die" comments, and Simon points out that this year, there are no second chances due to the new format, which nicely segues into Ryan's explanation:
    • The 36 semifinalists have been divided into three groups of 12
    • Three people from each group will advance to the finals: the top male vote getter, the top female vote getter, and then the next highest vote getter of either gender
    • The judges will round out the top 12 with three wildcard spots

    Essentially, it's a format that seriously favors those who've had a lot of screentime, and completely screws over those who haven't. In other words, the producers will end up with the finalists they want, and even if they don't, they'll just put them in via the wildcard spots. It all works out very well for FOX, which is never a good thing.

    The theme tonight is "Hits from the Billboard 100 since the chart started", which really means "Sing anything you like". The producers must have realized how much of an epic fail it was last year when they decided to restrict people to certain decades.

    Singing in the dreaded first spot is JACKIE TOHN, self-proclaimed rocker during whose audition the walls literally crumbled and almost fell on the judges. Jackie believes it was the walls' way of telling the judges not to say anything negative about her, but it's equally likely that the walls simply didn't like her singing. Jackie is singing A Little Less Conversation by Elvis Presley, and her goal is to get Paula up on her feet. A little easier said then done. It's a toss up on any given day whether or not Paula is able to stand up without any support, so let's just be thankful that Paula arrives at the Idol taping at all.

    Jackie takes to the stage, and she must have either pissed off a stylist or lost a bet. Is that a RED CUMMBERBUND?

    I'm dumbfounded, but not for long, because that horror of an outfit is completely dwarfed by the hideousness of her performance. It's hammy, overexagerrated, clownish, and a complete travesty. And what's worse, she looks like she's having so much fun performing, which is kind of sad in a way, but not as sad as my eyes and ears are while having to sit through this. It's so bad that at one point, the cameraman seems to have collapsed and we see the camera pointed at the floor for a few seconds. She ends the performance with her trademark growl and constipated squat.

    The audio alone really doesn't convey how bad this was, but have a listen if you want to punish yourself:

    Randy comments that her vocals weren't great, but that she was definitely an entertainer and it was a great way to start the show. Seriously? Kara says that Jackie has a great personality, and she really worked the stage. Seriously? Paula says she did something unique with her voice, and it wasn't perfect, but perfect vocals are boring. And that she likes her pants. SERIOUSLY?. What the hell is happening? Are we in the Twilight Zone? Fortunately, Simon is the lone voice of reason, calling her performance "ungainly", her song choice "gimmicky", and that she played the clown and blew her shot by doing a silly performance.

    After the commercial break, we meet RICKY BRADDY, which is a good thing because we've never seen him before! He interviews that he graduated from college and got a job serving chicken fingers. He bemoans that it wasn't rewarding or fulfilling, and it wasn't what he wanted to do with his life... which seems unnecessary to articulate, because I can't think of one person whose aim in life IS to serve chicken fingers.

    Ricky'll be singing A Song For You by Leon Russell, and his voice is really great. Not Elliott Yamin levels of greatness, because Elliott really did rock this song off it's hinges, but Ricky has a large vocal range and throws in some great falsetto notes and smooth runs. It's a really soulful performance, and I can only imagine how well he would have done in the competition had he actually gotten a few seconds of screen time before this. Unfortunately for Ricky, he had no compelling backstory, and chicken fingers simply didn't cut it.


    Randy wholeheartedly enthuses that Ricky smashed it, saying that this is the true start of Season 8. Kara says Ricky killed it, and his interpretations and riffs were amazing. Paula acknowledges that Ricky hasn't been shown at all, and says she's glad that America finally gets to see him and that he should go far. Simon puts a slight damper on the party by saying that, despite having a great voice, he has no star quality or charisma, and doesn't believe in himself. Which, if you recall, is exactly what they said to Elliott, and we all know how that turned out. We cut to Ricky's parents who are cheering and wearing "Braddy Bunch" shirts, which is par for the course when it comes to cheesy sayings on Idol.

    Next up is ALEXIS GRACE who seems to have an ever evolving hair style. She interviews that the judges' comments about "dirtying up her look" have really helped. Though, to be completely honest, I'm not sure I agree:

    Right? It's all a little overdone and poseur-ish to me.

    Alexis will be singing Never Loved A Man by Aretha Franklin, because someone always has to sing Aretha Franklin. The performance is highly affected, with many a forced sultry facial expressions, accompanied by slinky sauntering around the stage. I can't deny that she has a great voice, but I can't get past the harsh make up, the dress that looks like lingerie, and an overall look that wouldn't be out of place on a dark street corner. I know that sounds mean, but I assure you that a mirror would have told her the exact same thing.


    Randy approves of her dirtied up image, saying that she "done found some dirt". Kara says something about letting the genie out of the bottle, and it's one of many stupid cliches that comes out of her mouth tonight, so I'm going to stop while I'm ahead and try not to dwell on that. Paula chirps that it's fantastic to see someone so petite and cute perform with such a huge personality. Simon agrees that her confidence is excellent, and then throws in the obligatory "You remind me of Kelly Clarkson, 8 years ago, same week... when we realized WOW, she's good!"

    Except NOT. Because 8 years ago, in the semifinal rounds, you told Kelly Clarkson you didn't remember who she was.

    Next up we see why someone got fired after tonight's show. After they introduce BRENT KEITH, they cut to his video package... which instead turns out to be a static image of Stevie Wright. This sucks for all parties involved, except of course Stevie, who is laughing on the inside and thanking the tech gods for those few extra seconds of exposure. Ryan asks Brent to "recreate" the package live on camera, which is incredibly awkward... and it gets even more awkward when we hear a woman shrieking off camera "Cut to the video! Cut to the video!", at which point Ryan mercifully lets Brent off the hook. The video pretty much amounts to him and his wife being poor and living paycheck to paycheck, and that Idol is his big opportunity. He conveniently neglects to mention that he had a similar opportunity with Nashville Star, but I guess that part didn't mesh well with the storyline.

    Brent chooses to sing Hicktown by Jason Aldean, which:


    It's not bad, just bland and predictable. I appreciate that tried to corner the country vote, but that only works when you pick a GOOD country song. Randy disagrees with me, and says it was great... and that he could imagine him singing at a chili cook-off. I don't see how that's in any way a good thing, but it does involve food and it's coming from Randy, so who knows? Kara comments that it was a little safe and Paula agrees, saying that he could become a country star like Josh Gracin and Bucky Covington if he picked the right songs. Simon flatly says that Brent blew his one shot by being forgettable. Brent snots that country fans won't forget that, but without much conviction.

    After yet another commercial break, we're introduced to STEVIE WRIGHT, the 17-year old singer who comes off a little old. To counteract this, she's chosen to sing You Belong With Me by Taylor Swift, which she hopes will showcase her as the bubbly 17 year old that she is.

    Let me preface the next paragraph by saying that Stevie was one of my favourites going into tonight, and that I was really rooting for her.

    That being said, WOW was that ever painful:

    That song belongs in whatever dark corner it came from, because it sure as hell didn't belong on that stage. It's heartbreaking watching the judges pile on, but for once, it's completely warranted. Randy slams it down, saying it was not hot. Kara says Stevie is having an identity crisis, and that even though she picked a "young" song, it just didn't match her personality. Paula, who has given up on all original thought, simply agrees and repeats what has already been said. Simon bludgeons Stevie, calling it terrible and out of tune, and that she has zero chance of making it to the next round. As an afterthought, he offer that "on the bright side, you got some experience out of it". Well gee, thanks a whole effing lot for that.

    Hoping to pick up the pieces is fan favourite ANOOP DESAI who is awesome on so many levels, one of which is his collection of YouTube videos with his acapella group The Clef Hangers (if you haven't watched them, you really should, I promise it's worth it). He's chosen to sing Angel of Mine by Monica, which is one of my favourite songs EVER, so bonus points up front for evoking fond memories of the 90s.

    Sadly, Anoop is a little disappointing tonight, with pitchy spots throughout the performance. His vocal ability is still unquestionable, but it seems the nerves have gotten to him tonight, and both his vocals and performance suffered. The in studio audience didn't seem to mind though, giving him a rousing round of applause.


    Randy comments that Anoop was a little sharp throughout the song. Kara doesn't think Anoop had the ability to hit the riffs, but that he has the potential to be great. Paula dizzily drawls that America has already connected with Anoop, and that he'll hopefully stay in the competition for awhile. Simon complains that the song was too old for him (though it only came out in the late 90s, Simon). Anoop defends that he sang it to give thanks to those who've supported him, and Simon flippantly retorts, "Well then couldn't you have sung a song called Thank You then?"

    EXCEPT... Anoop gleefully points out that he DID indeed do that , singing Thank You by Boyz II Men in his initial audition in front of the judges! Suck on that Simon!

    Representing the hot girl contingent this year is CASEY CARLSON who works at a Bubble Tea shop. I find that oddly hilarious, though I don't know why. Casey is one of those people that look great from many angles, but once in a while you catch a bad angle and *shudder*. You know what I mean? If not, have a looksee:

    Frightening, no?

    She interviews that she'll be singing Every Little Thing She Does is Magic by The Police because it's "one of those songs that just makes you feel good". Clearly, she was wrong.

    Casey does some truly awful "dance" movies, crazy facial expressions, and a weird head tic that she tries to time to the beat (but fails more often then not)... all of which might be OK if she could actually sing, but she doesn't seem to do that particularly well either. The judges unanimously agree that there were zero redeeming qualities to the performance, and Simon caps off the bloodbath by saying it was atrocious, and that she shouldn't even have been allowed to sing that song. On the upside, every single judge mentioned how hot she looked... but when being pretty is the only compliment they can come up with, it's usually a sign that you stank the joint up real bad.

    Occupying the dream slot after Casey's bombed performance is oil rig worker MICHAEL SARVER, who hasn't come up with anything new to say so he keeps repeating that is his chance to move past that job. And continuing with the theme of reusing things over and over again, he'll be singing I Don't Wanna Be by Gavin Degraw, which has been performed a zillion times in the past on this show.


    Other than being an OK vocal performance, there's not much to say except it seemed like he didn't know how to hold the microphone properly, which made his voice sound thin and faint at times. Randy didn't really feel the performance, and Kara thinks Michael has done better in the past. Paula spends most of her time gushing about how great Gavin Degraw is (thanks Paula, that's helpful!), and Simon hopes America will pick up the phone to vote for Michael because he's a nice guy.

    ANN MARIE BOSKOVICH is up next, and we get another recycled backstory as she recounts how the judges made her leave the audition room to spruce up her look. Considering what a travesty Casey was, perhaps Ann Marie will be the one to bear the Hot Girl torch into the finale. She'll be singing Natural Woman by Aretha Franklin, because when one girl sings Aretha, another girl always gets jealous and has to sing Aretha too. Inevitably, one of them will suck because that's just how things work.

    While Ann Marie doesn't suck, she clearly delivers the weaker of the two Aretha performances tonight. Her voice itself sounded fine, but she did what most nervous singers do: sing directly on the beat, instead of singing with the music. I'm probably not explaining that correctly, but the effect is that she sounds a little robotic... there's no groove or sway to the performance. Plus, everyone knows it's a cardinal sin to sing a song that Kelly has sung. No good has ever come of it.


    Randy says that previous girls on this show have absolutely nailed this song (AKA, Kelly... I told you so!) and that Ann Marie wasn't quite up to par. Kara felt it was a little old-fashioned, and would have wanted to something a little more current, "like Love Song by Sara Bareilles... something that's more fun, something that's more girly..."

    And before Ann Marie can stop herself, she blurts out "Something that's not as as good?"

    Whoops! Simon bursts out laughing, because even though it's awkward, everyone knows it's completely true. The judges all sit there, looking a little embarassed, because none of them can really dispute what Ann Marie said... but you just don't say things like that on American Idol! Ann Marie tries to shove the words back in her mouth, but the damage is done. Paula thinks the Ann Marie actually did well and didn't play it safe. Simon trots out the annual "You're a good hotel singer" line, which is really getting old, and says the audience cheers for everyone pretty much because they have no taste. Everyone boos, and Paula gives Simon a big thumbs down, during which we pause for a short commercial break:

    Fantastic. Those stars just shimmer like Paula's stardom in the 80s. And remember how Paula emotionally bequeathed the Star Ring to Tatiana during the Green Mile episode? Well, I like to think of that as an symbolic passing on of The Crazy. Needless to say, Paula has an endless supply of The Crazy, as evidenced by the new Star Ring she's wearing on her finger.

    STEPHEN FOWLER is the next to take the stage, and he promises not to forget his words like he did in Hollywood. He'll be singing Rock With You by Michael Jackson to show who he is as an artist. As Michael Jackson songs go, this one is definitely not a "singer's song", and doesn't do much to showcase Stephen's vocal abilities. What it does showcase is Stephen's corny performance skills:


    Randy is thoroughly disappointed and says it was pitchy. Kara says he did better when he was on the keyboard and forgot the lyrics, which... ouch! When you're better off forgetting the lyrics than when you're singing, something's not right. Paula says that singing Rock With You is the kiss of death, because it belongs to one artist: Michael Jackson. Simon wishes Stephen had forgotten the lyrics. I guess this is what it means to be fodder.

    The last of the females to sing is the one, the only, TATIANA DEL TORO. I'm a little surprised they gave her such a great spot near the end to sing, given how crazy and unpredictable she's been thus far. Call me insane, but the anticipation leading up to Tatiana was a teesny bit exciting for me. OK, I lied, it was hugely exciting! Every time someone bombed their song (which happened pretty much all night), the possibility of Tatiana becoming the unlikely superstar of Group 1 was that much closer to being a reality. I got a little giddy on the inside thinking about that, because the thought of that happening is in equal parts horrifying and hilarious.

    Tatiana's video interview plays, and she's noticeably more calm and composed than her usual annoying self. It's like she they shot her with an elephant tranquilizer. Tatiana tragically recounts her dramatic journey through Hollywood, and informs us that she's singing Whitney Houston's Saving All My Love For You. I generally don't recommend Whitney, but for Tatiana, I will make an exception. If it has to be Whitney, then I want it to be insane-exuberant-heeheehee-PSYCHO Whitney, which I wholeheartedly believe Tatiana can deliver in spades.

    But Tatiana isn't any of that. In fact, she's good. IT'S COMING TRUE! Someone quickly check to see if it's raining frogs, because Tatiana's vocals are one of the strongest of the females tonight, with some beautiful runs and head notes. It's really weird and unsettling to see her so composed. It's like there's a hole in me where her annoying-ness would have been jabbing me, but now it's empty.


    There is a buzz. I can feel it, folks. There is a buzz about Tatiana. Perhaps a crappy "she's completely wacko" buzz up until now, but there IS A BUZZ. It's like a groundswell of crazy, and it's completely sweeping the nation, kind of like a disease... except not. And I kind of think I'm infected. It's one of those things you don't realize until it's too late, so take a deep breath, say it with me now...

    Don't fight it. Just let the Tatimania wash over you.

    You can tell the judges had their claws out, ready to rip into Tatiana, but she completely jacked up their plans by singing well! Randy gives her adequate praise, saying she was a little pitchy in some spots, had a few good "moments", but that she was too reserved. Kara and Paula harp endlessly about how Tatiana is too demure tonight, and that they want The Crazy back:

    You know what? Screw you, judges. You either like The Crazy or you don't, you can't have it both ways. They spent all this time telling Tatiana that she was annoying and insane, and now that she's toned it down, they decide they'd rather have The Crazy back? No. It doesn't work that way. Pick a side, and stick with it. And Paula, being of the crazy variety yourself, I expected more from you. You disappoint me.

    Simon agrees that it was an OK performance, but also comments that she's a huge drama queen and that her desperation to be famous is second only to Paula. Tatiana, to her credit, doesn't take the bait and calmly replies that this is a marketing opportunity (lolz), and she's glad to have the chance to market herself. Simon tells her to lose the demure nature, because it's bugging him, and to return to the crazy Tatiana... and then all four judges tell her to "do that weird laughing"! Tatiana incredulously refuses (as she should) and says she doesn't usually laugh that way. I have to say, Tatiana is dealing with these asshat judges very well tonight.

    Ryan reads out her numbers, and he's about to cut to commercial when Tatiana puts a hand on his shoulder, signifying that it's HER turn to talk now, thank you very much.

    "Thank you America, please vote... this is my dream and it's up to you to keep it alive. Thank you so much. Gracias. Thank you."

    Oh Tatiana. I am SO on board.

    Rounding out the night, and snagging the much desired pimp spot, is none other than DANNY GOKEY. Because he really needs that extra leg up on everyone. Seriously, FOX? You're going to give Danny the pimp spot? Giving Danny the pimp spot is like giving Joan Rivers botox: that sh*t ain't gonna make an ounce of difference! Why don't we all collectively acknowledge that Danny could sail through the finals by burping the Macarena, and just move on.

    Except, we can't. Because yet again, Danny's dead wife is trotted out in his video package. He's doing it for her. He's showing the world how to be strong. This is how people rise above. He's singing Mariah. Hero. Oh mother-effing hell.

    NO! Why do people keep insisting on singing Mariah? Unless it's Mariah week, don't sing Mariah. And even if it IS Mariah week, I would very much appreciate it if someone tried to circumvent the rules somehow and sang something else. Tatiana, I'm looking at you. I know you can make it happen. Make it happen!

    Danny saunters on stage and delivers a good solid performance, as everyone expected he would. Everything is in tune, his phrasing is OK, and he growls and belts in all the right places, though it's nothing spectacular. It's still by far one of the better performances of the night, but that's easy to accomplish when half of the other contestants decided to show up tone deaf.


    Before Danny is even finished singing, Paula is already standing up and frantically waving her arms in the air (it should be noted that it took her less than 15 seconds into the performance to jump up and started swaying dizzily to the music).

    Randy effusively praises Danny like he's the second coming of Archuleta, calling him the "redeemer of the night". Kara bangs the table with her first, shrieking like a banshee that Danny was the "hero" (a joke we all thought, but decided it was too stupid to say out loud... Kara). Paula continues to defy gravity and remains standing while she drools and slobbers over Danny as if he were a tall, dark, handsome bottle of pills. Simon, however, is the only judge that doesn't seem to be having an epileptic fit over Danny's performance. He concedes that it was good, but that he simply isn't "buying the hype, right now". Thank you. I was waiting for the judges to snap the hell out of it. They were all acting like Danny made it rain skittles or something, geez.

    We get a quick recap of the performances tonight, and watching it is like sifting through a pile of manure looking for a fleck of gold. Seriously, that's how underwhelming tonight was. Well, at least we had Tatiana to brighten our days


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    The thread is now open! :D Make sure to vote on the poll!

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    I voted for Alexis, Tatiana, and Ricky.

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    I voted Tatiana, Danny, Anoop, and Stevie.

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    the recap.

    voted for Tatiana, Michael, & Anoop:D.
    The Ones To Watch Discussion Thread;

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    At the Recap :D :D :D :D

    I love it!

    Don't hжt, EXFOLIATE.

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    Anoop, Danny and Ricky

    Forgot to vote Tatiana....

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    My favorite recap this season! Love the subliminal message!

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    AIW I hope our girl can make it in the Wildcard She's a superstar. People like Aly was just so jealous.

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    I voted for Tatiana, Anoop, and Ann Marie.

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    tatiana BETTER make it into the wild card, or imma cut someone!

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    I don't watch the show but your recaps give me the LULZ!

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    Alexis, Tatiana, and Danny.

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    haters can die tbh! jk


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    Lmao. Sir Bitter, I love your Paula jokes.

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    the poll proves that the 3 finalists must be alexis,danny,and TATIANA

    btw i Tatiana's quote

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    I cant wait for yesterdays episode recap LOL
    Keep up the great work

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