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Thread: RTVG Exclusive: Episode 04 "Team Lingerie"

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    RTVG Exclusive: Episode 04 "Team Lingerie"

    Before viewing, please take into consideration the copyright issues that apply with posting such photos and respect them. All the photos posted are high quality images that have been licensed through myself for the purpose of Reality TV Games and this place ONLY. Therefore, it is considered ILLEGAL to take these photos, remove the tags, and claim them as your own elsewhere.

    This is a privilege that's been offered to RTVG, so let's not take advantage of it. Anyway, enjoy and happy viewing!

    For the runway challenge, the designers had to create a lingerie line consisting of 3 looks, with 4 being team leaders.

    Team Santino (w/ Emmett & Nick)

    Team Daniel F. (w/ Chloe & Kara)

    Team Daniel V. (w/ Andrae & Zulema)

    Team Diana (w/ Guadalupe & Marla)
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    Great pics! Thanks r0g!

    Daniel Franco's line is just so wrong I'll look into wearing something like that when I'm 85, hehe. Santino's is ridiculous. I like Daniel V.'s , but it's very simple. I wish he would've taken it a bit farther. So that leaves Diana's lingerie line as my favorite. I actually think it's very cool.

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