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Thread: Diem Brown Dies at Age 32 After Long Battle With Cancer

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    Diem Brown Dies at Age 32 After Long Battle With Cancer

    After a long, brave battle with cancer, 32-year-old Diem Brownhas passed away.
    The MTV reality star, who was featured on shows like the Real World/Road Rules Challenge, had spoken at great length about her fight with the disease.
    Brown first battled ovarian cancer in 2003, at age 23, and suffered a recurrence in 2012. Recently she was diagnosed with colon cancer, a third hurdle that she told E! News was the "scariest build up towards my cancer journey."
    Brown's attitude remained optimistic, however, and she explained that those closest to her have helped her get through the darkest moments.

    "Both mentally, physically and emotionally the most traumatic. I've been needing some hope to fight for, some light to look forward to at the end of this journey. I find that strength in my family, friends and fans. People I've never met believe in me, I can't let them down! I won't."
    Brown experienced a major setback earlier this fall in her chemotherapy after she was hospitalized once doctors discovered a blockage in her kidneys.
    Alicia Quarles posted on her friend's website that tumors were "causing pressure on her kidneys so the [doctors] will put stints in to relieve the pressure and pain."
    Brown was about to start chemotherapy following her emergency surgeries in August, but the curveball postponed the timeline of her treatment.
    "I was supposed to get my 'chemo cocktail,' but after they did the blood draw they saw a spike in my kidney levels, so they were only able to give me one of the two chemos," a hopeful Brown told People magazine at the time.

    Earlier this week, Brown's health had taken a turn for the worse and a collage was posted on Instagram showing several photos of the late TV star throughout her life with a heartbreaking message to her fans:
    "Need tons of prayers, advice, support and outreach. I'm not taking no for an answer. Alicia Quarles will take medical advice. Contact her. We know there is hope and help. We need you."
    Shortly after hearing the news, MTV released the following statement:
    "MTV is tremendously sad to hear the news that Diem Brown has lost her long battle with cancer. We send our deepest condolences to her family and friends. Diem was a true fighter and brought passion to everything she touched. We will miss her."
    A donation page on, which Brown had founded with the help of her friends and family, has been setup to bring awareness to her disease as well as raise funds to help pay her medical bills.

    Our thoughts go out to all those close to Brown at this time. Peoplemagazine was the first to report the tragic passing.

    makes me so sad. I remember the time she took her wig off on one of the challenges. She was such a sweet women. Such a beautiful lady gone too early.

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    It's gonna be tough watching that first episode of the next Challenge now

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    This is heartbreaking. Diem was a huge lovable part of the challenges and I always got excited seeing her casted. She went through a lot in a small amount of time, it's really sad.

    I feel for her family, friends, and CT as well. I hope he doesn't slip into a dark place again like after his brother died.

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    I was in school and got a trending notifictation and saw she died .

    This is really sad and kinda surreal :/ I loved her .

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    This is kind of unreal.

    I never saw this coming to be honest. Diem IS The Challenge. So, so sad.

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    This still hurts my heart. I feel like I grew up with her and to know I won't ever see her again on TV is really heartbreaking.

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    Quote Originally Posted by VULpicks. View Post
    This still hurts my heart. I feel like I grew up with her and to know I won't ever see her again on TV is really heartbreaking.
    Well you will see her on the next's just going to be worse cause you know it WILL be the last time you see her

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    How sad Diem
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    Coming Right after ANTM Finale

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