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Thread: Episode 10 "I'm Not Losing This One"

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    Episode 10 "I'm Not Losing This One"

    Challenge Hint: Duplicates away
    Winning: Get the Correct answer in the fastest time. Incase of tie comes down to TB, incase of another tie comes down to previous round
    tools needed: Edit and Upload
    Deadline: 48 hours

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    I threw up in my mouth twice!

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    Episode 10 "I'm Not Losing This One" Challenge Results


    *Courtney, Beth and Bridgette are shown*

    Courtney: Yes ladies! We did it. Final 3 here we come!

    Bridgette: I'm so glad we are now on this side of things. I never thought I would be here in a million years.

    Beth: IT's been nice working with you girls, I hope that we can have a fair fight once it comes down to us.

    Bridgette: I agree, I wouldn't mind seeing any of us win.

    Quote Originally Posted by Bridgette
    Ugh if I don't win I'm going to be sick. Beth has been riding my coatails this whole game! She doesn't deserve to win and Courtney she is a huge jerk who truly thinks she's in charge of things, but guess what SHE'S NOT I am!
    Quote Originally Posted by Courtney
    Obviously I'm the best player playing this game. Beth and Bridgette both think I'm bringing them to the final 2, well guess what, I'm here for one person only and that is me! I'm not losing this one!
    Quote Originally Posted by Beth
    I just like Bridgette and Courtney so much, I dont know who I would bring to the final 3. Should I consider bringing Alejandro and Sugar since everyone hates them? I couldn't betray courtney like that though!
    Quote Originally Posted by Sugar
    These here losers don't want nothing to do with me. So Sugar is going to take matters into her own hands, Alejandro it's you or me bud and Iz gunna make sure it's me her winning this game!
    Quote Originally Posted by Alejandro
    These chikas are crazy. I will just let them all take each other out and then bam, I will be in the finals and they will be sorry they didn't take me out. I've tolerated and put up with Sugar this long, What's another couple rounds?
    *Alejandro and Sugar are shown*

    Alejandro: WE got to figure something out and fast. Do you think you can convince Beth to side with us and then make a fake girls alliance with her and tell her you will bring her to the final 3.

    Sugar: Youz one smart cookie, she may actually be that dumb. Lets talk with her after the challenge and see how she feels. We gotta butter her up that's for sure.

    *The teens head to their next challenge*

    Chris: welcome you guys to todays final 3 invincibility challenge! Before we begin I think this game is getting a little to boring, so why don't we spice things up a bit with this!

    Chris is shown playing the previous confessionals where the players are bashing each other

    Sugar: Uh huh alejandro, you did NOT just say that. Youz dont know who you are messing with. youz dead meat.

    Alejandro: You basically said you were trying to get me out! So nice try.

    Courtney: What Bridgette, you are NOT getting my vote to win thats for sure.

    Beth: I didn't know you could be so mean, Bridgette. Ouch at how you guys really feel about me.

    Bridgette: Ugh Chris i'm so mad at you, people weren't suppose to know how hard I was playing this game! Whatever now that it's out you guys know the truth, I don't care about anyone, only mean girls win this game, so I'm here to win so I'm mean!

    Courtney: well you better hope your sorry butt you win invincibility or you are gone.

    Chris: This is what I like to see! I hope you were paying attention because your challenge is based on those confessionals. Let's begin.

    *Teens are shown answering questions about the confessionals*

    Chris: Okay and it looks like Alejandro didn't even care to secure his spot because he didn't even compete.

    Sugar: It's because sugar scared him!

    Chris: well in 4th place is you Sugar.

    Sugar: What! Sugar does not approve.

    Chris: In third place is Beth.

    Beth: Always a third wheeler.

    Chris: Which means it comes down to Bridgette and Courtney.

    Bridgette: Of course.

    Courtney: Ha good bye Bridgette.

    Chris: We have a tie! Not only in score but time! Which means it comes down to the tie breaker. Which you both did! which means last rounds results come into play. The winner of invincibility is...

    Chris: Bridgette! Congratulations on winning invincibility for the second time in a row!

    Bridgette: Ha can't lay a hand on me! Now come at me!

    Courtney: Ugh Bridgette this is NOT fair, if you cost me this win, I will be so upset.

    Beth: How can I even trust you guys anymore?

    Alejandro: How can I put up with Sugar anymore!

    Sugar: Why is alejandro such a hater!


    Winner: BRIDGETTE

    Star of Merged Tribe: Bridgette
    Semi Stars of Merged Tribe: Courtney
    Average Stars of Merged Tribe: Beth|Sugar
    Weakest Stars of Merged Tribe: Alejandro

    Please send me the name of the person on your team that you want to vote off. You may send a reasoning in with your vote and I will do my best to include it in the vote off.

    You have 24 hours to send me your vote.


    I threw up in my mouth twice!

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    Episode 10 "I'm Not Losing This One" Elimination


    Quote Originally Posted by Courtney
    I am so mad that Bridgette has invincibility, if I had the choice she would be the one leaving tonight. Now I am the one who has to be fake to make sure that it's not me going home tonight.
    *Courtney, Bridgette and Beth are shown*

    Beth: I can't believe you guys feel that way about me. It's so sad.

    Bridgette: Courtney you are playing way to hard, that's going to cost you the game.

    Courtney: Bridgette, I just get competitive, we can't let this trick that Chris threw at us blow up our chances of getting to the end. this vote is easy we vote out Sugar or Alejandro and then we are the final 3.

    Beth: I could never work with Alejandro and Sugar so I guess I really do have to trust you guys at this point.

    Bridgette: Well whatever is done is what's going to benefit our game.

    Quote Originally Posted by Bridgette
    Courtney is still bossy even after everything.
    *Alejandro and Sugar are shown*

    Alejandro: I didn't mean anything I said Mi Amore, you are still my favorite.

    Sugar: I know that silly. I was just playing it up for the cameras, that's what momma always taught me. It makes people likez you more.

    Alejandro: I think this tore a part the other alliance. Its simple we just got to find the crack and expose it! Alejandro and Sugar will be the final 2!

    Quote Originally Posted by Courtney
    Even after everything he's done I can't vote for Alejandro, I think we have a mutual thing between us that we won't vote for each other.
    Quote Originally Posted by Alejandro
    I would love to see Courtney in the final 3 with Sugar and I. If I can make that happen I will.
    Quote Originally Posted by Beth
    Alejandro came in late so he shouldn't be here, but Sugar is just so annoying. I have to trust bridgette and Courtney, which is such an awful thing.
    Quote Originally Posted by Sugar
    Courtney thinks shes so clever well guys what missy, I'm going to make sure youz aint here!
    Quote Originally Posted by Bridgette
    I'm here to play and I will do whatever it takes to make me the winner of this season!
    Chris: Welcome you guys to the quick draw shoot out. After tonight only four will remain. Let's get to the votes.

    Quote Originally Posted by Courtney
    I hope we can finally get rid of Sugar. She's sooo annoying!
    Quote Originally Posted by Sugar
    You make me madder than a stepped on rattlesnake. Shoots the photo of Courtney
    Quote Originally Posted by Alejandro
    Beth. Again.
    Quote Originally Posted by Beth
    Alejandro because he didnt even try that challenge . I dont want to see him go farther than me. So bye.
    Quote Originally Posted by Bridgette
    Lets hope I don't regret this decision, but let's face it, I won't.
    Chris: The votes are in! Beth, Alejandro and Bridgette these badges are for you! Which means it comes down to Sugar and Courtney. The final Badge goes too............

    Chris: Sugar! You are safe. Which means Courtney, you are a loser yet again.


    Bridgette: Maybe you should watch what you say next time. Won't miss ya, bitch!

    Courtney: Ugh I really am upset I hate you bridgette, HATE YOU, I WOULD HAVE WON THIS GAME!

    Chris: Now only four remain. Who will come out on top and claim the grand prize? Find out soon on total drama terror!


    Vote Count: 2-1-1-1

    Voted off: Courtney

    Bottom 2: Sugar/Alejandro/Beth

    Player Eliminated: RiddleBLittle

    voting chart
    This Will be updated after every vote. the votes will be filled in right after, although based on the episode writing it should be obvious on who votes for who.


    I threw up in my mouth twice!

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    Ewww, I knew I couldn't trust Bridgette! I had a fun time, even though I was targeted for most of the game. :P This is the furthest I've ever gotten with Total Drama! Thanks for the game, RMT

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