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    ^ I agree! All I had been hearing was about how they want the Four Horsewomen to close WM with their titles, but I wonder what's going to happen.

    Wow didn't see Shayna retaining the title coming at all. Thought she's going to get called up but assuming that's happening after Summerslam weekend now. There isn't much left for her now. She's pretty much gone through the entire division apart from Io Shirai. Hoping they have a great feud for the summer. Overall, another amazing TakeOver, one of my favorites so far. So glad Johnny Gargano finally won the NXT title as well!

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    I'm surprised that Shayna retained as well. But I actually do like her. Not to keen on her henchmen though.

    I wonder who she will drop the title to though, unless she pulls an Asuka and just drops it to go to the main roster.

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    STACY KEIBLER not aging and looking like a snack. Torrie looked stunning as well.

    Also what an idiot to that fan that tackled Bret Hart. But woo lord, Natalya under that 10-man pile up.
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    Also, so sad how Torrie's father passed away a few days before her induction.

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    Ashley Massaro passed away. RIP. So Sad. So young. So Beautiful.

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    So devastated to hear about Ashley's passing You never really know what one's going through.

    It was so heart warming to see so many women wrestlers come together for her daughter.

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