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Thread: S05EP04 "Mardi Gras Melee"

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    S05EP04 "Mardi Gras Melee"


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    -The camera cuts to Pamela rushing to the phone room upon hearing of their imminent trip to Bourbon Street-


    -She sits cross legged on the seat, puts the phone to her ear and wraps the end of her hair around her finger-

    PAMELA; Answer your f***ing phone, du-
    RYAN; Hello?
    PAMELA; Hieeeeeee! Babe, we're going to Bourbon Street! You should totally catch a flight down here and surprise me!
    RYAN; Uh... I-
    PAMELA; I can't wait to celebrate Mardi Gras the proper way! You know that this has always been my dream, right?
    RYAN; Babe, you know I have work, right?
    PAMELA; Oh my GOSH. Strong drinks, hot guys, extravagant floats, hot guys!
    RYAN; Ba-
    PAMELA; You know, this is the s*** I'm talking about. This is why I came here!
    RYAN; I don't-
    PAMELA; Do you see why I came here now? Do you agree with my decision now? Actually, nevermind. I already know the answer to that~
    RYAN; So I'll see you in 24 hours, I guess?
    PAMELA; Oh my GOSH. Loves it. I can't wait to see you, babe.
    RYAN; Okay, b-
    RYAN; Love you. Bye.

    -Pamela hangs up the phone and is seen running to the kitchen, where she snatches a bottle of Grey Goose from the counter and takes it to her room-

    The relationship between my him and I hasn't always been smooth, to say the least, but that's something we're really working on. He needs to learn to accept my high maintenance and demanding ways, and I guess I need to learn to accept the fact that he can't always give me what I want. Hopefully, him coming here and meeting the girls can show him that I'm actually not that bad. After all, I'm really not. Right?

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    -Sits in the phone room with Pamela as she talks to her boyfriend.-

    [ashley in confessional]
    The more I get to know Pamela the more I notice that she's a bit psychotic. Especially when it comes to her boyfriend. He's probably terrified of her. She's like a big ass blonde Freddy Krueger. Poor boy probably didn't get any sleep until she came here and now she's demanding that he stop everything to be out here with her. It''s just tragic. She's tragic. But I love her and I'm glad she's my best friend in this house.

    [/end confessional]

    -Later on Ashley is seen following Pamela up to their room to go to sleep.-

    Girl, are you gonna drink right now? I think we should just go to sleep.

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    PAMELA; Uh... yeah? It's midnight. The night has just begun.

    -She takes the lid off the bottle of vodka and pours the fluid into the lid to make a mini shot-

    PAMELA; I just love the taste of Goose on my gums.
    (extending the bottle out to Ashley) You sure you don't want any? You can't turn down some bestie time, surely~

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    Trenyce: Damn, Bourbon Street?! MARDI GRAS?!

    *Completely disregards Pamela as she says her boyfriend is coming, continuing to rejoice with the other girls*

    Ahhh, 'dis gon' be off the chain! We gon' have our own suite, downtown, be the head bitches of New Orleans for the night... damn, New Orleans gon' be seein' a lotta me on Mardi Gras. *laughs* Like, I'm ready to get it crackin' already!

    Confessional: Bad girls, beads, booze, & Bourbon Street?! This 'bout to be a sh**show. It's gon' be all eyes on us and we already ready to

    ​RPDR10: Aquaria, Monet X Change

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    -Ashley glares at Pamela as she tries to offer her alcohol.-


    Dude, seriously? I just spent like almost 700 dollars on our dinner and drinks tonight and this is how you repay me? I tell you that I'm trying to go to sleep and you're being rude by coming in here being loud like one of those savages down there and I don't appreciate it. So do me a favor and put the wine down and either get out or go to sleep. We have to be up early to get ready for Mardi Gras and you don't need to be sloshed like a dumbass. I need you to stay cute. It's quite clear you don't need anymore drinks, sweetie. I'm just looking out for a friend. That spends money on you.

    -Ashley begins to get into her bed with Expensive.-

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    The girls learn that they are staying in a suite on Bourbon Street for a couple days to celebrate Mardi Gras.

    M O N I Q U E

    | I N T E R V I E W |
    I'm soooo f***in' hype like y'all don't understand! I never been to Mardi Gras before so this is bouta be for the record books.
    We about to turn the f*** up like bad bitches do and show New Orleans how Bad Girls celebrate Mardi Gras. It's gon' be a movie.

    | E N D I N T E R V I E W |

    Monique is shown in the phone room as the scene cuts in in the middle of her conversation.


    S H A N I E C E What the f*** is tea tho other than Bourbon Street? What's been goin' on inside the house? I know ya ass done already busted a bitch up, MoMo.
    M O N I Q U E Bitch you already know. I came in this bitch with open arms, but from the moment this bitch Gazelle walked in, she been nothin' but a drama-starin' attention whore. She jumped a bitch on Bad Girls Battle, and all of a sudden she think she a star cause she got invited to be on this season. Bitch, you know they only invited ya ass so they could watch you get ya ass beat. And I was gladly the first one to do it.
    S H A N I E C E YASSS MOMO. Turn the f*** up on them hoes.
    M O N I Q U E Giiiirl, you already know. Ain't no bitch tryin' me after that night. I'm cool wit' everybody else. She the only one so far I done needed to give an eviction notice too. Bitch don't got no bed, her clothes ruined, her shoes ruined, she might as well just go the f*** home. And best believe she will be soon enough, cause you know me, MoMo don't play dat.
    S H A N I E C E I know bitch, I know. I'm mad you bouta turn up for Mardi Gras without me tho hoe!
    M O N I Q U E I KNOWW. Ugh, I miss you boo boo! I'ma try to just keep it cute, ignore the drama, and turn the f*** up down Bourbon 'cause this a bitch's first Mardi Gras. I'ont needa be gettin' locked up for draggin' ha ass up and down the crowded streets.
    S H A N I E C E I know you wanna ignore the **** for now bitch, but look. You can't stop now. You needa show that bitch who the f*** runnin' s*** up in that bitch. Show ha she f***ed wit' the wrong one. This what you needa do. Eitha send ha ass packin' right when y'all get back, or spring some foul s*** on that ass when she least expect it. Bottom line tho you needa make sure she the first bitch to go.

    Monique is shown pulling the phone away from her ear.

    M O N I Q U E Biiiiitch. You so right. I gotchu. I needa come up with my plan of action while I stray away from the bulls***. This old dusty ass slut bucket ain't gon' know what the f*** hit ha ass.

    | I N T E R V I E W |
    Gazelle, don't think I forgot about ya ass, bitch. I might be holdin' my tongue for now since you learned better and
    ain't been poppin' off at the mouth to me, but I got somethin' for you once we get back. As far as Mardi Gras goes
    tho, I'm leavin' the bulls*** back at the house, you just stay out my way, and I'ma stay out yours. You get a lil'
    few day break.. I guess. It ain't no need for me to press up on that ass outside of the house. MoMo came to
    Mardi Gras to turn the f*** up.

    | E N D I N T E R V I E W |

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    -Pamela sits on the edge of her bed clutching the bottle of vodka in disbelief as Ashley goes off on wanting to sleep-

    (InterviewEnd); I think the memo is like, seriously lost on a few of these girls. I didn't come to the Bad Girls Club to go to sleep before midnight. If I wanna have drinks with The Outlawz at THREE in the morning, you better believe that NO-ONE is going to stop me. Ashley, if you don't want to share a room with me, there is a couch downstairs and a lounger out by the pool calling your name. At the end of the day...

    I'm not waiting for anybody. (/InterviewEnd)

    -The camera cuts back to Pamela finishing off a vodka cranberry and slamming the Grey Goose down on the bedside counter. Ashley flinches in her bed-

    PAMELA; (under her breath... except not really) LAME.

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    -Ashley sits there starring at Pamela for a few seconds before reacting.-

    -Ashley throws the pillow at her head then stands up.-

    Are you ****ing kidding me? Are you serious right now, Pamela? As nice as I've been to you you're going to come in here acting like a bitch to your only goddamn friend in this house!? Don't sit there and start making more noise and saying **** under your breath like I can't hear you. I'm on my ****ING PERIOD RIGHT NOW AND I DON'T FEEL GOOD!. If youre going to keep acting like this towards me then don't expect me to invite you out to all of my ****ing events. Why don't you go downstairs and go get back on the phone with your boyfriend? Hm? Let him entertain this bull**** right now because I'm not having it. So either shut the **** up or get the **** out.

    -Ashley sits back down on her bed and grabs the bottle away from Pamela. And gives her a look.-

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    PAMELA; Are you f***ing SERIOUS right now?! I'm gonna go to bed because you're acting like a spoilt child, but you're lucky I didn't kick your ass out of this room and make you sleep outside with the roaches and fleas. You're a f***ing bitch and I hope you realize that no-one in this house likes your racist ass either. Anywa-

    -Suddenly, Ashley snatches the bottle from Pamela's hand and puts it outside of the room-

    PAMELA; Also, don't think you can get on your high horse and accuse me of having no friends just because you're weak and made amends with the others. Not cool, Ashley.

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    - Cut to Milan walking into the confessional and having a seat. -

    [ In Confessional - Milan ]

    Soooooooo a bitch is goin' to Mardi Graaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaas!

    I can't wait to turn da f**k up and get the f**k outta this house. There's been so much drama and it'll just be great to get away from the bulls**t in this house....even if it's like a couple miles up the street. -laughs- Damn, I gotta get these bundles together cause they lookin' ratchet, I gotta pack, I gotta make sho' a bitch looks good on Bourbon. I ain't got time for the dram-

    - Yelling is heard from down the hall and Milan stops mid-sentence to listen. She hears what appears to be Ashley's voice. She shrugs her shoulders and looks back into the camera. -

    Guess what? I don't give a f**k. My vacation won't be ruined.

    [ End Confessional - Milan ]

    - Milan exits the confessional and walks past Ashley and Pam's room. She notices that they are starting to get into it and passes by the room without a word. -

    - She enters into the Vanity Room with the sounds of Ashley and Pam in the background as she starts to flat iron her hair for the next day. -

    ( to herself ) Yall supposed to be best friends, doe...fake ass hoes...

    - NEW DAY -

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    -The camera cuts to Pamela the next morning, looking hungover and getting ready to leave for Bourbon Street-

    (Interview); Last night got a little heated between Ashley and me. It came like, out of nowhere. I hope she doesn't feel like some mediocre food and illiterate speech is going to make her top dog in the house. She can't tell me what to do. Hell, most of the time, I don't even listen to myself. Why am I going to listen to someone I've known for two weeks? Seriously... if Ashley thinks that she can treat me like a low-rent version of Expensive after everything I've done for her and get away with it, she can think again.

    (change 'stupid' to 'weak')

    -The camera cuts back to Ashley and Pamela sitting in the corner of the Powder Room, both wearing sunglasses and judging the others as they continue their morning routine-

    PAMELA; (whispering to Ashley) Oh my gosh. Look at what Landra is wearing. What a moose.

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    -Gazelle hearing that they are going to Bourbon to celebrate Mardi Gras-


    I'm so excited we're going to attend Mardi Gras!
    I'll definitely be opportunities there to grow my franchise.
    I'm definitely going to set something up with my agent.
    I can't be bothered with these second rate wannabees.
    These girls can . . .

    [End of Interview]

    -Gazelle goes to the phone room-

    AGENT: Hello?
    Gazelle: Hi Ricardo! It's your girl Gazelle!

    RICARDO: Gazelle! How are you sweetheart? What's up? How's New Orleans?

    Gazelle: I'm doing good boo! Just turnt up always, you know this. Life of a bad girl! -Laughs-
    New Orleans is the sh*t. This is totally my scene. But listen, I need a favor.
    RICARDO: Anything for you babe, you know this.
    Gazelle: Always so sweet with me. Well we're going to Bourbon street, and I want to know if you can set something up.
    RICARDO: Gimme a second.
    -After a few moments, Ricardo returns-
    RICARDO: You're in luck Gazy. We're going to set up a parade float for you and the girls.
    Also, set up a VIP section at Beach night club. How does that sound?

    Gazelle: Yasssss boo! Make sure there's plenty of bottles.

    RICARDO: Don't you worry. I got you!
    Gazelle: Thank you Ricardo! Always a doll! Ill talk to you later! Muahhhhh

    -Gazelle goes to the living room-


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    -- Landra hears that they're all going to Bourbon Street for Mardi Gras --

    Landra; This is going to be amazing! I truly cannot wait to get out of this house for a little while and go somewhere new!

    -- Landra hears Gazelle calling the girls to tell them some ta --

    Landra; A surprise, girl? What you gonna tell us? You got us a couple hours with a porn studio? -- flips hair and chuckles --


    I can only imagine what kind of surprise this bitch Gazelle has for us. I'm not even sure if I'm going to enjoy what she has to say, but I'm going to try to be cordial for the sake of the group.

    ;[end confessional]

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    *Trenyce continues to celebrate the Mardi Gras news*

    *Trenyce hears Gazelle announce that she has a surprise*

    Confessional: Gazelle say she got a surprise and normally, I wouldn't wanna even give her attention starved ass the time of day, but when I think about it, she could tell us she ready to leave after gettin' her ass stomped by Monique.

    ​RPDR10: Aquaria, Monet X Change

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    My wonderful agent, Ricardo, has gotten us a float to be in the parade at Mardi Gras!
    We're gonna be all the way turnt up, looking fly with our beads and sh*t.
    And he also reserved us a VIP section at the hottest club on Bourbon street, Beach!
    We're going to have the best liquor money can buy! Good music, beautiful people, I don't see why you girls wouldn't want to join.
    At the end of the day, we are Bad Girl's season 5 and we gotta party like we made it.
    I'm definitely feeling fancy as f*ck.

    I have an image to uphold, so if I have to let these lessers in my VIP section then fine.
    I just know that I'm going to have a blast with or without them!

    [End of Interview]

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    -Upon hearing the news that Gazelle managed to book a float and V.I.P. section at Club Beach-

    PAMELA; WOW, THANKS GAZELLE! Liquor and V.I.P! Wowee, you really pushed the boat out on this one! (she laughs) Oh my gosh, I'm joking. Honestly. I'm really grateful... seriously. And I'm like, so excited to strut my stuff and flaunt my titties on our own Mardi Gras float! Such a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity tbh!

    (Interview); Miss Cummings... girl. I hope she realizes that she sounds like a complete box of tools right now. Come back with more than just a poxy V.I.P section in some dusty Louisiana nightclub and THEN preach to us about how you're such a "star". Like, let's be real here. I'm a blonde bitch with double D's and I look far better than you ever will, so don't think I don't receive star treatment in my daily life too. Because I do. However, I am running a little dry on friends in this house right now so I'm just going to nod along and act like I'm grateful, because why the hell not~

    Thank you, Gazelle! Love you, Gazelle! (/InterviewEnd)

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    Monique looks at Gazelle as she announces she booked them a float and a VIP section.

    M O N I Q U E
    Long as this lil' s*** you set up don't got nothing to do witchu bein' a paid p****..

    The girls are then shown packing their bags and heading out to the jeeps.
    Monique, Milan, Trenyce, and Landra take the black jeep while Ashley, Pam, and Gazelle take the red jeep.
    The jeeps are then shown taking off and driving down the streets of New Orleans.

    Monique is then shown inside the black jeep talking to the girls.

    M O N I Q U E
    Y'all I'm tryna have fun this weekend. This my first Mardi Gras and all I wanna do is turn the f*** up.
    So let's leave all the drama and bulls*** back at the house. The s*** can resume when we get back.

    I'm here to come together to show these bitches how the Bad Girls can slay Mardi Gras down. F***
    their lil' petty ol' dusty asses and whatever s*** they wanna start. I still f*** wit' Ashley but Pam
    is a f***in' joke and a lapdog, and we already know how I feel about Old Yeller, Expensive's sister~

    The jeeps are then shown pulling up to the hotel, and the girls file out and inside the building.
    The girls are then shown entering the suite and admiring it.

    | I N T E R V I E W |
    So we walk into the suite and it's f***in' dope, like.. this is how bad bitches do it.
    Mardi Gras ain't ready for the Bad Girls Club! I'm tellin' y'all, it's about to go DOWN.

    | E N D • I N T E R V I E W |

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