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Some trivia about the returnees this season:

  • The most represented season is Tuvalu with six returnees, followed by Costa Rica with five, Italy with four, Tanzania and Jamaica with three, Chile with two and Japan with one. Morocco is the only unrepresented season.
  • For every three female returnees, there are five male returnees.
  • Five of the twenty-four returnees made it to the Final Tribal Councils on their original seasons.
  • Fifteen of the twenty-four returnees were jury members on their original seasons. Of this fifteen, eight cast their vote for the eventual winner of their respective season.
  • Only three returnees were voted out before the merge in their original seasons.
  • Eight of the twenty-four returnees were involved in a tie during their original seasons.
  • The three returnees with the most votes cast against them on their original seasons are Aiden with fourteen, Cotton with fifteen, Brianna with nineteen.
  • The three returnees with the least votes cast against them on their original seasons are Steelya with three, Daiana with two, Leo with one.
  • Lenore is the only returnee to never vote with the majority on their original season.
  • Seven returnees used Hidden Immunity Idols in their original seasons.
  • Sam is the only returnee whose elimination was caused by a Hidden Immunity Idol in their original season and only person return that got crabs form kaci sister
  • Fifth place and second runner-up are the most common placements of the returnees in their original seasons, with three of each. Ninth place, eighth place, sixth place, fourth place and winner are represented by two players. Fifteenth place, fourteenth place, twelfth place, eleventh place, tenth place, seventh place and runner-up are only represented by one player. One player's placement is yet to be determined.
  • Nine users were asked to return based on the first season they played in, three based on their second, five based on their third, four based on their fourth and one based on their fifth.

Some of them aren't complete since Jamaica is still running, but this is just based on everything that has already happened. As you can tell, I was quite bored tonight (and also procrastinating on studying for some exams ).
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