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Thread: S04EP09 ☼ "Far Rock Farewell"

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    -A producer approaches Persia in the living room and sits down on the couch with her.-

    Okay, so....things got completely out of hand tonight. Savanna has quit the show and because of the brutality, we can't keep you in this house.


    Ain't nothin' to a boss. I'm glad to go home, my man.


    Yo, I already knew what the deal was. I knew if I laid my hands on Savanna again, it was a wrap. My time is up. I'm ready to leave this house and go home to my family. I'm glad I came here because I learned that I can make friends with females. My girls in this house....Serena, Aaliyah, Chantelle, and Ana - I love ya'll. I wish I could've been more of myself, but it's hard when yah live with bitches you don't like.


    -Persia heads into the phone room and calls her friend.-

    -Various shots of Persia's best and worst moments are highlighted in the midst of Persia packing and saying bye to the girls.-


    Chantelle, you are bad, girl! I love you for being real and ridin' this **** out with me. I didn't think we'd be cool, but you proved me wrong and helped me learn somethin' about that. We all gon' hook up soon. The Mafia for life, my nigga!

    Silver and Kelsey, it's been bumpy that's for damn sure, but you two were some real ass bitches. I wish things woulda been different.


    You've been my ride or die since day one. I knew we'd be kickin' it the moment I met you, my nigga. I'mma see you in the hood.

    -Gives each girl a hug, wipes her tears and puts her shades on.-

    I came to represent Far Rock and I did just that. I was true to myself and my hood. All these fake hoes...take notes. I'm so that bitch.


    -Persia gets into the van and begins to drive away. She looks out the window at the girls as she leaves.-

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    · As the front door closes with Savanna exiting the house for good, Chantelle begins to dance in celebration ·

    America, we have finally seen the demise of Mufasa. You definitely well overstayed your welcome after we learned your true nature.

    Your exit was very well deserved, sweetie. Everything was right in the end: for Scar to slay Mufasa and send him plummeting to hell.


    · Chantelle hears the news that Persia has to go and immediately runs to her to embrace her,
    breaking down into tears but smiling as Persia compliments her ·

    Chantelle · Oh my god Mama P I'm gonna miss you sooooo much! You were like the big sister I never haddddd.
    Don't you f***ing dare fall out of contact with me, girl! I better see you down in Miami!
    And you know I'll be bringing my skinny ass all the way up to New York to visit!
    I love youuuu.

    · Persia exits the front doors and Chantelle breaks down even more ·

    Chantelle · (to the other girls) Oh my godddd y'all, like, I cannot stop cryingggg. I can't dealllll.

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    • Aaliyah runs up teary eyed and looks at Persia and hugs her goodbye

    Aaliyah: B*tch you got me over hurr lookin like a weak hoe cryin over yo ass!
    I'm gonna miss yo ass gurl, I'll hit you up when I get home though boo!

    • Aaliyah and Persia do a handshake with each other and then Persia walks out of the house and into the cab

    Aaliyah = Shannon, Persia = Rocky

    • Aaliyah sits in the living room next to Chantelle who is crying nonstop and then she begins to cry

    Aaliyah: Chantelle boo gurl its gonna be okay, we gonna see her again don't cry no mo!
    Come on boo lets go have a cig in the backyard and calm down....

    • Aaliyah helps Chantelle out of her seat and walks her to the backyard

    Chantelle = Fantasia, Aaliyah = Girl in black

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    -Silver discovers of Persia's removal from the house and reluctantly goes in for an uncomfortable hug-

    Teyana; Bye girl, it's been real.

    Persia done took it too far with that fight. I'm glad she's out the door, but am I gonna say that to her face? Hell the f*** nah. I ain't about to get concussion from having furniture thrown at my face, dawg. Persia, I'm sorry girl but I don't believe a word that comes outta your mouth, talking about "Oh I wish things had been different". Bitch, BOOM. Chantelle talked that s*** out with me and we smoothed it over. I didn't even get an apology from your ass. Honestly? You ain't been s*** but jealous of me from the start.

    Enjoy yo flight back to NY. Forget you, go home, BYEEEEE~

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    Chantelle · (running throughout the house screaming) IT'S THE LAST DAYYYYYYYY!

    Ugh, I can't believe it's all overrrr. It's been such a great experience and I don't want it to end yet.
    I'm just going to make the best out of these last few hours we have together in Mexico.

    · Camera cuts to Chantelle walking out on the patio where Silver is sitting down overlooking the backyard ·
    · She takes a seat on the couch and for a while they are just sitting in silence, until they look at each other and Chantelle busts out laughing ·

    Chantelle · Sooo, last night was fun huh? That's like the first time I've ever done anything like that with another girl.
    It felt f***ing amazing though, like, I can't even lie. -giggles- How do you feel about it? -pauses-
    Ohhh my goddddd, does this like, make me gay? Oh my godddd what is my family going to think?

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    -Silver is seen lounging outside when Chantelle sneaks onto the balcony behind her-
    -Silver jumps in a fit of fright-

    -She smiles subtly, before the two sit in excruciating silence for a couple minutes-
    -Suddenly, Chantelle begins talking about last night-

    Teyana; Yeah girl. It was a bomb night for sure. Bitch don't act like you expected anything less though

    (Confessional); ...Oh lord. Here goes. Chantelle be speakin' like we in some sort of thing right now.
    Look, it was ONE night, I ate your [meow], you ate mine, it ain't nothin' more than that, dawg!
    I ain't do that "love" s***. I mean, giiiiiiiiiiiirl...


    -The camera cuts back to Silver jogging on the treadmill. Chantelle is leaning over the front and the two are talking as Silver jogs-

    Teyana; I'm really glad we got the chance to know eachother properly on a friendship level. Neva thought I'd catch myself preachin' such blasphemes, but I'm actually gonna miss your ass on some real s***. Thanks for givin' me a second chance, yo. It means a lot to me.

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    Chantelle · Yeah I can't even lie, like.. I definitely expected it to be bomb. I mean like, you have years of experience with it so clearly.
    That's the only reason why I hopped on it, like.. I was drunk as f***, I was horny, you always wanted it, and I needed some attention. And that was that.
    I don't think I'd ever do it again though, like.. it was most likely a one time thing. But I mean it was cute for what it was~

    · Chantelle listens to Silver get sentimental about giving her another chance ·

    Chantelle · Awww, that's so sweet Teyyyyy. I mean like, it was the least I could do after like, all of the bulls*** I put you through in this house.
    This place really brought out the worst in me, like.. I really don't like the person I became. I was such a hater ass bitch, like.. it wasn't cute at all.
    I don't even know what happened, like.. when I first heard there was gonna be a new girl and I saw your picture..

    ..But when you entered the house I got kinda like, intimidated I guess, and I immediately put my defenses up. And then from there I allowed myself to
    have bugs put in my ear and I got way out of control. So I'm glad we got a chance to start over and I'm definitely gonna miss you too, girl! You just
    better not become a stranger after this, bitch~

    I think it's like, soo crazy how me and Silver were able to form a connection after all of this. I would have like, never seen us becoming friends in a
    lifetime, but it's weird because like, once I really sat down and got to know her, I believe that we definitely could have been friends outside of this
    house. So I just want to say I was sooo wrong about this girl, guys. Silver's a cool ass bitch - a cool gay ass bitch, so all you lesbians
    out there, holler at your girl Teyyyy. She's hella good at what she does. It's definitely not for me though, like.. I'm so not about that life. I don't
    think I'll be tasting the p**** ever again. I mean, it's a good look for y'all though.. I could never be a lesbian.


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    -Silver exits the confessional and walks to the kitchen. She freezes abruptly as she hears the phone begin ringing-
    -Locking eyes with Kelsey across the room, Silver starts getting emotional-

    Teyana; It's me or you, girl.

    -She runs to the phone room and picks the phone up-

    Teyana; Okay, okay. Thank you.

    It's our last day here in Mexico and things are starting to become real real. Despite everything that I've been through in this crib, I wouldn't change it fa the world. I made potential really good girl friends in Kelsey and Chantelle, and I feel like regardless of all the jumpin' and s***, I've come out a happier and care-free person. It sucks that we all gotta go back to our normal lives and stop bummin' off Oxygen, but life goes on. Onwards and upwards, baby.

    -Silver is seen walking into the kitchen and into view of the camera and making eye contact with Kelsey-

    Teyana; I'mma miss you, girl. It's your time ta go.
    Kelsey; It's cool. I'm fine. You're tripping, T!

    -Silver goes in for a heartfelt hug with Kelsey-

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    -Hears that Persia is being sent home

    Kelsey: Sad to see you go girl. I’m happy we ended off on a good note after how we started. Just remember to….

    I wish you the best in life.


    Persia was sent home as expected after that ass whooping Savanna got today. Persia and I really didn’t get along at the beginning from her end. We got in an argument, she tried it, and I checked her. But the next day we talked it out like grown woman do. I do wish her the best with her therapy and with her child. I hope she got what she wanted out of bein in the Bad Girls Club.

    [End Confessional]

    -It’s the last day, and Silver hangs up the phone and tells Kelsey that she is the first to leave out of the girls left

    -Turns to Silver, Chantelle, and Aaliyah

    Kelsey: Well girls. It’s been fun girls. Only us will get to have this experience and knows what it feels like to make it to the end. I have had a blast here and you girls have been my partners in crime here. You girls have been real chill. Definitely keep in touch.

    (Kelsey hugs Chantelle, Aaliyah, and Silver one last time)

    Just make sure to always remember me .


    Well, it’s been real… real badass, just like me. Regardless of when I came into to the house, at the end of the day, I made it to the last day and I’m dam proud of it. I came to the Bad Girls Club to have fun, met new girls, solve any problems that came my way, but most importantly, to have a great experience, and I did. I stayed true to myself and I never let anyone disrespect me.

    -Montage of Kelsey’s experience in The Bad Girls Club is shown

    If they tried it, I gave them the business and they didn’t try messing with me again. I didn’t make too many enemies which is good. Haha. Replacements are brought in to shake shi​t up and I definitely think I did. At the end of the day, the girls that didn’t like me were haters, and as the saying goes; if you don’t have haters, then you ain’t doing something right.

    I think I definitely made my mark on the Bad Girls Club. Mexico won’t be the same without me here. I definitely wish I was here since the beginning but regardless, I’m glad I was here no matter what. I definitely think I made pretty good friends with the girls that were left at the end. I kept it real the entire time I was here, and I know the girls with me right here kept it real with me.

    Don’t worry, you’ll definitely be seeing me again soon!

    [End Confessional]

    Kelsey: See you later girls, you girls got my number and we’ll definitely link up soon!
    Bye Bye!

    -Kelsey heads to the limo and as the limo is driving off from The Bad Girls Club, Kelsey can be heard saying…..


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    -The camera cuts to Silver entering the living room after having just been on the phone-
    -She walks in to where Aaliyah and Chantelle are sitting and, without saying a word, goes in to hug them both-

    (Interview); Above all, being in the "Bad Girls Club" house has taught me to TRUST NO BITCH. EVER. Things were rocky for me from the jump, but I overcame and I conquered, and look who's still here on the last day! Anabella, Persia, Serena, Savanna: When you bitches gon' get to enjoy this? My niggas, you ain't s***!

    I kept it real from the second I arrived. I did Silver, but most of all, I did Teyana. I formed some crackin' friendships and made some unforgettable memories out here across the border. It changed me as a person from someone who's angry at the world and who covers up ha emotions with sarcasm and sass, to someone who isn't afraid to let people in and know the real her.
    I'm the bitch you gon' come to if you need you a good time. I'm the bitch who enters the room and turns that s*** on its head.

    At the end of the day, people may not have respected me as much as they should have, but I can own up to my mistakes and say that I WASN'T the easiest person ta get along with in this crib. Part of bein' a Bad Girl is pickin' out your own flaws and weaknesses, and turning them into positives. This experience allowed me to do that, so I'll always be thankful, yo. (/InterviewEnd)

    -The camera cuts to Silver packing the last of her belongings alone in her bedroom and then saying goodbye to Chantelle and Aaliyah outside-

    (Interview); I am the baddest bitch ever to hit the Oxygen network. Bitches tried to bully me out of this experience for weeks, but I didn't crack.
    Regardless of how many times I got my weave tugged or my nose beat in, The "Bad Girls Club" was an absolute ball.
    Peace out Bad Girls Club! Don't miss me too much!


    -The limousine door opens, and Silver gets in as the chauffeur struggles to lift her heavy suitcases into the trunk-

    -As the limousine is driving off into the distance, Silver's voice is heard-

    OFFSCREEN; What does a black bitch gotta do to get a bottle round here?


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    • The camera cuts to scenes of Aaliyah and Chantelle continuing to pack up their belongings
    when the phone rings downstairs, both girls rush down and Aaliyah picks up the phone

    Aaliyah: Gimme 5 minutes and I'll be out...

    • Chantelle stands next to Aaliyah looking at her with tears in her eyes already and the two girls just embrace each other

    Aaliyah: B*tch don't start the waterworks again... We gonna see each other real soon boo!
    Thanks for sticking by my side this whole time girl, you not once made me question our friendship.
    Now help a b*tch out with all her sh*t!!!

    • Both girls go upstairs to get all of Aaliyah's belongings and walk down to the foyer Aaliyah turns around
    and scans the house one last time before walking out the door the girls then look at each other and hug one last time


    Aaliyah: You know coming into The Bad Girls Club I've finally realized...

    I know I'm a work in progress on my temper and anger, but that's me, I wouldn't be Aaliyah Jay if it wasn't for that.
    I definitely will try and find some way to control it. I came into this house ready to have my guarded, but I soon learned...

    I clicked with some bad ass b*itches The Mafia, and I showed the other whack hoes..

    Clips playback of all the fights and arguments Aaliyah was involved in throughout the season •

    Zsane, Paloma, Bernice, and Savanna y'all the weakest bag girls EVER, you already know whats good though...
    -Laughs- That's all folks Aaliyah Jaye is outta hurr and heading back to the 212!!!!

    Clips are shown of all the good times Aaliyah and the other girls had throughout the season •


    Aaliyah: BAD GIRLS CLUB SEASON 4 B*TCHES!!!!!!!

    • The car drives away, and the camera pans down onto the beach near the house

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    [Aaliyah = Paula. Chantelle = Nicky.]

    As Chantelle hugs Aaliyah and she exits the Bad Girls club house, Chantelle walks back into the living room and sits on the couch.

    Chantelle ·
    Ughhhh why am I cryinggggg. Pull it together, Chantelle. You're the last girl standing! You made it! You're a survivor!

    The camera cuts to Chantelle still sitting on the couch after a while, waiting for the final phone call.
    She's beginning to get impatient after being alone for such a long period of time.

    Chantelle · ..The F***!

    Chantelle abruptly gets up from the couch and heads to the Confessional.


    I'm at the point where like, I feel like breaking some s*** just to get my life.
    That phone call better come in like, the next five minutes or like, I'm raising hell in this bitch.
    Y'all really like, set a bitch up. I know it. Y'all want me to go crazy, like.. why are y'all doing this to me?
    (The phone can be heard ringing in the distance)

    The camera cuts to Chantelle wheeling her suitcases out of her room and down the stairs.
    She then heads out the front door and towards the limo.

    Wow, what an experience this has been. I had soooo much fun, and I wouldn't change it for the world.
    I made some amazing friends in La Familia, like.. those girls are bad ass bitches and like, our friendships
    definitely will not end here in the house. I love all of those girls like the sisters I never had.

    Throughout my time in the house, I did a lot of things I'm not proud of. I was reckless, and I didn't
    think about the repercussions of my actions.

    Quote Originally Posted by Shattered View Post

    · The camera cuts to a montage of clips of Chantelle picking with Bernie, throwing various things at her ·

    · As Zsane is hitting Aaliyah, Chantelle runs up behind Zsane and yanks her by the hair ·

    (Anamarie=Stephanie, Chantelle=Gigi, Teyana=Shanae, Sydney=Andrea)

    So thankfully by the end of this journey I calmed down and really learned how to choose my battles properly.
    I can't like, let the littlest s*** get to me and feel that I need to defend my friends by helping them fight
    someone. I have to let them fight their own battles. I'm glad that I was able to at least make amends with
    one of the people I did wrong and find a friend in Silver. As for the other girls.. I don't really give a f***.

    So, until next time - and you definitely will be seeing me again,



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