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Thread: Branden Rickman

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    He’s 6’3ft.


    avatars by cutepongki

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    He's so cute. I love his face!

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    Male models are getting skinnier and skinnier, so he'll fit right in.

    I love him!! He's hot hot hot!!!

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    oh okay so yeah i actually do love his look. his mouth still looks a bit stiff though.
    and i LOVE that scar of his....

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    No! No! No! I'm sorry, but this is just a NO!

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    ^This is the second time you've posted that you don't like him and TBH what's so wrong about him? He has the height, the age, and body and face.

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    Those are disappointing to me. He's like the only one who I think looks better in the Bravo photos than any of the others posted.

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    He is the only one who looks great in the bravos pics, one of my favs

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    He looks like one of the seven dwarfs. Commercial and too common!

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    I really liked him in casting special. He's definitely one of the better guys.

    Also, it made me lol when he said why he liked New York City so much.
    "The last time I came here, I got a BJ on top of the Hilton." ..or something like that.

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    Something about him kinda bothered me. The whole "I liked the LADIES!!!" thing kinda grated a bit. I think he might be a bit of a homophobe.

    That being said he needs to keep his mouth shut and look hot.

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    There's nothing special about his look, it's pretty common for me.
    skinny legends only

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    Yuck, Yuck, Yuck. After watching the show, will probably be the first voted out

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    This guy is a huge tool.

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    Zomg, he looks like a male Babin to me.
    skinny legends only

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    Quote Originally Posted by Chantal_Is_Love View Post
    What an insult ...
    Oh well, I don't like him.
    skinny legends only

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