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Thread: Tyson Apostol

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    Tyson Apostol

    Tyson Apostol (29)
    Timbira Tribe

    Hometown: Lindon, Utah
    Occupation: Professional Cyclist

    Witty, charming and arrogant is how Tyson Apostol describes himself. This former pro-cyclist and swimmer believes that his natural athleticism, combined with his "life of the party" personality, will get him far in he game. His favorite movie is "The Jerk" and that’s how some people just might describe him.

    He compares his game strategy to that of some of the most entertaining castaways to ever play the game. Much like them, he is willing to do almost anything to win one million dollars, including implementing the use of lies and deceit to feed off the "emotional weakness" of the other castaways. A Brigham Young University drop-out, he is actually very well traveled and skilled in street smarts, previously spending two years in the Philippines as a Mormon missionary, in addition to six years as a cyclist in Switzerland, Belgium and Austria.

    In many ways Tyson can be brash, egotistical and unapologetic but, oddly enough, he has no tolerance for "know-it-alls" or individuals who lack common courtesy. In addition to, as he describes it, "looking awesome," his favorite hobbies are exercising and sunbathing. If he becomes the next sole SURVIVOR, he plans to use all of the money for selfish purposes, starting with "the most smoking motorcycle around."

    Tyson currently resides in Heber City, Utah and his birthday is June 17.


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    He looks dangerous. For sure, he's one to watchout for.

    The Nerve RTVGWiki

    Thanks Estquer and Thomnom!

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    FAIL. Not impressed.


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    I think he's a nice guy who is going to end up trying to be a villain.
    I have a feeling we are going to see a lot of this guy.

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    Me too. You can tell that he's interesting just by looking at his photo. Richard Hatch huh? We'll see

    Wow. I just learned that he had a missionary experience here in the Philippines. Support!

    The Nerve RTVGWiki

    Thanks Estquer and Thomnom!

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    He's so annoying and he likes Fairplay oh gosh! I will hate this guy for sure. He's ugly and he thinks that he's pretty. He's already disgusting but he'll go far

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    He looks cool.

    The Nerve RTVGWiki

    Thanks Estquer and Thomnom!

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    I have a feeling he will forge a great alliance and go far but not win because he looks to me like some cunning bad ass LOL

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    IKR? His look is so demonic.

    The Nerve RTVGWiki

    Thanks Estquer and Thomnom!

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    So god damn hot and one of my favourites so far. Why did they have to blur out your nakedness, I wanted a Marcus moment

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    I FCKIN LOVE TYSON. He's so funny. He looks demonic but he's so funny. Love him.

    I think he will be the winner. I mean, he's funny, he's athletic and he's everything. Although I hope they won't see him as a threat even though he's a threat. Well, I think he can handle it because he's so sociable. woo

    The Nerve RTVGWiki

    Thanks Estquer and Thomnom!

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    He sucks! He got naked which is why you all like him but he's a ........... (can't write it lol). PLEASE GO AWAY! I know he will make it far though which sucks!

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    He's such a confusing person. Nice and edgy. But wut's with the weird naked part? Trying too hard?
    Oh well, I am sure we will see some btchy moves soon. His face is DEVIOUS.
    skinny legends only

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    DEMONIC Tyson seething <3333

    The Nerve RTVGWiki

    Thanks Estquer and Thomnom!

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    Idc about him getting naked

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    His appearance really looks like a chicken to me.
    skinny legends only

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    I love him. He's so funny.

    @ him joking with Sierra naked.

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    I hope a Sierra and Tyson lovemance.

    The Nerve RTVGWiki

    Thanks Estquer and Thomnom!

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