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Thread: Tyson Apostol

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    Oooh I loved that episode, the way he was voted out and his last words when he got voted out. He's the coolest this season.

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    I agree. Even though I like him, I love that he's out in that manner. EPIC

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    I hated him so much during the show and the way he treated Sierra, but by the finale I actually found him somewhat likeable. Is it just me or did it seem like Sierra and him kind of had a thing after they got voted out? They always seemed like of touchy and flirty...

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    They're friends now and they're so c00t together in Ponderosa.

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    Totally shipping Tyson/Sierra. :D
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    I had a love/hate relationship with Tyson, even though I liked him I was so happy when he was blindsided. One of my favorite blindsides in survivor history tbh. It was just so unexpected to me, like even after everyone had talked at tribal I still thought Sierra would go. Guess he's just meant to always be blindsided

    I find Tyson attractive in a weird way, his personality isn't even that bad. I agree with what others said, being mean doesn't sound natural. I think he was actually really sweet but wanted to come off as a villain too much. He was really funny too, his naked moments were epic

    Coming into the season I was hoping Tyson would play dirty but the only villain-esque thing about him was his confessionals. They were funny though but hoping someone would cry at TC was mean. I loved the way he planned Brendan's elimination but other than that he actually played a very clean game and was all about trust.

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    tbh the only moment where I really disliked Tyson was when he completely tore into Sierra... it was a really ugly moment, even if it was kind of true what he said, lol. I just find blatant bullying to be really tough to stomach. Other than that, I found Tyson to be an entertaining presence on the show and I think I would have liked him more had he not been the Assistant Coach. Coach was insufferable in Tocantins.

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    I absolutely hate him...

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