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Thread: Spencer Duhm

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    Having a 3 person alliance in a tribe of 8 is not really good.

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    It's better than having no alliances, that's for sure.
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    I wish he didn't go so early, Spencer seemed really nice and like he was in good terms with everyone on his tribe. I don't think one challenge screw up should have determined his fate. I just feel like Spencer had to play the game a bit more strategically

    It was sad hearing that he felt that coming out might have hurt him in the game

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    According to Stephen, Spencer's game was drastically underedited. I don't remember all the details (they are somwhere on sucks, I'll dig them up later), but Stephen says that he considers Spencer's blindside to be one of the biggest moves in the game and the most pivotal for he and JT. Editing made it out to be about one bad challenge performance, but they were really trying to get rid of a huge strategic threat.

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    Yeah, I read that somewhere too. I wish he stayed longer, he seemed like a definite threat in all aspects of the game.

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