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    Rules & Procedures

    Most of the Rules & Procedures are common sense. However, please look them over carefully anyway, so that you aren't surprised by anything that happens. I do some things differently than most other hosts, and a few things differently than the actual game of Survivor. This season has some different rules than my previous efforts.

    Tasks are varied, easy assignments that will periodically occur. These are not challenges; instead, they can be activities such as ranking your competitors or electing a leader. Tasks may seem fun, but more often than not, a task is just a pathway to a twist.

    Tasks are due in 24 Hours / 1 Day

    In an Immunity Challenge, everyone will compete in a PM-based challenge. These will generally be skill-based, though I reserve the right to throw a few… curveballs.

    I have noticed across RTVG that obnoxious and pathetic challenge throwing is a rampant issue. For that reason, challenges are more important than ever this season!

    During the Tribal portion of the game, you will be competing as a team to win the Tribal Immunity Idol. Any tribe without the Tribal Immunity Idol will have to vote out a member.

    In the event that the tribes are unequal, there will not be sit-outs. Instead, I will calculate the average performance from each tribe. So if you want to keep your tribe large, you’ll have to convince your weaker members to try harder.

    Tribal Immunity can be transferred to the other tribe upon a unanimous vote of the tribe holding Immunity. To do this, any member of the tribe must state in the thread that they would like to transfer the Tribal Immunity Idol. The rest of the tribe must publicly second this in the thread. If anyone dissents, this will not be successful.

    However, this season there are added perks to performing well. The one player from each tribe will be sent to Exile Island, where they will have the opportunity to search for Hidden Immunity Idols. Additionally, the strongest performer on a losing tribe will earn an Individual Immunity Necklace. So if an entire tribe throws the challenge to get out one person, it will backfire spectacularly.

    At the individual stage of the game, you will be playing for the Individual Immunity Idol alone. The one individual to perform the best at the challenge will win Immunity and cannot be voted out at Tribal Council.

    Any holder of an Individual Immunity Necklace may reassign Immunity to another player of his/her choice at Tribal Council if so desired.

    There will not be any “live” challenges. You will never be required to be online at a specific time.

    A score of zero is not treated differently from "throwing" a challenge or missing a deadline. Zero is zero is zero.

    Here are the challenge regulations. Again, these are just common sense, but I've found that I had to make these an official part of the rules so that I can point to them in the event that there is some controversy.

    • REGULATION #1: The challenge is timed. This means that I will record how long it takes you to complete a challenge. I will use this either to determine your score or the tiebreaker answer. Time is calculated in minutes. It is based on RTVG’s official clock (at the bottom of the screen). Your time is the time you sent us your answers minus the time you opened the PM. Example: If you sent the message at 4:17 PM and opened it at 3:59 PM, your time is 18 minutes.
    • REGULATION #2: You may use online resources such as Google, Wikipedia, Russian webpages, Sudoku solvers, whatever you can find that’s helpful. You may NOT post any of the challenge questions or answers to a website (like Find the information yourself!
    • REGULATION #3: Do not conspire with other RTVG members or fellow players to cheat at a challenge. Things considered cheating: Forwarding the challenge PM to another person, discussing the challenge contents before results are posted, working together with other players to figure out the answers. If you cheat in some other way we haven’t thought of but is in this same vein, I will consider it cheating as well.
    • REGULATION #4: Do not baselessly accuse someone of cheating. Trying to degrade or cast a shadow someone’s challenge win because you don’t like them is a bitch move and not the kind of drama we would like in this game. Other types of drama, however, are just fine.
    • REGULATION #5: Read all of the instructions. It is not my job to make you read the instructions, it’s yours. So, it’s your job to make sure they make sense. Of course, if you are the type of person who doesn’t read instructions, you probably never read this instruction telling you to read the instructions, rendering this regulation basically worthless.
    • REGULATION #6: In the event that we make an error in the competition, I will make a judgment call – if it completely destroyed the challenge, or affected some people and not others, I'll have a redo. If it was a minor error that affected everyone equally, I will simply throw out the question or something minor like that.
    • REGULATION #7: If you are concerned that I have made a hosting decision that seems unfair or not-impartial, please contact me via PM and I will address the issue as needed.
    • REGULATION #8: You may request an extension at any time before the deadline. Extensions requested after the deadline has passed will be ignored. Your extension only applies to you. If you need an extension, you need to post in the thread or PM or VM me that you need one, otherwise I will assume your challenge will be in on time. I don't frequent the "I'm Leaving the Site For..." thread, so if you don't tell me personally, I won't know. The maximum extension is 24 hours after the original deadline. I won't hold up the game more than a day per challenge.
    • REGULATION #9: There will be no "subbing" in this game. I expect you to do your own work!

    Immunity challenges are due in 24 Hours / 1 Day

    The top performer on the Immunity Challenge from each tribe will have the opportunity to visit Exile Island. At Exile Island, players have an opportunity to obtain Hidden Immunity Idols. Trust me, you’ll want them.

    There are also other opportunities to visit Exile Island that may appear from time to time.

    At the merge, the winner of Individual Immunity will have two options - they can choose to send any two people to Exile Island including themselves, or they can choose to send no one to Exile Island.

    The exact mechanics for Exile Island will only be explained to those who visit.

    The losing tribe(s) will head to Tribal Council. I will ask everyone a question about the week, trying to provoke discussion and get at the root of why the tribe is there, and what might happen. This is your opportunity to publicly misdirect your competitors, or to make a case for yourself. Ultimately, though, what you say in private over messenger and via PM is what will count.

    Tribal Council in this game is mandatory if you lose the challenge. You are here to win, not to skip out.

    Any individual who (1) misses Tribal Council voting (2) Votes for someone with Individual Immunity, Tribal Immunity, is eliminated, is on the jury, or who is not in the game at all, or (3) attempts to cast a “self-vote” is assumed to have QUIT the game. You must follow the voting rules, otherwise tribal council will be canceled and you will have quit the game. Quitting players will retain their spot on the jury if they make it to the jury stage of the game.

    Since this is an online forum, and not everyone is online at the same time to strategize, you MAY change your votes during the voting period.

    In addition to voting, you may also choose to play any Hidden Immunity Idol(s) that you have. You may play them on yourself or anyone else; however, this decision is held to the same deadline as the vote. Any votes cast for a player who has a Hidden Immunity Idol played upon them will not count.

    In the event of a tie between two or more players, there will be a re-vote between the tied individuals. If a tie persists, a fire-making challenge will occur. The people exempt from the challenge are (1) Individual Immunity holders, (2) Individuals on whom a Hidden Immunity Idol was played, and (3) the individuals involved in the final tie. The remaining individuals will compete in a challenge – the slowest person to “make fire” will be eliminated. This same procedure exists until the final four. At that time, only the (1) Individual Immunity holder will be safe, and the other three will participate in the tiebreaker.

    Votes are due in 24 Hours / 1 Day. However, due to the harsh penalty for missing a vote, I am lenient with voting deadlines up to an additional 24 hours. 48 Hours is the hard deadline after which I will post Tribal Council. In Survivor III: Heroes v. Zeroes, Kim Spradlin could not decide who to vote for and was expelled from the game. Don't be like Kim Spradlin circa Survivor III: Heroes v. Zeroes.

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