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Thread: Lake & Michelle (married parents)

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    Lake & Michelle (married parents)

    Lake & Michelle are a close-knit married couple from Hattiesburg, Mississippi. They met as freshmen in college and have been married for 13 years.

    Lake is a dentist who has limited traveling experience outside of the United States. While he describes himself as energetic and motivated, Michelle notes that he's your typical Type A personality, very impatient and always looking for ways to do it better.

    Michelle is a stay-at-home mother of three who works part-time in Lake's office. She claims that she's much more laid back than her husband and hopes this won't cause friction between the two while taking part on THE AMAZING RACE. Michelle sees herself as being loyal, kind and loving and is running the Race to prove to herself and Lake that she's capable of accomplishing things.

    While Lake & Michelle are both aware of their personality differences, they feel they work well together and hope their differences will actually help them as they travel the world on the Race.


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    I sense that this is the next Jonathan and Victoria: fierce, rude, and a ball of fun!

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    His name is Lake.... enough said!

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    Hmmm... what nicknames could be made from his name? It'll surely turn up in a conversation this season.

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    I think this team will be boring but something in them is screaming they will get first.

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    I threw up in my mouth twice!

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    Hmm... I don't know about this team...
    Top 5 at least.

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    Do most viewers hate them? I've heard them compared to Jonathan and Victoria. I don't see that at all. They don't look like they'll last too long with their stupidity at the airport and all, but I really don't get the hate. Fill me in guys.

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