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Thread: Breaking: Cheryl Cole back to XFUK

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    Breaking: Cheryl Cole back to XFUK

    Quote Originally Posted by THR via Billboard
    Cheryl Cole is returning to the judges’ table for "The X Factor" U.K.’s 11th season, confirmed Simon Cowell via Twitter on Monday.

    “It’s official! Cheryl is back,” he tweeted. “Be careful what you wish for.”

    Cheryl Cole Out As 'X Factor' Judge, Fox Confirms

    The Girls Aloud star was a judge on the U.K. show through 2010 before briefly serving as a judge on the now-canceled U.S. version. Cowell said her return will be an asset in the show’s quest to find a global superstar.

    “Most importantly, she is a brilliant judge of talent,” he said.

    Cowell recently announced his return to the show after a three-year absence. The last time Cowell was a judge on the U.K. version, the final episode drew 17.2 million viewers. The most recent season finale reached only 9.11 million viewers. Without Cowell, the ITV show has typically drawn smaller audiences than BBC rival "Strictly Come Dancing," whose U.S. version is "Dancing With the Stars."

    British Pop Group Girls Aloud Call It Quits

    ITV late last year inked a three-year renewal deal for "X Factor." Former Take That star Gary Barlow and music manager Louis Walsh have previously said that they would be leaving the ITV show, but a spokesman has yet to officially confirm their exits.

    Ready for the gifs.




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    ****ing lame as ****

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    "An asset in the quest of finding a global star..."

    Didn't they say that when Alexandra Burke won? And where is she now? JLS, the runners-up had more success than her.

    This is desperation from Cowell. The reason that people are tuning in to Strictly is not because Cheryl left the X Factor, but because it's a better show. It's not about humiliating people, it's not all about the judges' egos. Strictly is a lot more fun, less commercially-driven and the judges are less nasty. Or if they are, they do it in a fun context.

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    Does she have to come back? She's one of the blandest people in the world. I've had more interesting cucumber sandwiches than Cheryl Cole.
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