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Thread: The Real Housewives of Atlanta

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    The best thing about Kim is her wigs. They look so real.

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    Quote Originally Posted by GLDN View Post
    DJ Tracy Young, her supposed girlfriend.
    Oh that's her? Yeesh!

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    Cast for new season;

    Cynthia Bailey – Glamorous Cynthia, who is a friend of Nene, resides in Atlanta with her 10-year old daughter, Noelle. The Alabama-born beauty moved to New York City 18 years ago to pursue her dream of modeling. Cynthia joins the show at a pivotal time in her relationship with her boyfriend of three years, Peter Thomas.

    NeNe Leakes – NeNe is facing some of her biggest challenges yet. Once her rock, NeNe’s husband Gregg Leakes is no longer working and has gone behind her back to do some “business deals.” With her marriage on the line, NeNe is pursuing her independence more than ever. She lands a position as an entertainment reporter for the local news channel, seeking to transform herself into a career woman, while still keeping an eye on her sons

    Sheree Whitfield – Sheree has discovered her next passion -acting. Her sites are set on winning an Oscar one day and so she begins working with an acting coach and auditioning for roles in Atlanta. With her revamped attitude, Sheree begins dating a doctor and with encouragement from her friends, moves forward taking risks on her career.

    Kim Zolciak –Kim is working towards taking her music career to the next level and turns to Kandi to help increase her song repertoire. After learning to work together, Kim accepts Kandi’s invitation to open for her summer promo tour, only to find that it’s much harder work than she ever imagined. Even more complicated is balancing her rollercoaster relationships.

    Kandi Burruss – Kandi’s world was turned upside down last year with the death of her former fiancÚ. Working to rebuild, Kandi is starting to date again and is back in touch with her father who she learns is sick with cancer. After her Capitol Records deal fell through last year, Kandi has signed with a new label and is putting together a new album with songs heavily inspired by AJ.

    Phaedra Parks – Described as an entertainment attorney, Phaedra is a friend of Dwight and Kandi’s, she arrives on the Housewives scene under scrutiny. Phaedra’s marriage to her younger husband, Apollo, is the subject of much gossip because of his stint in prison for a “white collar crime.” She is expecting her first child with Apollo and has thrown herself into planning the perfect southern baby shower.


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    NeNe is so gross. I wish she'd leave and take Kim and well everyone else with her TBH I don't like this series much, thank God Lisa left though. I couldn't stand her any more.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Will View Post
    NeNe is so gross. I wish she'd leave and take Kim and well everyone else with her TBH I don't like this series much, thank God Lisa left though. I couldn't stand her any more.


    Can't wait to watch NeNe be epic, Kim bring the lolz, Kandi belt it, etc.

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    Can't wait to see Nene strut!

    Don't nobody be tardy for the party irl.

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    This will ALWAYS be the best series of the Housewives and NeNe is a STAR and a Goddess.
    And I don't like Kim, but she adds alot to the show and she's crazy in the funny way unlike Danielle.
    I could do without Kandi though. She just rubs me wrong.
    I'll miss Lisa though.

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    Nene is a MORON. UGH.

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    Nene Nene Nenenene I am such a fan of her but she doesn't look good at all. She used to look so sweet, beautiful, and natural in season 1. That aside, I am excited for the upcoming season!
    You don't know me like that.

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    Can't wait to see the amazing Sheree again.

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    LOL @ Sheree. Such a waste of airtime.

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    I can't wait for the new season! I love all of the Atlanta bitches.

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    WORK @ the season premiere.

    Get it @ Nene putting Dwight in his place.

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    Ugh Im so happy this show is back!!!!! Work @ NeNe, she is defiantly going through something because she wasnt her usual self.

    Kim seems like a follwers sometimes.

    Sheree is cool I like her.

    Kandi is the more real, work @ her going with WIllis Mcgahee I have had a crush on him for years. Kandi gained some weight though

    The new southern beel lady is a mess she is trying too hard. She might bring some drama though

    The other new girl that wasnt in this episode is the prettiest housewife out of all the housewife shows. I cant wait to see her beauty, evne though she looks like she is going to be boring.

    5.New preggo lady
    6.Sexy new lady

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    My ranking;

    1. Nene - ALWAYS number one. Wont ever change. Yeah you can tell shes going through some things. She wasnt herself.
    2. Sheree - WHO GON' CHECK ME BOO?
    3. Kim - I like her when Nene and her are together.
    4. Pheadra - Shes real bourgy. But I think she'll bring drama too.
    5. Kandi - Don't like her. Never have. She really rubs me the wrong way. Yeah it does look like she gained some weight. Understandable with what shes going through.
    6. Cynthia - She wasnt in the episode so I cant rank her yet. But shes in the next one.

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    I think I like Kandi so much because I knew who she was before the show. "Dont Think Im Not" was my SHIIIT! And we cant forget that she was with Xscape. They were fierce!

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    "If Dwight had $10,000 he would've gotten his noes fixed. I know that because, who wouldn't want to breath?" ~ NeNe

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    I'm all alone here!

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