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Thread: The Real Housewives of Atlanta

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    LOL WAT @ Kim/Nene being friends again and Sheree pulling Kim's hair in a fight.

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    WORK IRL @ this premiere. Nene, Lisa, and Sheree better work that new clique. Unfriendly black hotties HOLLA!

    TBH, @ Sheree's fight with the party planner. She's such a diva.

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    Sheree is so......she thinks her sh/t doesn't stink. =/

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    Sheree is a diva. Don't come incorrect bitch because I'll leave you at the door.

    OIC @ Kandi... So far I like what she's about. She better not fight with Nene, though.

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    I like Kandi too, and her daughter has pretty hair.

    Glad there wasn't much Kim.

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    IKR @ Kim... Like, bitch... Why are you here.....

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    @ that one girl trying to throw that hugeass book at Kim... Get it...

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    lol, wait what? When was that.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sireafi View Post
    @ that one girl trying to throw that hugeass book at Kim... Get it...
    Did she really? I thought Kim was being a dumbass...

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    Kim was at the beauty school, trying to curl a girl's hair and then one of the other students "jokingly" threw that bigass book about hair at her. I don't think she was joking at all. If I were in that girl's position, I would have just chunked a hot comb at Kim's face for being so rude.

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    Loved the Season premiere. Kandi is a good addition to the cast. I've known her before she did this as I was a fan of her group Xscape and she's a great singer so I cant wait for her second solo album(she did have a first one but it didnt do so good commercially). And I cant wait for her fight with NeNe!

    I was a little sad but not shocked that Sheree isnt that good of friends with Kim. I mean Kim does talk alot of s*** about people, as on the Lost Footage special she talked alot on Sheree after NeNe was denied into the party. I, for one, like Kim...idk why but theres something about her that I like but she does burn bridges with friends. Needs to work on that with ofcourse Lisa and NeNe. (and YES to Sheree flipping out on the guy!!!)

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    Oh lord Jesus @ this episode... I don't know who to believe! I feel like Sheree is being honest. Either Kim is a liar or she forgets about her lies...

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    I think Sheree is the honest one tbh Kim looks like a little snake with massive stones for tits!

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    IDK, but her "may my two daughters be struck by lightning if I'm lying" made me fear for her daughters...

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    Omg IKR, I do not think it was right for her to say that.

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    I hope she wasn't lying, TBH...

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    @ Nene's face when she said that.

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