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    I thought this would be a really fun and informative thread (forgive me if there is already one of these around).

    This thread is to find advice and support on any current writing activities. Or even show something you already have published, for the community to support and love! I know there are many aspiring authors here as well as many published poets, journalists, authors etc.

    It'd be lovely to have one place where we can all discuss what we're up to and what our aspirations are.

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    A bit late on it, but as an aspiring writer I'll enter into it anyway.

    I'm currently over 36,000 words into my current project, and I'm feeling really good on it. I think it's aiming high, but I'm going to work towards a dream of being published before my 22nd birthday in June of next year. I've worked extremely hard on my current project, creating a fictional world, its underdeveloped politics, its foreign relations, its trading, its strengths, its weaknesses, everything. It slightly amazes me that I've been working on it for such a short amount of time (I began writing at the start of January) and I've gotten so much done, as my other project has been in the works for 5 years and is presently languishing, waiting for me to finish this one. It has taken over my life.
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