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Thread: Week 8 Designs *spoilers*

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    Week 8 Designs *spoilers*

    Designer: Blayne
    Model: Polina

    Designer: Jerell
    Model: Nicole

    Designer: Joe
    Model: Topacio

    Designer: Kenley
    Model: Germaine

    Designer: Korto
    Model: Katrina

    Designer: Leanne
    Model: Karalyn

    Designer: Stella (eliminated)
    Model: Kendall

    Designer: Suede
    Model: Tia

    Designer: Terri
    Model: Xaviera

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    What was the challenge?
    Leanne's is my favorite tbh.

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    I haven't seen the episode yet but my rankings are....

    1. Korto
    2. Blayne
    3. Suede
    4. Jerrell
    5. Kenley
    6. Leanne
    7. Stella
    8. Terri
    9. Joe

    Korto always does the best for me, her taste is sooo amazing.

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    Korto and Leanne once again were the best. Both did fantastic. But I'm glad mah bb Leanimal ran away with it! WORK. IT. OUTTTT. I seriously threw my hands in the air and jumped for a bit, I was so happy for her.

    I agree with the comment made that if Kenley had made more pieces, she would've knocked it out of the park. The dress, while very nice, simply isn't enough for DVF.

    Jerell's, oddly enough, is very DVF f/w 08. Down to the hat. I'm surprised they didn't call him up for it.

    Stella leaving was justified. Although I wasn't a fan of Joe and particularly Suede, I thought his shape was terrible. And that cropped coat wasn't all that interesting.

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    Thumbs up

    Nicole850, you are all kinds of awesome.

    Is that an insane crotch that I am seeing on Terri's pants.
    Quote Originally Posted by wtsmiley View Post
    What was the challenge?
    Create a look that goes with DVF's fall collection.

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    I was shocked that Jerell is not called in the top again! Ah, he hasnt won anything and really deserves to! I was loving his creation most when it came down the runway.

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    Leanne and Korto should make it all the way. Undecided about the third spot but Blayne I love.

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    You know, looking at just these photos, I have to say that I like Stella's much better than Suede's and Joe's. However, she had been scraping the bottom, so I wasn't very surprised when she was eliminated.

    I guess I'm puzzled that Blayne keeps getting reprieves while others (for example, Kelli) were eliminated quasi-randomly (her outfit that week was bad, but she had done good work in the past. Her partner Daniel, I thought, was far more prone to elimination).

    My irrelevant opinion:

    WIN: Korto
    HIGH: Leanne
    HIGH: Jerell

    IN: Kenley
    IN: Terri
    IN: Blayne
    LOW: Stella
    LOW: Joe
    OUT: Suede

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    1. Leanne
    2. Kenley
    3. Korto
    4. Jerrell
    5. Stella
    6. Blayne
    7. Terri
    8. Suede
    9. Joe

    not a good week, IMO
    Joe was a huge disppointment
    And though I don't mind Stella leaving, I liked her outfit more than some of the others.
    Leanimal worked it out.

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    I saw part of the episode and wasn't Kenley's supposed to have three pieces? I don't get why she was ranked high up for that.

    Jerell did much better imo.

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    Quote Originally Posted by wtsmiley View Post
    I saw part of the episode and wasn't Kenley's supposed to have three pieces? I don't get why she was ranked high up for that.

    Jerell did much better imo.
    No, 3 pieces were not required. In fact, several designers did two pieces. But the point Kenley was trying to get across is that she rather do 1 finished, polished, look rather than several rushed, unfinished garments. Her dress was really good too. I loved it. But Leanne, honestly, did have a better outfit, so I'm glad she won. Suede's was horrible, IMO.

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    I always lke Jorto's design but she better change model. Her model is way too androgynous. She should take Tia once she gets the chance.
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    I loved the top 3 designs.

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    I am in LOVE with Blayne's design. I don't like him but this design is just amazing.

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    1. Leanne
    2. Korto
    3. Jerell
    4. Blayne
    5. Kenley
    6. Terri
    7. Stella
    8. Suede
    9. Joe

    Honestly, I think Heidi was spot on about Kenley's design. We already know she is capable of making a dress so I don't get why she couldn't step out of the box a little. Ugh, it's still a good design, but IDK, everyone in the cast that is left is capable of making a well-made dress and that really wasn't the point of the challenge imo. I think everyone did well this week except the bottom 3 in my ranking.

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    1) Leanne
    2) Korto
    3) Jerell
    4) Blayne
    5) Terri
    6) Kenley
    7) Joe
    8) Stella
    9) Suede
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