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Thread: 8/7 Show Discussion - Finale Part 2

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    8/7 Show Discussion - Finale Part 2

    OMG OMG.
    Fox is showing football instead of the finale for me .

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    Omg, How is Katee not in the final 2?

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    Katee just got eliminated! *dances* :o

    ETA: Courtney was eliminated early, btw.

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    At least she got $50,000. :D

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    Katee totally deserved to win.
    What crap.

    I was gonna try and watch the finale on youtube but there is no point now . . . totally robbed. WTF is Twitch doing in the final 2?

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    Katee really should have been in final 2 I'll just check who wins here, because I don't really care anymore.

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    Twitch being in the final two

    He should have been fourth, well 8th tbh

    My friend is conspiring that Katee really won but since the show wants a hip-hop dancer, they put her in third and gave her the 50k as a "so sorry, but it had to be done"

    I was going to be happy with either Josh or Katee winning anyway so Twitch better not make me even more mad by winning....

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    deserving win

    He seemed so humble too :D awesome.

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    But Joshua was my runner up choice, so it's not that bad :D

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    Joshua is fierce too so I'm very happy but seriously, Katee is the true winner imo.

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    I havent been able to keep up with the show as much this season because I was in a show and always at rehearsals, but Josh?

    Like, idk, theres just something about him I dont like.

    He was the last person out of the final 4 I thought would win, tbh.

    And yes, Katee was totally the real winner.

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    I love courtney!!!!!!!!!! Anyway, Mary was awesome!!! I never saw her dance before!!

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    8/7 Show Discussion - Finale Part 2

    OMG! I nearly peed my pants when they brought back all the old people for the Best of SYTYCD

    I'm happy for Joshua. He's deserving and it's a very Cinderella story

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    I like Joshua...but Katee was my choice to win from day 1.
    At least Twitch didn't win. :0

    Day 2 in progress. Check out The Hunger Games: RTVG thread in the Non-Reality Based Games to see what's happening in the arena!

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    Katee obviously should have won!

    I'm happy she won the TOP GIRL though! YAY!

    O N E C U T A B O V E

    Vote "The Sauvignon Serenade"

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    I watched the whole thing on MJSbigblog without being ruined. I SAW EVERYTHING.

    Quick comments as I try to catch up on it. Obvious Courtney was going to be fourth but she was so gracious.

    Why the hell was that Courtney and Gev Rumba a favourite dance.

    Katie COMPLETELY deserved to win this year, but like Lacey, it is a little bit of a surprise. At least she pooled the 50, 000 dollars.

    Don't you notice how she had more favourite dances (5) than Twitch and Joshua TOGETHER. Every dance was magic for Katee. I'm afraid she didn't show enough personality. But if that was the rational for her losing, than Twitch should have won, because he was the most entertaining. Katee was by far the best dancer.

    I LOVED seeing the former dancer segment. CAN SOMEONE TELL ME WHO ALLISON FROM SEASON 3 is. I think they screwed up in the caption. BUT I LOVED LOVED that Blake, Ivan, Allison, Lacey, Benji, Travis, Sara, Dimitry and Lauren were back. Whatever with that guy Ryan, Dom, and Hok

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    Allison is probably my favorite SYTYCD dancer ever and I was so excited to see her! I think they did mess it up, she's from Season 2 rather than Season 3. She also looked really different and I couldn't even tell where she was in the dance.

    I was excited to see Ivan, Neil, and Travis and of course, Allison. Those are some of my all-time favorites.

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