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Allison is probably my favorite SYTYCD dancer ever and I was so excited to see her! I think they did mess it up, she's from Season 2 rather than Season 3. She also looked really different and I couldn't even tell where she was in the dance.

I was excited to see Ivan, Neil, and Travis and of course, Allison. Those are some of my all-time favorites.
We are SYTYCD soul mates. I am OBSESSED with Allison. She is the most robbed dancer ever in the history of this show. She completely deserved to win that season. I was SO EXCITED to see her again. Her face looks sooooo different. I picked her out in the dance easier than I did in her close up interview

The guys you named are some of my all time favorites too, along with Anya, Pasha, Natalie, and Ashle.