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  • Mark & Courtney~Viennese Waltz

    0 0%
  • Katee & Joshua~Contemporary

    7 29.17%
  • Twitch & Chelsie~Mambo

    0 0%
  • Courtney & Mark~Jazz

    10 41.67%
  • Joshua & Katee~Paso Doble

    3 12.50%
  • Chelsie & Twitch~Hip-Hop

    4 16.67%
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Thread: Best/Favorite Top 6 Routine?

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    Best/Favorite Top 6 Routine?

    Which out of all the routines did you enjoy to watch the most?

    *Courtney & Mark~Viennese Waltz {Jason Gilkinson}
    *Joshua & Katee~Contemporary {Tyce Dioro}
    *Chelsie & Twitch~Mambo {Tony & Melanie}
    *Mark & Courtney~Jazz {Sonyah Tayeh}
    *Katee & Joshua~Paso Doble {Jason Gilkinson}
    *Twitch & Chelsie~Hip-Hop {Napoleon & Tabitha}

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    I am literally stuck between the Jazz & Contemporary Routines!!! I cant choose!!! lol
    I enjoyed all of the routines this time!!! Ugh, idk.

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    I voted for Katee/Joshua's contemporary. Chelsea/Mark's jazz was a close second.

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    Courtney and Mark's jazz, but Katee and Joshua's contemporary was SO close.

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    Ok. I made up my mind. I chose Mark & Courtney's Jazz Routine. Katee & Joshua's Contemporary was extremely close!!!!!

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    I voted for Chelsie and Twitch's Hip Hop but I also loved Courtney and Mark's Jazz and Katee and Joshua's contemporary.

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    WOW, now that I think about it. The Mambo routine was probably the worst of the night, but even that one was great! That goes to show exactly how amazing the show was that night.

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    Joshue and Katee's Contemporary to Adele's Hometown Glory. Absolutely stunning.

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    Bhanny, that's not on the list, but I also loved that performance :D

    I voted Chelsie and Twitch's hip-hop. I really, really enjoyed the concept and everything about it. Katua's Contemporary and the Jazz were also really great too :D

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    The top 6 show was SO GOOD, it's sooooo hard to choose a favorite. I LOVED the Mambo, Jazz, Contemporary, and Hip Hop routines. The Waltz and Paso were good as well, just not as memorable.

    I think I have to give my vote to the Jazz since it was more unique and done SO well. Bitter and I were talking about the fact that there probably aren't any other dancers from any season that could pull this dance off as well as Mark and Courtney did together.

    I do love all the other dances a lot though.

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    Ummm, well I loved the Contemporary piece. I mean, that slits jump & Joshua catching her mid-air! Ahhhhhhh, AMAZING!
    But I loved how Mark & Courtney danced their Jazz routine, they really went for it & looked GREAT! Wooo-hooo!
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    Even though I loooooove me some Katee, I had to vote for the Jazz. It was just awesome... the costumes, the music, the atmosphere.

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    Courtney's and Mark's Jazz is my all time favourite routine in ALL of SYTYCD

    I would try and say something more intelligent than that but it's hard to put my love for that routine into words
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