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Thread: 7/16 Episode Discussion

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    7/16 Episode Discussion

    Comfort really stepped up her game with her hip-hop this week.

    My favorite couple this week was Katee and Will.

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    Poor Katee with her little stumble, but other than that, that was AMAZING! I hope that little mistake doesn't put her in the bottom, because that other stuff was like gymnastic-Olympic potential man, that was amazing!

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    I wanna see the videos,please posts it....


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    Katee was ON FIRE tonight! Well, she's on fire every week lol. Her little stumble was PERFECT in my opinion, I mean, it just proves that she can make mistakes. And at Breaking Dishes by Rihanna being Kherington's solo song. And for some strange reason I grew to EXTREMELY like Joshua, for a while I just reconized him as Katee's partner but this week I really liked him. And Comfort was AMAZING with that hip hop routine.

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    Katee was AMAZING!! For me, she's the girl to beat right now. Not a single week has she not given her all. And for the first time, Will really impressed me.

    Comfort and Twitch with that Waltz was a disaster. Terrible. Lift was nice, though However, their hip-hop was incredible. I still think they're near the bottom, though, because I still think Comfort will still struggle with other styles and with that, she cannot last for long.

    Mark and Kherington were the weakest of the night for me. I felt no chemistry at all.

    For me, Mark and Comfort are going to leave. I don't really want anyone to leave, though, but...oh well..

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    Ya, Kherrington and Mark were by far the worst of the night for me.
    I think Courtney, Comfort, Mark, and Twitch are going to be the bottom 4 dancers .

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    Katee continues to impress me so much! That pas-de-deux was one of the most beautiful and possibly one of the most technical routines ever on the show, and I loved every bit of it... except the stumble. That really bugged me

    If Katee (or Will) makes the final 4 (*fingers crossed!*), I REALLY hope they choose this as their reprise dance because I sooo want to see them dance it again and try to do it perfectly without the mistake. Either that, or I hope the judges get to choose what dances they want to see on the finale again... if that's the case, SOMEONE is bound to choose the pas-de-deux. I'm hoping Nigel because he was positively salivating over the choreographers last night.

    Katee's solo was extremely impressive and beautiful; it also helped that she danced to one of my favourite songs! I love her signature "hand/finger movements" that she does.


    Fave pairs routines

    Twitch/Comfort hip hop --> Thank goodness Dave Scott came back and Nap/Tab didn't choreo this! That would have been a complete waste of T/C's abilities.

    Courtney/Joshua rumba --> HOT!

    Fave solos (besides Katee!):

    Chelsie really worked that dance floor. Great ballroom solo!

    Twitch was unbelievable again! I don't particularly like Twitch when he does his pairs routines, but his solos are downright amazing.

    Courtney really surprised me, really enjoyed her solo.


    B2 girls: Comfort, Kherington

    B2 guys: Gev, ???

    It was a bad night for Kherington, so I think she'll hit B2... I suspect Twitch's fanbase was keeping them afloat when they were pairs. Comfort hitting B2 is expected I think; even if she isn't B2, I wouldn't put it past Nigel to put her in B2 and boot her just because she was a replacement for Jessica.

    I think Gev will be B2, but I don't know who the other one will be...

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    ^I agree with the ones you put in the bottom. I think Mark is going to be there also =(.

    I loved Katee & Will's routine. I also enjoyed Joshua & Coutney's Hip-Hop/Rumba. They were good. But Comfort & Twitch's Hip-Hop was AMAZING! That was probably my favorite of the night. But Chelsie & Gev's Jive was impressing aswell....... It was a good show last night.
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    Twitch is magnificent! So is Will! and they look alike!
    Katee is my favorite, but I wasn't blown away by her solo. Its like every other solo we've seen.

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    I have to say.
    I just re-watched that Katee and Will's second routine and it is by far one of the best dances this season. I can watch it all day . . . I don't like Will at all but that is probably his best dance and Katee moved her body so amazingly in it. It had a mistake but they didn't let it get to them and pulled off a great dance for such hard choreography.

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    The mistake wasn't even that bad, I don't know why they magnified it so much. That Katee and Will dance was probably one of the best routines of So You Think You Can Dance. It was a Mia Michael's contemporary on crack. Basically 10 times harder. I dont think other could have handled that routine, while I think everyone can handle a Mia MIchael's routine.

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