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Thread: Models you dislike

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    Quote Originally Posted by rawr_imadino View Post
    TBQH, I don't like Irina. She has nice legs, um yeah that's it. I'm going to add some more girls to that list and she'll be on there. Trust.
    Uhm, I was jk, but TBH you and I both know I'm right....

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    Okay so...

    I don't like Chanel Iman.
    skinny legends only

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    I really don't like Lara Stone at all.
    Plus her runway walk is FUGtrocious!

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    Yes, I love both Karlie and Irina. Actually, they are my top 2 models atm. Irina might just become my number 1.
    I am Anne Hathaway's #1 fan

    I am Anne Hathaway's #1 fan

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ruairidh1992 View Post
    I disagree with you too. Why do so many people hate Julia Dunstall?
    I don't understand the hate either.

    But I might say I prefer her as a redhead.

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    Chanel Iman has been less annoying lately. I really hate Agyness, she's becoming a real cliche.

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    Here's my full list:
    - Anja Rubik
    - Toni Garrn
    - Masha T.
    - Catherine McNeil
    - Arlenis Sosa
    - Irina Kulikova
    - Cato van Ee
    - Edita Vilkeviciute
    - Coco Rocha

    I can't stand those jank little chochas.

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    Julia ain't my favorite she's ok in my books but not my favorite model Anja already has that spot in my books AND DELL WHY YOU HATE ANJA SHE FIERCE?.

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    I didn't expect so many fashion fans, lol.

    I don't like
    - Karlie Kloss
    - Agyness Deyn
    - Julia Stegner
    - Irina "Kulikorat"
    - Chanel Iman

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    These models are disgusting:
    - Omahyra
    - Velvet D'Amour
    - Jenny Shimizu

    @ these being bhanny's favorites, though.


    "There's nothing more beautiful than this kind of sleeve" - Celine Dion


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    Wow so many models I don't like!

    Karlie Kloss
    Irina L.
    Jourdan Dunn
    Jess Miller
    Abby Lee
    Solange Wilvert
    Cat McNeil
    Anabela Belikova
    Ali Stephens
    Sarah Stephens

    Just about everyone but my few favorite, lol.
    And Dell I thought those were the girls you like?

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    How do you not like Jessica Miller and Catherine Mcneil?

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    Quote Originally Posted by myke
    I don't like Karlie Kloss...
    I liked you until you hated on my bb Irina!!!!!!!!!!!!


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    UGH at Jessica Miller not that special TBH.

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    Jessica Miller is fieeeeeeeerceeeeee.

    AzAz will cut a bitch.

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    Oh.........I can see it comin AzAz and a knife!

    As for Raquel Zimmerman, I am tired off seeing that skank puta on all the runways and editorials her walk is like she has a broom stick up her a$$.

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    Cat looks bloated and Jess Miller is bore boring than Anabella. Plus she's slutty and Will does not like sluts.

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    Catherine McNeil is a goddess, but she does look a little swollen at times.

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