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Thread: Tekken

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    Does anyone play anything from the Tekken series?

    I love Tag Tournament the best. I usually play with Anna because I love the ~*booty shake*~ she does after she kicks someone's ass, or Nina, since her arm move kind of reminds me of a *zsnap* . I also play Xiaoyu, Jin, and Kazuya as well.
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    Yeah, I loved Tekken Tag. Tekken 5 isn't as good as some people say, imo.

    I love Nina and Anna!

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    I think that girl who fights in heels, y'know, she looks like a streetwalker, and the panda are pretty fierce.

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    Jun is my favourite character on the tekken series. I have Tag tournament and the 4th tekken but I've played them all

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    I miss Kunimitsu.

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    All the girls who fight in heels are totally BA in my book.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Wiest View Post
    I miss Kunimitsu.
    Me too. She is my third most played character on tag tournament

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    >:O They finally revealed the console release date for Tekken 6.

    Umm... next Autumn. So basically in a year. I'm sorry but I think that's kind of an excessive wait. I was thinking it'd be out by Christmas. Spring would be understandable. I could deal with Summer. Next Autumn is just agitating.

    Oh and it won't be a Sony exclusive this time around. It's confirmed for the 360 as well.

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    That's great to hear. None of my friends have PS3 but most have Xbox 360. Not so great to hear about the long wait thought.

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    I almost broke my arm playing Tekken the other day .

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lacey-Vibe View Post
    Yeah, I loved Tekken Tag. Tekken 5 isn't as good as some people say, imo.

    I love Nina and Anna!
    Tekken Tag Tournament is overated and Tekken 5 is the best in the series....Next to 3.

    My Favorites are Jin, Paul, Steve, King, Yoshimitsu, and Raven.

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    I had an Anna figure action a long time ago.

    Anna is so f'sexy! I also LOVED Kunimitsu. She was amazing! I liked Jun too, I was so pro with her. :D

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    OMG I loooooooooooved this game. I haven't played in so long though, my siblings and I used to play Tekken 3 like no body's business. Can Anna and Nina not be stunning and fierce? WORK @ the Double Slap attack.

    I wan't to get the newest one, I think it came out within the last year. All of the new characters look really cool.

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    TBH Anna is HBIC
    I mean lo9ok at this

    wurke those angles gurl

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    I love this game, I have tag tournament and Tekken 4.

    Xiaoyu is so fierce, she is my favourite, but I also love Yoshimitsu, Christie and that Cherokee chick.

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    Good news about the console versions of Tekken 6! The director has said that if there is any DLC that it will be completely free of charge. Something about how he believes that games should only ship when complete and that it would be wrong to make people pay for content.

    I really gotta respect the guy for this. So many other game companies are so totally greedy and don't hesitate to slap on extra charges for content that sometimes is already on the disc anyway. The last thing I want to do when I buy a $70 game is give up even more dough just so I can play it in its entirety.

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    The only fighting game I'd play along with DOA.






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    I didn't even know this thread exist!!
    I Love SF Much Tekken!!
    I always use Xiaoxu and no one can defeat me
    But I also love the Williams sisters,those bitches fight hard

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