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Thread: Mark Kanemura

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    Quote Originally Posted by its_glinda_now View Post
    They are only having a top 10 this year instead of a Top 20 and each week one of the Top 10 will be paired with an All-Star who specializes in the type of dance they have to do that week. Only members of the Top 10 will be voted off and the All-Stars will be there all season.

    It kinda sounds weird, and I definitely don't know why they're trying to change something that imo isn't broken, but I'm really excited for some of the All-Stars!

    2 hour season premiere on Thursday the 27th!

    i'm suspecting last season was really low rating-wise i mean i'm a huge fan and i was dissapointed with the cast and the way they seem to have cut down on everything i don't think i even watched the finale live. maybe they are trying to change things up a bit. i definitely think last season was a low point for me. mark will be a welcome addition, if the 10 new contestants suck:D

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