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    William Wingfield

    Full name:William B. Wingfield
    Nickname:Just Will.
    Current residence:Nowhere. I’m into the Wild.
    Birthplace:Nashville, TN.

    Are you in school? If so, which one and how long? Did you graduate?
    Not in school, but I did graduate High School.

    Are you married?

    Do you have any children?

    How old were you when you started dancing?
    Nine when I took my first class. Twelve when I got serious.

    Do you have any formal dance training?

    If you had to categorize your dance style, what would it be?
    Movement. Whatever the body wills itself to do.

    What other talents/hobbies do you have?
    Martial Arts, Photography, Live Music, Poetry and Teaching.

    Who is your favorite professional dancer?
    Debbie Allen, Don Bellamy, Michael Jackson, Desmond Richardson, Crystal Pite, Peter Chu, Cindy Welik, Teddy Forance, Nick Bass, Mo’ Borromeo.

    Does anyone in your family dance professionally?
    Nope, just me.

    Have you performed in musical theater or in public functions as a dancer?

    What would you like to see happen to you as a result of the show?
    I would like to improve on the design and do something new.

    Where would you like to be in 10 years and what would you like to be doing?
    In 10 years I will be a part of evolution of the ARTS.

    What has been your most memorable dance experience?
    Honestly, being able to see myself on the 1st episode. It made me feel like I finally reached of pivotal point, a place I’ve worked so hard for. It made me feel genuinely excited. Like when you’re a kid.

    What have you learned so far in going through the audition process for this show?
    I’ve learned it tends to be more mental than physical. You have to remain focused. BREATHE!

    What are your favorite dance moments from movies, TV and/or stage?
    Dirty Dancing, entire last scene.
    You Got Served
    White Knights

    Which choreographers would you like to work with?
    Every one of them.


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    The judges just love him, don't they?
    Seriously annoyed tho. It's week two and you can already tell how biased they are with him. I love him as a dancer but if he does awful, I hope the judges will admit it and I hope he doesn't get into the final 4 simply cause the judges favor him over others.

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    I'm already tired of them drooling over Will. Why don't they give him a hard time about his lack of personality like they drill into everyone else?

    He's a good dancer, but I am just sick of hearing it from the judges

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    exactly... I'm sick of them always saying he's gonna make it to the top 4 when he's not really been that amazing.. I feel so sorry for anyone who makes bottom three with Will because the judges seem pretty biased towards him at this point. Hopefully it's not because of Debbie Allen

    He should still make it farther than some of the men in the comp, but too early to say top 4 already.

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    Unfortunetly, it probably is because of Debbie Allen.
    I have seen nothing of him that shows me he is top 4-ready. It's too early to tell, especially with a tango and a hip-hop performance with boring cheography. It's too early to say anyone is a lock in for the top 4 at this stage, I definatly see some obvious bias going around and it already is making me mad.

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    I don't like him at all, but he really did show why he deserved to be in the competition still with that Paus de Daux. His technique in that one routine was amazing and that routine may be my favorite of the season so far.

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    The Top 10 was the very first time he impressed me. I guess I didn't like him because him before cause I was sorta mad that they kept pushing down Jessica so much and making him seem like gold even during performances when I found that he was only a bit better than her.

    But he did AMAZINGLY with Katee.

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    I think he's the weakest male dancer left. His dance with Katee DID impress me, but I still think he has no personality and I really hope he goes home next week.

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    I see him making the Top 6, but his fanbase is just not strong enough for the Top 4

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    Will is AMAZING AND deserved top 4!!!!!!!!!

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    I still can't stand him tbh.
    He was so lackluster compared to the other dancers and I'm glad America voted him out and didn't fall for the judges clear bias towards him.

    Although I will admit, he did produce my favorite dance of the season with Katee.

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