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Thread: SYTYCD Season 4 Spoiler Thread

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    SYTYCD Season 4 Spoiler Thread

    I just thought I'd start a spoiler thread. I believe the dancers actually perform on Mondays while the performance show airs on Wednesdays. Is there anyone who goes to the shows? If so, could you be a spoiler source?

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    How can there be spoilers for this show? Doesn't the public decide who goes home?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Chantal_Is_Love View Post
    How can there be spoilers for this show? Doesn't the public decide who goes home?
    Spoilers are usually who's partnered with who, what theme they have, the song, etc. The public does decide who goes home.

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    Does anyone know when the taping starts and ends tonight? Sorry, I'm such a nerd, but I'm so excited!!

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    No spoilers yet, but I can't wait either! If I read any, I'll post them here!

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    Rayven & Jamie. Hip Hop. Napoleon & Tabitha.

    1 Susie & Marquis. Waltz. Hunter Johnson.

    2 Kourtni & Matt. Jazz. Mandy Moore.

    3 Chelsea T & Chris. Cha Cha. Tony Meredith.

    4 Chelsie H & Mark. Contemporary. Mia Michaels.

    5 Kherington & Twitch. Broadway. Tyce Diorio.

    6 Comfort & Thayne. Jive. Tony Meredith.

    7 Katee & Joshua. Hip Hop. Napoleon & Tabitha.

    8 Jessica & William. Tango. Hunter Johnson.

    9 Courtney G & Gev. Disco. Doriana Sanchez.

    I can see some pairs are stacked, while others are doomed for bottom 3!

    Pair #2 got the short end of the stick (she is already an underdog, he got ZERO airtime... and WALTZ?!)
    Pair #3 is STACKED! Two contemporary dancers getting a Mandy Moore routine :O
    Pair #4 also seems stacked!
    Pair #5 has two people I did NOT like!
    Pair #6 seems exciting... I will be interested in seeing them

    Pair #9 is my fave for now, but Disco doesn't bode well

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    This is what I heard from
    Rayven and Jamie (Hip Hop)-This wasn't talked about very much, but it seems it was mediocre
    Susie and Marquis (Waltz)-It was boring and bad, they tried, but it was a difficult routine
    Kourtni and Matt (Contemporary)-Did very well
    Courtney and Gev (Disco)-Seemed entertaining, but Nigel hated it, they were wearing "duck" outfits and apparently it was corny, but may escape bottom 3 because they have the "pimp spot" near the end
    Chelsea T and Chris (Cha Cha)-Apparently one of the best of the night, they must have more personality than we think
    Chelsie H. and Mark (Contemporary)-Also did very well
    Kherington and Twitch (Broadway)-Great performance
    Comfort and Thayne (Jive)-Seemed to be the performance of the night, apparently Comfort had real presence and showed versatility, not much mention of Thayne
    Seems like the Lacey and Kameron of this season
    Katee and Joshua (Hip Hop)-Seemed to do surprisingly well
    Jessica and William (Tango)-Sounded like a hot mess

    Seems like the bottom 3 is
    Susie and Marquis
    Jessica and William
    Rayven and Jamie or Courtney and Gev

    At this point, I'm actually kind of hoping Courtney's in the bottom 3 so she can do an amazing solo, I doubt the judges would eliminate her if she were

    P.S.: You don't need spoiler tags, this is a SPOILER thread.

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    WOW @ Courtney & Gev! At this point, Gev is my favorite guy and I love Courtney. So I'm rooting for them right now.

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    Shane is choreographing the top 18 group dance.

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    This could be completely fake but theres spoilers on some site claiming who will be leaving tonight and if you want to see just click the spoiler tag but I don't know if there is any truth to this but I could see this happening so it dosen't sound far-fetched at all.

    The two people that are supposedly leaving tonight are.....

    Jaime & Jessica!!!

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    But isn't tonight's show live?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sir Bitter View Post
    But isn't tonight's show live?
    Oh yeah I forgot completely about that, so forget about these spoilers as they were clearly fake I feel so stupid now for forgetting about that part

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    Here are the results from DialIdol....

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    That seems a little off, but I'm just glad that Courtney and Gev are safe.

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    Yeah, are you sure it's not upside down? Because if it was, then that would seem like a reasonable bottom 3. But that list is pretty much the opposite of what I would expect.

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    I don't think enough people use dial idol for SYTYCD for it to be very accurate.

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    I knew Courtney & Gev were safe because they both have huge fan bases already so I knew they'd be safe....

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