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Thread: SYTYCD Season 4 Spoiler Thread

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    go courtney!!...i have been cheering for her since she auditioned!!..she is so cute! (im a

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    A lot of them are getting the genre of dance they've had before already. I hope most of them redeem themselves if they did bad on their first time.

    BTW: I am rooting 4 Courtney! She's always making me laugh by the things she says. She puts a smile on my face every time. She's great!
    Now if i'm lost at sea 7 days, im not alone if i'm holding you.
    And if it all ends & everybody in the world is gone, i'll be standing with you, baby
    And if it's the last breath, I take....i'll leave my kiss with you.
    If there's a wall between us, baby.....I know i'll break through.
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    Nothing can come between us.

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    Here is how I think things are going to end up.

    Top 8 Elimination: Comfort & Mark
    Top 6 Elimination: Courtney & Twitch
    Top 4 Elimination: Chelsie & Joshua
    Top 2: Katee & Will
    Winner: ???

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