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Thread: Rock of Love Girls: Charm School

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dell View Post

    Who da hail?
    She was a black girl that was eliminated on the first episode of season one.
    She was a bitch and talked about herself alot.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Scarlett View Post
    Is the black girl Dallas or Roxxy?
    I'd say Dallas. :O
    We were wrong all together.

    It was raven.

    WTH did Brandi.C do to her hair... I LIKE IT . :D

    Go Jessica and Angelique.


    I threw up in my mouth twice!

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    Dont know if these count as spoilers. Some of them can be seen on VH1.

    Megan leaves before Dallas. Dallas has made that clear on her blog.

    Tiffany (aka "Girl who got eliminated over a f*ckin saltine") turned down the offer to be on the show.
    Dallas and Lacey will butt heads alot during the season. In the first episode Dallas throws and apple at Lacey.
    Courtney possibly goes home first. She gets drunk and it looks like she sleeps through elimination.......again.
    Dallas and Angelique get into it. As well as Brandi C and Brandi M.
    Someone said the winner was Heather with Destiney as runner up.

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    Yay. Megan. ;D

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    for some reason Ravon looks like she lost or something in every picture she's in:D.
    The Ones To Watch Discussion Thread;

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    I want the final three to be: Megan, Dallas, and Destiny
    But I think its going to be: Lacey, Heather, and Kristy Jo.

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    OMW @ the supertrailer.

    This looks 10x better than Charm School 1.

    I guess these count as spoilers...


    Dallas and Lacey get into it on the fight night. They throw drinks at each other, push each other around and Dallas smacks Lacey with an apple.

    I guess Megan wins some kind of special immunity thing in the first challenge because all the girls had to pull her down a beach while she sat in a chair and she had Brandi C come sit with her and she was like "Giddyup! Let's go fatties!"

    Lol @ Angelique. "Everybodeh should get LAID den derre would be less DRAHMAH!!!"

    Megan and Lacey attack Rodeo and make her cry.

    Raven secludes herself from the other girls the first time they interact. She gets her hair pulled by Lacey and looks like she wants to beat her ass.

    I think Brandi C and Sharon argue. Kinda like Monique and Bootz.

    Megan, Brandi C, and Lacey seem to form an alliance.

    It looks like Megan might get kicked out the house.
    They showed her pushing and kicking Brandi M.

    Lol @ Lacey vs Heather.
    Lacey: You act like you are some A_list celebrity.

    Brandi C. spits on Destiney.

    Heather chunks plates at Lacey or Brandi C. Couldnt tell which.

    Basically it looks tres fierce.

    Im pretty sure Courtney goes home early. They didnt show her at all. Same with Jessica, Kristy Jo, and Raven.

    If I had to guess the elimination order, I'd say it'll go like this:

    14. Courtney
    13. Jessica
    12. Raven
    11. Inna
    10. Angelique
    09. Rodeo (Double cut)
    08. Kristy Jo (Double cut)
    07. Dallas
    06. Megan
    05. Brandi M.
    04. Brandi C.
    03. Lacey
    02. Heather
    01. Destiney

    Im rooting for Megan and Dallas. Obv2say.

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    i love MY GIRL Brandi M.



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    Megan or Heather FTW.

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    OMFG. I watched the first episode and it is SOOOOO much better than FOL: Charm School.

    So much drama in the first episode, I couldnt stop laughing.

    I didnt get to see the elimination, but Im 100 percent sure that Raven sends herself packing. Dallas was such an HBIC. Her vs Lacey was fiiiierceee. Brandi C, Jessica, Megan, and Lacey seem to have formed an alliance. Dallas and Lacey share bunk beds. Heather and Megan share bunk beds. They didnt really show Kristy Jo or Destiney at all. It seems like Brandi M. is getting set up as the winner.

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    Kristy Jo and Destiney FTW

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    Raven quit because she felt she didn't need charm school and she was fine on her own. Then Sharon said they would still have an elimination so Courtney, Dallas, and Lacey were called down as the bottom 3. They thought Courtney was a sweet girl with an alcohol problem, they said Dallas has anger issues and that throwing stuff at others is unacceptable, and I think they said Lacey feels she is higher than others (I forgot). Sharon called Courtney up and gave her a hug saying that she needs rehab, not charm school. She started crying a lot asking for a second chance but Sharon said it was tough love and she was eliminated.

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    @ Raven. "I thought it was a wig" made me lol irl, TBH.

    What happened when Lacey brought the apple out?

    ETA: I get a Brandi M. winner edit vibe, too.

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    OMG this show is pure McCrazy! Loves it!
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    This was amazing. Dallas is so fierce for throwing an apple at that bitch Lacey's head. Get it girl.

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    This show is amazing.

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    Destiney or Rodeo or Heather or Dallas ftw!!!


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