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Thread: 5/11/08 The end of a very entertaining season.

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    5/11/08 The end of a very entertaining season.

    Welcome to the final survivor recap from this season. Itís been a blast and if Youtubeís in for next season Iím in too. The competition started 36 days ago with 20 competitors. 10 fans and 10 all stars who were called faves. This time there were lots of seafood and storms on daily basis. One castaway had enough and quit. There were many injuries but two were major enough to force contestantís to be pulled out of the game by the survivor medical team. An early alliance was formed with Amanda, Cirie and Parvati and that alliance has lasted on to the final 4. Parvati pulled Natalie and Alexis in to form a super alliance that dominated the game. They targeted the biggest threats and one by one the menís of the tribe got voted out. But when Erik won immunity as the only man left the girls were forced to go against themselves. The majority targeted Amanda but she had the hidden immunity idol and played it causing Alexis to be sent home. When Erik won immunity again the girls came up with a new plan to fool Erik into giving away the immunity to save Natalie. The plan worked and a stunned Erik was voted out. We left with the ever so wise words of Jeff: ďthree days left in this game, who knows whatís going to happen?Ē 4 women are left. Cirie, Natalie, Amanda and Parvati. Who will outwit, outlast and outplay the others and become the sole survivor.

    The girls are celebrating and doing their signature move, stirring the pot. The girls are talking about Erikís stupidity and how everyone ha fallen into their trap. The opening theme begins and this time the contestant havenít been name tagged. I guess because of Denise. So I will tag them. Cirie, the nurse. Natalie, The personal trainer. Parvati, The model boxer. Amanda, the hiking guide. Itís the morning after Erikís elimination and the girls have been sleeping until Cirie wakes them up. The girls are celebrating that there is no guys around. Parvati is really happy that there are no guys flexing their muscles there and Natalie is grateful to be there. After all she is the only original fan left. Natalie has made an alliance with Parvati so she isnít that nervous to be the only fan left.

    OMG! Tree mail is back. ďIndeed you have accomplished a noble task. Youíve made it to the final 4. To climb the heights of victory you need to scramble once more.Ē The girls werenít expecting a challenge today. Cirie explains that itís basically three against Natalie. The immunity challenge starts and a pole where the girls are standing on and they have to get water with a bucket connected to a rope to fill up a container. The water the comes up will bring a key with it. The key will unlock a box containing 16 individually shaped ladder pieces. The first person to climb up on the top and raise their flag wins immunity. The challenge begins and Natalie and Parvati take the lead. Natalie is the first one to get her key and Parvati soon follows. While Natalie and Parvati open their boxes Amanda gets her keys. Cirie soon follows Amanda and now everyone has their keys Everyone seems to have a bit different strategy on how to make the ladder complete. Amanda suddenly takes the lead. Amanda makes her lead grow more and more. Amanda has everyone but one in so she has a mistake somewhere. After fixing the problem Amanda finishes her ladder and wins immunity.

    Back at camp Amanda celebrates being on the final three twice in a row. Natalie knows she is in trouble know but she decides to remain calm and check her options out. Cirie asks Natalie on a conversation if she has promised her vote to anyone. Natalie of course sees an opening in there since she could go along with Cirie and vote Parvati out. And vice versa also. Amanda is worried about Cirie and she wantís Natalie to stay. Parvati loves Natalie and is eager to go against Cirie and vote her out instead of Natalie.

    Itís tribal council time and everyone including Jeff is talking about Erikís blindside. Then it comes to who is going and the girls agree that you never know. Especially in a season with 4 back to back blindsides. Jeff throws in the idea of final two and Amanda says she isnít expecting one to happen. Cirie says she is in the bottom of the alliance and Amanda gets pissed of. This sparks into a debate and if I were Cirie I would just shut up. Naqtalie is happy that the girls are going after each other instead of her. Amanda doesnít give up her immunity. None of the votes are revealed to us on the voting booth which makes this more interesting. To me itís either Cirie or Natalie. The votes are counted and itís time to reveal our last jury member. Or is it. We havenít seen rites of passage yet. And the final immunity challenge wasnít the usual endurance one. First vote is Cirie. Second is Natalie. Third one is Natalie also. 14th person voted out and the sevent member of our jury. Natalie.

    After the tribal Amanda asks Cirie what the hell just happened. Cirie tells her that she expressed her feelings. After a whole lot of screaming Parvati takes Cirie side and Amanda gives up and says she is sorry. Amanda breaks out crying. All the stress is released out and she feels really sorry about the fight. Amanda said she losted it when Jeff mentioned a final two and Parvati says there is no way that will happen. Cirie tells her to shut up since Parvati is bad at predicting stuff.

    The morning of day 38 arrives. The girls celebrate be setting their last chicken free. Her name is Gloria. These dump Asses didnít save a husband for her. Itís tree mail again and itís time for rites of passage. The message says itís a final immunity challenge that is coming up. Amanda breaks out again and she hates the situation. She doesnít want to vote out neither of them. The rites of passage is on exile island. First up is Fairplay. Parvati comments that he was actually decent. Mary is up next and the girls didnít even get a change to talk to her. Yau Man is third and Cirie gets reminded how she thought Yau Man was the toughest competitor to her. Mikey B was the fourth one to get voted out and he gets described fierce. Joel was pretty intense. I canít believe someone can put pretty and Joel in a same sentence so easily. Jonathan is up next and he gets described as a smooth talker. Chet is next up and the girls joke about how the chickens changed when he left. Kathy is up next and gets much love. Tracy was underestimated as a physical competitor says Amanda. The girls throw the sticks they were carrying on the ground and continue on to Ami. Everyone loved Ami and Ami loved everyone. Eliza is up next and Parvati says she was her archrival. Ozzy is up next and the girls tease Amanda about liking him. Jason is up next and gets credited for beating Ozzy out twice. James is up next and gets credit for being honest. Alexis was a charmer. Erik doesnít get much credit from the girls. Natalie gets kudos for being the last fan. They carry all the torches on the exile island cabin and set it on fire.

    Itís time for the final immunity challenge and this time itís for real. There is a small medal ball on top of a cylinder. As time goes up the stick the contestants have to balance gets longer and longer. The challenge begins. The first 5-minute round went on and they add two more pieces into this. The second round passes and they add 2 more pieces. Parvati drops her ball and is out of the challenge. The other two make it through this round and they add 2 more pieces. Cirie is already very tired. She drops it off but Jeff was still counting so they reset. They make it through this round and move on to last and final round. Cirie loses her concentration and drops the ball. Amanda wins immunity.

    Cirie back at camp tells us that she thought she had it in the bag since in surgery you have to hold on to objects and not move so she is used to that. Amanda hates the fact that she has to make the decision herself and gets all the blame on it. Parvati is optimistic that she will get picked by Amanda to go to the final 2. Cirie is telling Amanda she is the better pick while Parvati tells Amanda she is the best pick.

    The final tribal council begins. Amanda is back to being a puppy dog and is almost crying about the curse of winning this immunity. Jeff asks Amanda tell about her emotions and she starts to cry. 15th person voted out and the 8th and final member of our jury. CIRIE!

    Amanda woke up happy. She is happy that she made it all the way into the end. Parvati woke up the same way. The final tree mail is a feast. After the feast they burn the whole camp down. They stir the pot one last time.

    The final tribal council begins. Amanda is first to give her opening statement. Her speech is lame but way better then on China. Parvatiís speech is really good and if it were based on this, Parvati would win my vote. The jury is given a final minute to think about what they are going to say. Eliza begins and she is full on hating them. No questions thought. Jason asks if Amanda would have told Ozzy that he was getting the boot if she knew the plan and Amanda says yes. Jason asks Parvati about her redeeming qualities. Parvati states that she was very protective about her alliance with Cirie and Amanda. She takes credit for not killing Gloria. Alexis is next and asks Parvati what makes her a better role model then Amanda to young girls. Parvati says she is more outspoken, more independent. She is more willing to put herself out there and make bold moves. Amanda is asked about her acting and what has been real. Amanda says she cried for real at last tribal council and doesnít want sympathy votes. Natalie is up next. Her question to Parvati gets everyone confused so she rephrases it and the questions is ďhow does being a flirt come in to play on your intimidate life?Ē Parvati says she uses flirting in her daily life out home so she isnít that much different there. Amanda is asked about what is the real Amanda and is it the zombie pageant queen she seems to be. Amanda denies being zombie and says she has made intellectual decisions in this game. Erik is up next. He asks Amanda what droved her to rip Erik apart on the last two tribal councils he was in. Amanda says he was disloyal and says she is sorry. Erik says too little too late. Next up is James. He asks for a remake for the conversation after Ozzyís elimination and Parvati makes it a joke. James lets her talk until she finishes and then he leaves. Cirie is up next. She asks Amanda to tell everyone why Parvati instead of Cirie. Cirie then asks Parvati to tell the jury why Cirie should be sitting on final two instead of Parvati. Ozzy is finally up. Ozzy gets really emotional on his speech and talks about how parvati put a price on their friendship. Then Ozzy goes on to Amanda and expresses his love to her. Aww what a sweet moment. I bet Ozzy got Amanda votes from Erik and Jason since they are his puppy dogs. The vote begins. Erik gives his vote to Amanda. Booyah all you who didnít believe in the power of Ozzy. Alexis loves Parv and gives her the vote. Natalie also voted Parvati. Ozzy votes for Amanda. Eliza takes big time to pick who she is going to vote. Jeff takes off with the votes and tells them that we will meet back at the live finale.

    The revealing of the votes begins:

    1st is Parvati
    2nd is Amanda
    3rd is Parvati
    4th is Amanda
    5th is Parvati
    6th is Amanda
    7th is Parvati
    8th is Parvati

    Parvati is the 16th winner of survivor.

    Here is a little treat for you loyal readers.
    Survivor is back to AFRICA!

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    I can't believe it yet. I bet it will be an amazing scenery. I just hope they choose a good cast

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    I really can't wait for the next season! really looking forward to it!

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