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Thread: 4/3/08 Lion King meets Horror in The Asian land of Microwave

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    4/3/08 Lion King meets Horror in The Asian land of Microwave

    So what do we have here? Amy on the last episode almost blindsided Ozzy but was too afraid to do it. Tracy went home after telling everyone that Ozzy is a thread when the tribes merge Duh! Itís not like they donít know it Back at faves tribe Malakal , there is only one fan left, Erik. Erik also known as Simba was adopted by Ozzy also known as Mufasa so he is in good hands. Ozzy tries and fails to make the others believe he is not a thread. He says yeah Iím good at everything and people listen to every word Iím saying but it doesnít make me a leaderÖ Cut to opening credits. Btw I like how they edit the credits during the season. I donít need to see Johnny fairplay anymore. And Ozzyís leap in the water still looks amazing.

    After the opening begins a horror movie. with the musicís and everything OMG! There is a crab on the ground. Fat black lady they donít usually have names because they die first but in this case itís Cirie tells the heroine to keep going Heroine is also known as Amy . A grab Who shall be named BIG ass oneÖ I didnít make up that name. It was heroine is pretty sneaky and clearly the king murderer of the movie. Heroine slays the big as one and everything is fine now. Heroine tells the other lady she almost had a heart attack during the epic battle which is also the climax of this movie Everything is fine in Microwave-Asia-land now

    Amanda comes to see what the two girls were doing while Amy is bragging to Cirie how she is the best ad everything. Amanda says that they did amazing catching those eight grabs. Itís high five time now! Ozzy is still worried about Tracyís comments on the last tribal council. Amy tries to tell him that everything is all right. Amy says she doesnít care if Ozzy is perceived as a leader Of course she wants everyone to think Ozzy is a thread and tells him to stop whining. Amy lies to Ozzy that Tracy was gunning for him at last tribal council when Amy herself was the mastermind on the plan she didnít pull through with. Ozzy smells that Amy isnít honest to him completely and is uneasy.

    After 6 and half minutes we get to see Airai, which has lost two members without losing an immunity challenge. The girls talk about food, which I think is the worst crime in survivor history Get in Jail poverty and cat woman Natalieís friend Alexis looks really annoyed while Jason The dump one who believes that stick is an immunity idol enjoys the conversation. There is a black rat approaching the camp area and someone says itís awful. They decide to kill and eat it. Jason decides to scare to rat towards the water also known as sea, you idiot . Jason catches the rat and we get to hear what I think is a million OMGís. Jason for some reason starts to put himself down saying the rat even isnít that big and everything. I think he is just afraid James will eat him if he starts to bring food for the tribe. Parvati thinks Jason is a loser and I agree

    James complains about being dirty didnít he say Peih Gee is stupid when she complained about the condititions and wants to go home to his lagoon. James tells that their ship/canoe/whatever-you-want-to-call-it is suck-y and Popeye wouldnít go in there. Jacques Gusto is like ďdamn!Ē he says. He tells to Parvati that that is the ocean there and Parvati gets confused. In her little head she tries to think when did water become ocean. James tells that on the other side of the ocean is California. If I remember correctly James is wrong but you never know. Parvati misses Amanda and James misses the malakal beach, which was worth living in. He describes the airai beach as a place where they bring the prisoners. Like Australia and Siberia used to be. We hear merger speculation, which is really annoying until the eve of merge. This year they started talking about merge and final 3 before making a fire. Parvati decides to talk with Natalie and form a 4-way alliance with Parvati, James, Alexis and Natalie.. Parvati decides that itís going to be an all female finale since Ozzy and James are considered gone when the merge comes. I like that Parvati has a plan this season. It makes her likeable.

    Tree mail time!! Iím glad they donít scream out loud like on antm. They have to decide a person to sit out the challenge from the opposing tribe. He or she will be sent to Exile and will receive immunity for todayís tribal council only. They also get to know that Tracy is not on the list so she is gone. This time we get a Two in one challenge, Food and Immunity. Erik hopes the others decide him since he says he is dead if he doesnít get some form of immunity. This means he will accept a fake one too and if he doesnít get one he will be turned in to grass which the Antilopes eat which the lions eat and the circle of life goes on

    I think it rains during the challenge but Iím not sure. The quality of the youtube video is not the best and I accept that. I just realized there are 4 guys and 7 girls left in the game. Ozzy gets Exiled and James originally but Malakal changed it to Alexis Iím surprised they can tell Alexis and Natalie apart. Maybe Erik helped. Since they think Alexis is a good balancer. We get a conversation between Jeff and Jason and every sentence starts with ďHow aboutĒ. The conversation isnít interesting until Jeff announces the reward. Iíve seen the challenge before. But I think most of them are recycled anyway. Survivor must be going green this year. Parvati sits out but doesnít get exiled.

    The challenge begins. Erik and Jason start and I can tell that Erik is going to have trouble. James hitís Erik but doesnít knock him off. Jason comes back first because Erik almost falls off on the balance beam (sp?). Eliza and Amanda both fall off from the balance thingy. Erik leaps across the balance thingy and judging by Jeff comment ďErik once again leaps acrossĒ we didnít see the whole challenge. Eliza gets hit by Amy and falls off. Erik leaps again but since Eliza got there first he has to wait for Eliza to get across or fall the turning balance barrel. Erik leaps out for the 3rd time and third time wasnít the charm for him because he hits hardly on the opposite side. After Amanda failing to go across Erik leaps again successfully but it doesnít matter since Jason is returning with the final Flag. Airai Wins Pizza and Beer and Immunity.

    We retun to Malakai camp. Since Ozzy is immune they have to pick between Amanda, Cirie, Amy and Erik. The latter two are the ones considered for elimination and Amy is sure Erik goes home. We get to Airai beach and Eliza says Jason that the challenge was made for him. Jason tells us he got 4/5 glags but the winning doesnít matter since he has the Fake Hidden immunity idol. Pizza Delivery comes. I didnít know you can deliver Pizza to deserted islands but next time I get into one I will order pizza. James Opens a bottle of beer with his teeth He would fit in with Finnish people Jason tries and fails to mimic James and James helps him out. I wish jason had pulled his teeth out.

    We get to go to Exile island(Ďs) where Ozzy acts dump and basically searches the idol with Alexis. He wants to know if anybody has the fake immunity idol. We get to hear Ozzyís joy about someone taking his bait (a.k.a fake idol). Back in Malakal we get to hear how Erik is a fan of this show and how he wants to stay until the next level. He says his desperate Housewife of Ozzy . Erik decides to spill the beans about Amy sceaming against the faves. Amy of course appears from to bushes, too bad not close enough and walks towards Erik, Cirie and Amanda. Erik tells itís him or Amy with airai. Cirie says she canít trust either of them. She has a Dilemma Sorry but Kelly and Nelly arenít there to sing Dilemma . Amy asks Erik if he is telling them everything since day one and Erik replies He is trying to Until you disturbed us

    Amy tells how Erik is trying to lie to them but Cirie isnít buying it. Then Amy defends her actions by saying she was the one left out of the group and Amanda points out that she was a part of a different group. Amanda tells us itís almost better to deal with the devil you know then the devil you donít know I would like to point out that she said almost . We get a group hug, which is missing one person since a group hug is only a group hug when it has 4 teletubbyes in it. Amy wants to thank Erik for being part of her alliance but only thing I see is her pointing him with the machete Is this turning out to be a sequel to what we saw in the beginning? . Amy likes to throw sea salt in to the wounds of Erik The reason I picked sea salt instead of the regular is that it hurts more. Erik returns to his husband/father/leader/owner/god Ozzy when he comes back from exile since Ozzy is the leader and he can swap the votes against Amy. Ozzy tells his stradegy to us. If someone is gunning for him he will fight back with pure vengeance. At this point I can tell that Amy goes since Ozzy is a God To Erik and Godís wrath is the strongest.

    Tribal council begins. Jeff points out four ties in a row and says some magic word, which makes Cirie look frightened, and we get to hear my favorite voice in survivor. It always comes during Tribal council when something interesting happens. Jeff points out that Erik is the only fan and the last 4 people who left the tribe are fans and Erik replies he knows. Ozzy tells that when someone of a alliance is in the bottom of the spectrum (sp??) he/she will play the fans and we get a lot of emotions from Amy. Amy tears up because she knows Ozzy is talking about her. Do you cry when someone busts you for being two faced? Please answer with a comment below Amy tries to tell Ozzy that she was only telling tracy and Erik lies so that they would have a peaceful life in the camp. WTH?? . Jeff definitely reads Cirieís mind since he uses the word Dilemma in this situation too. Cirie Thinks all the favorites have a neutral respect to each others. ORLY!? I remember everyone hating Eliza and Johnny in the beginning Cirie answers to Jeffís question that youíve got to go with the gut (SP?) feeling. Suprising isnít it to hear this said on survivor? :D Amy and Erik bled (sp?) their cases and Amy sounds really desperate, More then Erik even. Amy is voted out and all I got to say that she should have pulled throught with her plan when she had the chance. Amy tippy toes out of the game and she actually looks pretty while doing it.

    Next time on Survivor! MERGE!!!!! Amanda is jealous of Alexis and Eliza tries to convince Jason that the idol canít be real.

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    The hardest part was to give a name to the recap. I didn't want to start with something cheesy like "my first recap"

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    Jiri, great work! Don't even worry about your grammar or spelling, I think you did a great job! I loved how detailed you got, I don't usually have time to watch Survivor anymore, but this recap really fills me in :D! Can't wait to read more of your work

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    Good job.

    Day 2 in progress. Check out The Hunger Games: RTVG thread in the Non-Reality Based Games to see what's happening in the arena!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bhanny
    Jiri, great work! Don't even worry about your grammar or spelling, I think you did a great job! I loved how detailed you got, I don't usually have time to watch Survivor anymore, but this recap really fills me in :D! Can't wait to read more of your work
    Thanks a lot. I was really worried that nobody would like it.. And i finished it so fast it got me worryed too. The best part was when my internet connection wanted tio have a break after the second part on youtube...

    Quote Originally Posted by Question Mark
    Good job.

    There will be some changes on the next recap since I've got some pretty good advice from BBall.. And on the next recap i will get you readers more involved with like questions or something. And yes there will be pictures next time

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