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Thread: Britain's Next Top Model cycle 4

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    They are believable because the site's up

    BNTM 4

    Catherine, Lauren, Stefanie and Alexandra FTW!

    Also, work it Huggy, work!

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    OH dang you beat me to it!

    I LOVE the running picture! Some stars!!

    CATHERINE has got to win.

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    I know, Catherine is just super modelesque and has a great personality!

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    okay so i do NOT like Lindsay, Leanne, Aaron (boys spelling...weird!), Louise or Martha

    Stefanie, Alexandra & Catherine FTW!

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    Louise could be a yes but her style and her accent is ioverbearing and she's got hair like Bianca, purple-ish red that goes into thick black. Oh Martha is a yes too, God give the girls the right hair and make-up the girl looks like Snejana Onopka and she knows fashion!

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    we will probably have another L winner....
    The Ones To Watch Discussion Thread;

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    We have 5 girls this cycle who have names beginning with "L" so.....

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    I just realized that after the cheap and very um tasteless interviews (location and filming wise), there is a preview of them in the opening sequence, and a lot of them look completely different!

    Catherine is still the most stunning though, as you can see she's landed on my DREAM TEAM already! Stephanie, Alexandra and Lauren are close runner ups, but I think Stephanie can be a bit too pageanty.

    Martha is a very plain palette who could handle a lot of edgy looks I guess, as seen in her "opening sequence bit". Lisa really needs to get rid of the 'special hair' as she calls it since she looks amazing with her hair tied back and slicked back. Rachael's personality is really cute.

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    ASJ. Stefanie, Alexandra, Catherine and Charlotte are my personal favourites and the judges look better. Thank God they got rid of Jonathan and that other one. All the Ls are fug for me...

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    I hated everything Jonathan said last season, so thank goodness!

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    I don't like Stefanie as much anymore.

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    Aaron is forgettable at this point. Nothing really stands out.
    Alexandra and Catherine are gorgeous. I love both of their personalities too.
    Charlotte may have something but she seems more like a VS, commercial type girl. Her dream is to do stuff like that of course. She had a bit of Paulina in the opening, though.
    Lauren's look is a bit harsh but I can see her working it.
    Leanne is like Louise and Lucy from last Cycle mixed together, she also has bad skin too.
    Lindsey looks like a mom. IDK about her yet, maybe a makeover will do better.
    Lisa-Jane should never do that to her hair again. It's tacky and the kind of hairstyle those scene kids on Myspace have.
    Louise's style is all kind of no but style her better and bam, she's gold.
    Martha is cute and has something unique about her. Can you say Snejana in the opening? Wow.
    Musayeroh is beautiful and I love her name~
    Rachael is a bit plain and she has that square face kind of like Joanie.
    Sophie, I'm undecided about her. She's got a bit of a chubby face but still something about her I like.
    Stefanie is also gorgeous but also I feel she's more a commercial girl.

    So as of now team Alexandra, Charlotte, Lauren, Martha, Musayeroh, Sophie and Stefanie.
    I am Anne Hathaway's #1 fan
    I am Anne Hathaway's #1 fanI am Anne Hathaway's #1 fan
    I am Anne Hathaway's #1 fan

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    Aaron - Alright. Looks a bit old, hope she does better.
    Alexandra - Pretty, but her eyes are slanted weird. I don't know, something looks off.
    Catherine - Pretty, and she loves Milla Jovovich! <3333
    Charlotte - Eh.
    Lauren - I love her look, hope she does well. Am I the only one who sees a Sarah (C9), only not plus sized?
    Leanne - Ergh. Not a good shot.
    Lynzi - I don't know :/
    Lisa-Jane - Alright.
    Louise - Love her look, but dead eyes.
    Martha - Her slanted eyes make her look sad. She's alright.
    Musayeroh - Wow, what a name, lmao. I'll need to think of something for her. Love her look, very gorgeous.
    Rachael - Don't like her jaw, but I like her.
    Sophie - Um, I'll need to see more.
    Stefanie - Gorgeous.

    Preshow favorites: Lauren, Louise, Stefanie, and Musa. Maybe Rachael, too.
    Didn't watch the video's, by the way.

    BNTM4 better bring some amazing shoots, I really didn't like most of last season's shoots.

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    Alexandra, Catherine, MUSAYEROH (OMW ), and Stefanie are my pre-show favorites.

    Ugh, Musayeroh better not be eliminated early on for a stupid reason. She looks so fierce.

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    There is a new promo on Living. It's pretty much just an extended version of this one but you see the girl's backstage.

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    Catherine, wow! Beautiful neck.

    Yay for Alex wanting to be a journalist!

    Lauren is great, too. She has a unique look.

    Louise--I'm on the fence with her. I somewhat like her look.


    Favorites: Catherine, MARTHA, Lauren

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    Musa is from Sierra Leone, BTW. She used to be with Pulse Model Management.

    I'm seriously in love with Martha, though! Amazing!

    Stefanie is beautiful, but, honestly...she is all sorts of wrong for this competition. Sorry.

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