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Thread: Daniela Sorvo

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    Daniela Sorvo

    Daniela, 9th Place
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    Our very own fame wh*re. From what I've heard she on top of appearing on the finnish bachelor was one of the ladyes who hold the cases in the finnish version of deal or no deal... (deal or no deal also aired on nelonen.. Wonder if she will be a contestant on the upcoming finnish fear factor which airs on nelonen also)

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    she looks great... she reminds me a bit of Ashanti..

    Rina of PNTM appeared in some movies in the philippines and some reality show before PNTM...
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    She's the worst of the group!

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    I could definitely see her going the swimsuit route, ala Freja from Sweden. The fact that she reminds me of Freja is the sole reason why I like her despite her overly-prominent laugh lines and height.

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    My mom saw her today at a bus stop. She lives in the same area of Espoo that I live in.. She was wearing big sunglasses (hollywood style) and was listening to music.. my mom had to wait for someone other to come to the bus stop to ask what the time was since Daniela seemed so cold.. She must have been told not to make any effort to reach for people until the episode she is eliminated airs.. Since she isn't any of the girls who were with miss jay, she has already been eliminated..

    Is there any Americans who can say they live near a top model conteastant here?

    p.s My mom said she is sorter than my sister which means she is really short.. And she was wearing high heels!

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    How tall is your sister, Jiri? I've been wondering how tall Daniela is for quite some time now.

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    Quote Originally Posted by LietchNextTopModel
    How tall is your sister, Jiri? I've been wondering how tall Daniela is for quite some time now.
    I think she's about 168 cm or something like that.. Really short compared to my. I'm 190 cm

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    well, I found her on Portfolio's website too. nothing too fascinating work.

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    Idk Her


    Her last name according to sources is Sorvo

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