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    Trading Spaces (TLC)

    Ever sit in a friend or relative's home and wish you could strip or paint the walls, take up the floor, sew and replace fabric on the couch or chairs? Well this show is for you...

    Trading Spaces is a design show based on the British series Changing Rooms. For the first 4 seasons, the show took two sets of neighbors, and they switched one room in each other's home. They are given a $1,000 budget and they only have two days to completely redesign their neighbor's room. They are assigned a designer. Starting with season 5, the neighbors get to choose the room and if they get the right room Paige picked, they get extra money for the room and they only have two days to completely redesign their neighbor's room after the prep day. They are not allowed back in to their own rooms until the two days are up. At the end of each episode, the host sits down to talk with the designers about the room they just finished. Then, the host takes the owners into their rooms, with their eyes closed, and reveals the room to them. Will they like the design? Will they hate them? Will they get rid of the design... Or their neighbors?
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    I don't like this show as much as I used to. I really think that they should bring back Paige. She brought some kind of wackiness to the show. Plus, I don't like the whole everyone has 2 carpenters. I don't know, it kind of ruined the premise of the show...
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    I would never go on this show! On all of the episodes that I have seen, I have never liked what they did with the rooms, except like once....but I still would have changed some things. Some people seem to hate their neighbors!

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    Amazing show !

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