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  • Claire

    47 16.61%
  • Amis

    35 12.37%
  • Anya

    110 38.87%
  • Aimee

    127 44.88%
  • Whitney

    36 12.72%
  • Katarzyna

    62 21.91%
  • Lauren

    80 28.27%
  • Marvita

    95 33.57%
  • Allison

    14 4.95%
  • Fatima

    83 29.33%
  • Dominique

    6 2.12%
  • Stacy Ann

    20 7.07%
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Thread: Episode 3: Elle Macpherson's Lingerie

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    The shoot looks great. I think Claire, Aimee, Anya, and Claire did the best. Kata's was kind of skanky but I think it's because of the underwear they gave her.


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    I liked Aimee, Fatima, Marvita, and Stacy Ann.

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    OMGstunning shoot, love the Brooklyn bridge and sunrise in the background. Aimee, Amis, Fatima, Marvita and Anya are my favourite shots this week. Amis really surprised me.

    @ Tyra's shot though

    ~* *~

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    Tyra's shot looked really badly photoshopped like everything was like cropped together plus her body looks unhealthily photoshopped and really unrealistic like that editorial of Natalia V where she's been digitally photoshopped to look like a cyber chick.

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    Anya and Allison have hideous wardrobe. Look at what they're wearing as opposed to Katarzyna, Aimee, and even Claire.

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    Does Marvita's remind anyone else of Omarosa?

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    Aimee & Katarzyna = <3

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    lol, did anyone notice they were all like 'aww poor whitney's costume is restricting'.. when in the past they've always been like ''ggrrrl you have to expect stuff like this in the modeling industry.. when i was in paris... etc.'' (tyra obviously)
    i.e. in cycle 6 the girls were flipped upside down on harnesess as mermaids.. and when the girls said it was a little constricting and hurt the judges were just like 'you're making excuses...'
    Anyone notice or is it just me?

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    But if you want to give something to a girl, you need to give this to everyone, because it's not fair. Just think, someone needs to pose nude with 3 snakes, and the other girls will pose on the beach with swimsuits, who has the right to complain if something goes wrong?

    In Cycle 6, all the girls were fliped upside down, they couldn't complain since the others were on the same way and did a great job

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    yeah i know, that was a bad example that i gave, but it was the only thing i could think of...
    what i meant was, i've seen it in the past when a girl has mentioned something was restricting, or anything else than interfered with their shoot, the judges never took it into consideration.
    i was simply trying to say that it seems whitney has been getting slight favouritism, that's all.. nothing against whitney, it's just another contradicting thing that the judges do ..
    just my observation anyway.

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    No, Tyra was mad that they were covering her up, not that it was restricting or tight on her. She said they should've shown off Whitney's body instead of wrapping her up like they did.

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    i know.. i didn't mean tyra.
    ugh, i didn't explain my point very well. it just seemed they kept making excuses for her, rather than just saying - yeah, its a bad shot. i meant what happened during the photosoot. they kept going on about how 'constraint' and 'tight' it was. ''its hard for her'' etc. and then she gets to judging and they just talk about what tyra wanted to see as apposed to the actual picture in front of them

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    I wouldn't say HQ photos, but they are bigger and cuter and I love them :













    I hope y'all forgive me for hotlinking, it won't happen again

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    1. Anya
    2. Stacy-Ann (SO GOOD)
    3. Katarzyna
    4. Aimee
    5. Lauren
    6. Marvita
    7. Dominique
    8. Amis
    9. Claire
    10. Whitney
    11. Fatima
    12. Allison

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    Ok guys, Y'll so mean, you look at the photos and say " I like this, oh I dun like that"
    you don't think about the bigger picture
    1- Katarzyna - to hoochy I think its a model, She did the best this week imo, Up and down this photo is stunning.
    2- Claire - this photo is complete genious, its like I look at it and I think "MODEL UP AND DOWN." this girl deserved to go further.
    3- Lauren - Hilarious picture, but its nice to, this girl may be awkward, but she still rocks it.
    4- Stacy Ann - Ok, Girl, This is in the part where I say FACE - AWKWARD BODY - MODEL. she had to work better, and she still failed.
    5- Whitney. - Now don't hate on me here, this girl worked it. I mean, she had no room to work with in those clothes, she did amazing considering the circumstances, you people are just hatin'.
    6- Fatima - I would've liked it more, but the hair just doesn't work, I don't like it, the rest of the photo
    7- Aimee - this is average in my opinion, it doesn't make me say anything good, I'm speechless, and not in a good way.
    8- Anya - This photo would be genious if it were laying down, but standing is bringing the picture down, otherwise I would love this picture
    9- Amis - UM. Dead eyes, Dead body, this picture is just dead, Fail.
    10- Dominique - its blah, Blah, no other words, The hair looks attrocious (sp?)
    11- Allison - Atleast the face is preety, other than that No, this picture is horrible, I don't care wether she's a genious model, this picture is horrible.
    12- Marvita - UM. I'm speechless this time in a bad way, this girl should've went this week. -.-

    Which I forgot when I started to sink...

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    Quote Originally Posted by LietchNextTopModel
    1. Anya
    2. Stacy-Ann (SO GOOD)
    3. Katarzyna
    4. Aimee
    5. Lauren
    6. Marvita
    7. Dominique
    8. Amis
    9. Claire
    10. Whitney
    11. Fatima
    12. Allison
    In hindsight, IDK whose is better--Aimee or Anya's. They're both two of the best ANTM photos, like, ever.

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    I liked Aimee's. In my opinion it was like her one amazing shot. (If I recall correctly.)

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    1 - Marvita - She rocked this week, with the makeovers and the lingerie
    2 - Aimee - This is like her best picture.
    3 - Fatima - Gaw-gus.
    4 - Stacy Ann - I think this is underrated by the fans. The face is just fierce and the pose is too.
    5 - Katarzyna - She kinda looks like a porn star to be honest, with the pose. I love the face.
    6 - Lauren - ...what.
    7 - Whitney - It's just... ew.
    8 - Amis - I really like the neck and down. The face is what makes it bad.
    9 - Dominique - I didn't think it was that bad as people said it was, but it's still kinda bad.
    10 - Claire - Oh god, ew.
    11 - Allison - I just laughed at this picture..

    I re-did my ranking. Hm.

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