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Thread: Biggest Loser Australia

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    Biggest Loser Australia

    We are up to our 3rd season, I posted a promo for season 3, with flash backs of first 2 seasons here

    Our show is abit different to the US one, ours is on every weeknight, with team comp Fridays and Eliminations Monday, alot of the focus is on alliances, interactions of the people, group dynamics, trainer and contestant relationships.

    We also have 4 trainers, starting last year, first year was just Bob and Gillian, last year 2 aussie trainers joined Shannon and Michelle, it was Shannon and Bob vs Michelle and Gillian.

    Bob and Gillian went back to the US during our season to do the US season, they did come back towards the end for a week.

    They back this year, from what the promo suggests Shannon and Michelle think Bob and Gillian not coming back, so I think there will be a Mass elmination during first week, those think they going home, but actually become part of Bob and Gillians team, kinda like season 4 US, but the contestants wont think that since Season 4 aired after our season 3 began.

    Love this show! :D Hope you guys check it out!

    Also remember we use Kilograms not Pounds here, there is roughly 2.2 pounds to a Kilo

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    I love the biggest loser... I love seeing them all fat and when they drop the weight, they look amazing!!!!!! GO MICHELLE (black team member), SAM (blue team) and CARRIE-ANN (black team member)!!!!!!!!! Get rid of the reds.... i dont like the way they think, they need to concentrate more on losing weight then the bloodly game and who they would get rid of next elimination...

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