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Thread: Stacy Ann Fequiere

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    She might turn out fierce(Like Ebony) but right now, I dont like her in the pre-show shot.

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    Stacy Ann

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    Looks more and more like Pauline from SwNTM. I still love her~
    I am Anne Hathaway's #1 fan

    I am Anne Hathaway's #1 fan

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    If she relaxes her eyes a little, bitch will be FAF~

    Honestly, I would love to see her make it far or even win!

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    Great face.

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    A topmodel has to be UNIQUE and she's like Danielle...

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    land of smile


    she's very unique look and great legs
    that's why i'm impressed her so much,
    though i always laugh when i saw her preshow pic.




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    I think just because she looks like someone else, that it wouldn't stop her from being a Top Model.

    I think can enjoy a lot of success in the industry if she makes the right decisions.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Anttonio_
    A topmodel has to be UNIQUE and she's like Danielle...
    Well Gemma, Caroline, and Sasha all look similar, and look where they are ..

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    I don't see similarities between Caroline, Sasha/Gemma, perhaps Heather Marks. Her body looks drawn, it's beyond perfect.

    However her smirk face, tells me she'll be the bitch who makes it pretty far due to her attitude.

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    Jaw and mouth reminds me of Anchal's when facing straight on.

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    Anchal+Danielle+Nik+Kermit=Stacy. She could be fierce.

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    What do her and Nik have in common?

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    Am I the only one who thinks that if you take away the hoochie wardrobe and the weave you could get a regal African girl?

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    What no way.

    Compared to the first post. Their noses are nothing a like.

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    I'm not going to get into a discussion on whether her nose is like Nik's. The way it's almost touching her lips is just like Nik.

    ITA, actually, Rua.

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    Just replying to your comment. You would expect that in a forum?

    Amazing body, face may work. I'd like her more if she was like 3 years younger.

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