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    3 Game Seven to look forward to this week...

    Pistons vs Cavaliers
    Spurs - Mavericks
    Clippers - Suns

    I'm rooting for the Spurs to pull it off and complete the amazing come back from a 3-1 deficit..Pistons will make it because they have greater experience and Suns as well..

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    My money is on Pistons, and the Mavericks (literally )

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    I used to live in San Antonio and picks in order are:

    1 - Suns
    2/3 - Mavericks/Pistons

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    GO SUNS!

    I am going to the Suns game tonight!

    HA! *is really excited*

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    Have a great time Basket!! I'm very nervous about my Mavs playing at San Antonio tonight.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Catt
    Have a great time Basket!! I'm very nervous about my Mavs playing at San Antonio tonight.
    I had a great time! We won, too! But my ears hurt, it was so loud in there.

    They won didn't they?

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    Now our teams get to play each other!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Catt
    Now our teams get to play each other!!
    Indeed, they do. A fight to the bitter end.

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    I'm going to revive this thread in the hope that there are at least some sports fans out there. Hawks and Celtics Game Seven right now, and Hawks are on course to record the lowest score by a single NBA team in a playoff game.

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    Yep, it was pretty clear how that one would turn out. The Hawks gave it a nice run. I dont think anyone could have predicted they would have won 3 games. Boston played like they had something to prove and they proved that they are that 66 win team.

    "Your" Spurs lost badly to NO yesterday, but Dallas lost pretty badly to NO in 5 games as well

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    Spurs have to take at least 1 game off New Orleans on their turf otherwise I see Spurs losing this despite their strong home form. Praying they take NO down later today.

    It's less unpredictable over on the Eastern Conference, Orlando will go down to Pistons easily, but I see the Cleveland and Boston match-up to be a huge test, though Boston will just nick it due to their strong depth in the squad. Cleveland has really weak bench players whereas you have Cassell and POsey for Boston.

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    How could you even say Lebron and the Cavs have a chance? I say Boston wins in 6. People will now underestimate the Celts because of what happened in Atlanta. They now have something to prove and I dont think the Cavs can contain their big three.

    And common Sean, gotta have more faith with your team. You should never admit to the possibility of them losing!

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    The Hornets gave the Spurs another whooping. It is obvious that the Magic don't have a chance against the Pistons but I expect a little more fight from the Spurs. Lets see what they can do at home.

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    Boston sucks on the road. They are really lucky to have home court advantage the entire series although Lakers may deem that insignificant when these two meet in the finals. That is of course my prediction.

    2nd quarter and Celtics seem to be in perfect control of this Game 7. Just praying the Spurs can upset the Hornets at home. :S

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    Funny how the sports section is so slow on this forum.

    but Lakers.

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    Dallas Mavericks fan right here!

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    knicks girl, how matter how bad they are

    although i think theyre gonna be good next year, getting rid of "starbury' was the best thing they ever did
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    don't give it away
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