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Thread: Cycle 10 Spoilers & Speculation

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    Lauren looks so tall in the new promo.. so glad that Tyra stopped picking midgets.. They should make the height limit to 5'8
    The Ones To Watch Discussion Thread;

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    Quote Originally Posted by rlykewl
    It's not very reliable but someone commented a youtube video of one of the promos saying Claire is half Filipino and all this other stuff.
    That person commented that Claire was half of almost friggin' everything.

    Claire is half filipino, native american, jewish, german, british isles, etc. She's from Hawaii where everyone is all mixed up. Go hapas!
    Oh yeah, I'm half etc. and half Jewish too. I'm also half tiger and half plastic.

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    Yeah, that's the one!

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    Jewish is a religion, lol. You can't be half a religion.

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    Aren't Jewish people from somewhere in United Kingdom?

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    You can sort of be if your mom is but dad isn't.

    There are Jewish people everywhere, even where I live, TopTop. I guess their "origin" is Israel, but don't QUOTE me.

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    Yeah they came from Israel originally.

    You're only supposed to be of Jewish religion if your moms Jewish, someone who's mom is Jewish told me this. But it's not an Ethnicity. If she was German and Jewish she's most likely German Jewish, which I think is like saying Roman Catholic.

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    Is that why the wife is forced to convert?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Will
    If she was German and Jewish she's most likely German Jewish, which I think is like saying Roman Catholic.
    Dude it's faaar from it!

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    i am sure i dont like Princess fiona now after the promo, she is really blah and zero potential.

    Mini Dandan is a doubt, in some angle she looks good.

    Amis is not that attractive at all.

    and i dont like Kata's round face!

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    Princess Fiona, ElEl?

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    Oh god, why is this thread so random?.

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    OMG Will, German Jewish = Roman Catholic? WTH that makes no sense.

    If you're German means you're Jewish...and either you were born, or your family was born in Germany. Lol just 'cause you're from Germany doesn't mean you're associated with the Nazis or something. The reason Jews don't really have a certain country where they ALL live (besides Israel which was made in 1948 (I think.) as a place MEANT for Jews) because over history, Jews have been persecuted by everryybbodddy! So as a result of being hated by just about every other culture, Jews have been forced out of their homes many times over, thus Jews kind of ended up being dispersed all over the globe, especially Europe.

    Also, when the U.S. became super-open to immigration, a LOT of Jews went there too, because it was seen as a place safe from religious persecution.

    Also, Dell, there's nothing that forces a wife to convert or something. I don't know where you got that...

    That's it for my lesson today. Class dismissed

    I'm a hater. Let me hate.

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    Someone posted this on TROF

    A friend of mine who graduated with me in college and I have been talking--and it turns out this person worked logging footage for Tyra and Crew for Cycle 10...

    These are things she saw and confirmed with me directly (not through a friend of a friend of a friend...)

    * Marvita walks around naked. A LOT.
    * Marvita does not pull a Jaslene. She does not win.
    * Anya is dumb and crazy, but in a lovable Natasha sort of way.
    * The first elimination is SCANDALOUS, and sends "shockwaves" through the other girls... my friend absloutely refuses to tell me who goes home 1st.
    * Dominique refers to herself in the 3rd person. A Lot.
    * They return to Italy for the international destination.

    I'll let you know if I post more. They finish logging the tapes tomorrow (and then my friend will no longer be working for Bankable Productions).
    The scandalous elimination will be a double elimination
    Australian Survivor

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dell
    Princess Fiona, ElEl?
    princess fiona = whitney just look at toptop's sign

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    Quote Originally Posted by howie_2010
    Someone posted this on TROF

    The scandalous elimination will be a double elimination
    OMW, that makes sense, being that there are 14 girls!

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    I hope the first elimination is a double elimination because if it happens first thats a better chance of one of my favorite girls nto leaving. Hoping the elimination includes Lauren and Clarie, but I have a feeling that its going to be Stacy Ann or Atalya, I dont know why, I hope not though.

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    I feel it will be SA or Ata as well. That sucks, because I heart them. I'm with you - I hope it is Lauren/Claire.

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