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Thread: Kynt & Vyxsin (dating goths)

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    Kynt & Vyxsin (dating goths)

    Kynt & Vyxsin
    Dating Goths

    Kynt: Louisville, KY
    31, Waiter/Receptionist

    Vyxsin: Louisville, KY
    29, Waiter/Receptionist

    These best friends have been dating on and off for over three years. These purveyors of Goth pride themselves on keeping Louisville “weird.” In their own hometown Kynt & Vyxsin are very active in their local scene, regularly hosting and acting as emcee at rock shows and club nights. The most difficult part of the Race will undoubtedly be keeping up their daily "make up" routine. Between the two of them Kynt & Vyxsin have collectively had their hair dyed 18 different colors. Fashion is a passion for these two.

    Vyxsin claims that the biggest difference between the two is that she is very emotional while he is more reserved. She has been trying to get him to open up more and express his true feelings which she claims she’s having success doing. Vyxsin describes herself as compassionate and theatrical and she works as a waiter at Ramsi's Cafe.

    Kynt is a waiter at the Texas Roadhouse Restaurant. Kynt describes himself as abstract, atypical and avant-garde He claims that the biggest difference between the two is that Vyxsin is more emotional while Kynt is more sarcastic. Both have also worked as receptionists at Kaleidoscope hair salon for several years.

    Together they enjoy shopping, dancing and doing each other’s hair/makeup. Besides a mirror Kynt & Vyxsin's favorite thing to stare into is their computer monitor as both are admittedly MySpace-addicts. Additionally they both enjoy roadtripping to Sci-Fi conventions across the country where as Kynt puts it, “They feel right at home surrounded by Storm Troopers and Wookies.” Both have a dream of someday attending the Wave-Gotik-Treffen in Leipzig, Germany, which is the largest Goth/industrial music festival in the world.

    Representing the “Goth” community in Louisville has embedded a strong sense of “us against the world” mentality in these two Racers. Therefore, don’t look for them to fall apart when the chips are down, a trait that will undoubtedly be tested on the Race.


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    I dont watch this show but I meant start to watch this duo lol

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    I like them but I am not sold on them being good racers. I am leaning a bit more towards them getting lucky. I do like them and wouldn't mind them winning so hopefully the prove me wrong!

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    I actually like this team, not my favourite team but they seem to have good communication with each other so I see them atleast making it past the half way point

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    The fact they are goths probably means they are not trying to do "the acceptable thing in society" swim. He probably doesnt care what anyone else thinks.

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    Aah, I can't believe they were eliminated .
    Two out of my three favorite teams are now gone. I hope Ronald and Christina win now.

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    They were last twice in a row, so they deserved it. But they were pretty entertaining. Kinda sad to see them go too.

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    They were my favorite until they were stupid and didn't U-Turn Nate and Jen. They deserved to be eliminated.

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    That really was a horrible move.
    I don't get why you would U-Turn a team you assume is a head of you, rather than to eliminate the team you know is behind you. Especially considering they should have known there were near last place. If they had U-Turned Nate and Jen, they would have probably still been in the final 4.

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    what country we're they eliminated?
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    One of my fav teams they are super cute

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