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Thread: A Model Life

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    Wow, no black/asian/redhead/ice blonde girls! Lucia is SO gorgeous though, a real model no doubt!

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    This was fierce beyond belief.

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    It was but a little boring but it got better as it went on, I think as the show goes on it will more dramatic but I don't want to see to much drama, ANTM has brainwashed me into wanting drama.

    ETA: My ranking of the girls by favorite not by most modelesque or anything.

    1. Lucia
    2. Abigail
    3. Michelle
    4. Valeria
    5. Beatrice
    6. Angelika
    I am Anne Hathaway's #1 fan

    I am Anne Hathaway's #1 fan

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    My breakdown of the girls:

    Angelika: I LOVE how nonchalant she is. However, she looks a little old (I think it's because of the shape of her face).
    Beatrice: She just seems very naive in a myriad of aspects. Not saying thank you, not being able to work well with a photographer, etc. I love her skintone, though. I also adore the way she says, "comfortable". lol However, if her passion in life truly is modeling, she has a LOT to learn.
    Valerija: She's like Danica from AusNTM! Valerija lacks good bone-structure; her face is very round, as Stephen mentioned.
    Lucia: By FAR the best model. She needs to tone up, though. Still, she's the best.
    Abi: She's got a chubby face that's very limited. Not loving her, yet.
    Michelle: She's definitely second to Lucia! Michelle's a great model with an awesome attitude. I LOVE her.

    1. Lucia
    2. Michelle
    3. Anjelika
    4. Valerija
    5. Beatrice
    6. Abi

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    Personally, I thought it was amazing!

    Here's my thoughts on the girls.

    Abigail - A very pretty face, but she does have one look as the photographer said. Kind of boring.
    Angelika - Has a bad attitude, but is an amazing model.
    Beatrice - Has a really pretty face, but needs to work on her charisma. She doesn't seem very polite, and she seems very shy.
    Lucia - Cute face, and she has such small features. Amazing spirit, and a great model.
    Michelle - Her teeth are gigantic, so I hate her smile. Her face is odd-looking, but she's a great model.
    Valeria - She seems like one of the most enthusiastic (Lucia being the other one). She has a beautiful face, and she's a great model.

    My rankings:

    1. Valeria
    2. Lucia
    3. Angelika
    4. Beatrice
    5. Michelle
    6. Abigail

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    Dang! Missed it.

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    It's on right now, DellDell! WATCH! lol

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    Missed it again! What is wrong with me!

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    I watched it Lucia's my fave. Angelika's my least fave.

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    Valeria's face is round? It seems so square!

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    AW! I missed it to!
    I seen the previewed and wanted to watch it!
    Ill have to catch it next week
    When is it on?

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    I just watched it. AMAZING. Quite real. Here's my rundown on the girls based on their faces and personalities.

    Angelika- I like her face somewhat, but her personality irks me. I think she's too disconnected and she has to stop thinking everyone and everything related to modeling is superficial. She seems hypocritical.

    Abigail- I love her face a lot in person, she's quite beautiful. What worries me is that she doesn't know how to model something she doesn't feel comfortable in.

    Beatrice- Mama mia! She's so gorgeous, and young too! I like her a lot. I think her confusion due to the language barrier is so cute, but sometimes she can come off as arrogant. I hope she loses the weight and does fashion show.

    Valeria- LOVE her! She's gorgeous in person and on film, and she just seems so relaxed and warm. She can look quite plain, though. She has to bring another side into her modeling. I also think her hair needs work... kinda.

    Michelle- God, this girl is ugly. She's got a body for fashion, and her face is interesting, but I found her so hideous. The haircut did help her, though, and she's an amazing mover.

    Lucia- MY FAVORITE! This girl is amazing! She's got an amazing face, she's a great model, and her personality is so attractive. She's bubbly, kind, and isn't arrogant. I love her big eyes. I also love her accent. She's too amazing!

    Favorites: Lucia and Beatrice.
    Least Favorites: Michelle and Angelika(although her face is pretty).

    Does anyone know their heights?

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    Angelika - 5'11
    Beatrice - 5'10
    Valeria - 5'9
    Lucia - 5'9
    Abigail - 5'9
    Michelle - 5'8

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    Another good show. I really like Petra as a host, she's so nice and down to Earth. Too bad she didn't do the show like a World's NTM like some said before, that would have been really cool.

    The only think I don't like are the test shoots, they should have some settings in their photo's!

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    Bea won me over this episode. Her walk is SO ~*~Brazilian~*~. It's quite evident that she did work in Rio/SP.

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    I expected Michelle to be the tall, awkward model pre-show, but she's just the thin, short one. <_< I love Lucia, but she DOES need to drop a few pounds. The walks are kind of a joke, they need help.

    Best Walks: Lucia, Angelika, Valeria
    Worst Walk: Beatrice, and I love her so it's sad to admit it.

    Abigail= a gorgeous Liv Tyler.

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    Is there anywhere I an watch this on the internet?

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    here's Abigail Profile Page w/ NEXT:
    she's w/ NEXT UK
    The Ones To Watch Discussion Thread;

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