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Thread: C33 CASTING!| Beautiful's Final Top Model

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    Right elimination...
    Go Trinee,Sam,Georgie and Eroh!!!

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    Wow, I'm actually a little shocked XD Not who I was expected to go.

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    snatching the fan favourite title.

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    Your anus <3


    I ****ing loved Grace


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    What an amazing photoshoot!! everyone did so well!

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    What an idiotic elimination of a fan favorite. Probably making way for the pre-select winner to have less competition/a more justified win.

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    Florida! Disney World! Yass!





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    The girls are riding home in the limo after the night's double elimination.

    Trinee: What a bunch of bull ****. I'm sorry but it was. There's no way that was by best shot.


    Sam: Well, they had to find a photo where both you and Georgie looked good.

    Trinee: Then I guess they were favoring Georgie because I know I had way better shots than that. I don't even think Georgie looked that good in our photo either, to be honest.

    Georgie: Gee..... thanks.

    Trinee: Sorry honey but I feel like they chose a crappy shot of both of us.

    Casey: That makes no sense. The judges loved Georgie's shot. Yours was just pretty sucky.

    Trinee: I don't think anyone was talking to you, troll.

    Casey: You were talking around me. Same difference. You were in the bottom 3 because your best photo still wasn't good enough. Sorry, not sorry.

    Trinee: Nothing you have to say has any merit, Casey because this week, you're going home.

    Casey: We'll see bitch.

    Trinee: Some of these bitches are trying to get under my skin but it's not going to work. Casey's comments mean nothing to me because she's garbage. The judges can see right through her generic ass that she's not a model and I'll give it 2 weeks before she's sent packing. I feel like my photo that was shown in panel last week was not my best and I think Steff chose that shot because she knows I can do better. This week, I'm going to be the girl with the best photo.
    The limo pulls up at the loft. The girls enter the front door and see Deerdre's cropped photo displayed on the television.

    Ashley: Deerdre, get over here and look at the screen!

    Deerdre walks over and cracks a smile of accomplishment.

    Deerdre: That's awesome.

    Renee: You slayed it, girl.

    Trinee: It ain't all that.

    Deerdre: Being called 1st at panel was a total shocker for me. I really wasn't expecting to get Best Photo but I'm not going to lie, it does feel pretty freaking awesome. It's such an odd but cool feeling to go from being the girl who everyone made fun of to being told that you look like a top model. I could get used to this.
    Many of the girls are standing in the kitchen, snacking and talking.

    Emily-Brooke: I hope I can talk to my dad tomorrow. I'm not sure how much money he has left in his account to be able to make calls.

    Renee: What do you mean?

    Emily-Brooke: My dad's incarcerated so in order to make calls, he has to have money on his phone card. I hope my aunt's put some money into his account.

    Renee: Oh. I didn't know that.

    Emily-Brooke: Yeah, he's made some poor choices but I forgive him for it.

    Michal: It's sweet that you and your dad still have a good relationship.

    Emily-Brooke: Yeah, he's my daddy and I still love him. Even after everything we've been through.

    Emily-Brooke: When I was about 13 years old, my dad lost his job and we ended up in a huge financial bind. My dad started selling drugs to make money and he would bring people into our home that were very shady and uncomfortable to be around. A year ago when I was 17, someone turned my dad in. The police came and searched our home and found illegal drugs and guns on the property. My dad was arrested and I was placed in foster care until I turned 18. My dad's facing quite a few years in prison and it sucks because he's a good person. But I understand that he has to pay the price for what he did. I think me being in this competition and trying to do something good for myself is giving him the motivation to keep going. He wants to see me have a good life and make something of myself.
    Suddenly, the girls hear shouting from the living room.

    Vivian: Steff Mail!!

    Everyone gathers around to read the mail from the screen.

    -Last night's double elimination was tough but prepare yourselves, because there are many more cuts to come. Love, Steff.-

    Emily-Brooke: More people are going home?

    Eroh: There's emphasis on the word "cuts."

    Vivian: You guys, I think she's talking about makeovers! Cuts. Hair cuts!

    Ashley: Oh crap, you're right!

    Michal: It's makeover time!

    Georgie: Oh God, I wonder what I'm going to get. Please don't let it be short hair.

    Trinee: They better not even think about doing anything too severe with me.

    Trinee: I think my hair looks fine as it is so if I hear anybody mention anything about dying it or cutting it, we're going to have words. My hair is part of what makes me such a kick ass model and I'm not going to let them change it if I feel like it's going to pull me down.

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    The models arrive at a posh beauty salon in Los Angeles.

    Steff: Why hello, chicas!

    Girls: Hi!!

    Steff: I'm sure you can all guess why you're here at the salon today.

    Girls: Makeovers! :excited

    Steff: Yep, it's that time of the competition. It's time to take all of you to the next level and to help me do that, I've enlisted the help of several of Los Angeles' most talented hair stylists. Who's ready to get elevated?

    Everyone raises their hands and jump with excitement.

    Steff: Ok, let's get those butts in these salon chairs and get started!

    Steff: Alright Miss Billie, you know how we fill about that big mess of hair on your head.

    Billie: Yeah, it could use some Jesus.

    Steff: Well, with Jesus' help we're going to give your a jet black, sleek bob cut ala Louise Brooks!

    Billie: No freaking way! :shocked

    Billie: This haircut is sick! I don't even look like the same person now. I'm definitely going to have to buy a hairbrush now. It's going to be interesting to see what happens when I try and style it.
    Steff: Sammy, are you ready to find out what you're getting?

    Sam: I was born ready, Steff. Lay it on me.

    Steff: We love your androgynous look but I want to give you a nice feminine touch. I want to see what you can do with a head full of long, wavy hair!

    Sam: Hells yeah, I'm getting a weave!!

    Sam: I've never had hair anywhere close to this long before so it's going to be a drastic change. But now I can do the white girl hair flip and sex up my image a bit. Watch out ladies because Sam has long hair now!
    Steff: Alright Georgie Porgie, it's your turn.

    Georgie: I don't think I'm ready.

    Steff: It's going to be a big change. That's for sure.

    Georgie: Oh jeez. Lay it on me, I guess.

    Steff: Alright, here goes. We're saying goodbye to this blonde hair that washes you out and replacing it with big, luscious red hair!

    Georgie: Oh my god! :shocked I'm so nervous.

    Georgie: Wow! This is..... different.

    Steff: I think it's fierce, boo.

    Georgie: It's not exactly what I was hoping for but hey, at least it's not short. It's going to take a while to get used to it but I think I can work it out.
    Steff: Ok Eroh, we had a lot of different ideas for your makeover. But because you have such an edgy look and height, we didn't want to do anything too over the top.

    Eroh: Yeah, I think purple hair is already stretching it.

    Steff: Yes, the purple hair is going dear. And so are the bangs. We're going to lengthen your hair a little bit and make it chestnut brown.

    Eroh: Sounds good to me.

    Eroh: I think this hairstyle really balances out my look. It's very conventional but it contracts with my unique features so I think it works. I definitely feel more versatile now than I did with my purple hair.

    Choppy with bangs, ala Freja Beha Erichsen.
    Ashley: I think my makeover is awesome! It totally brings me into the new century because before, my hair was just kind of plain and dull. I look pretty bad ass now.

    Blunt bangs added with more volume.
    Vivian: It's not a huge change but I really like it. My hair likes to lay flat to my head so it's nice to actually have some body to my hair now.

    Long, flowing extensions.


    Hair lengthened and dyed reddish brown.


    Hair trimmed and lightened.

    Steff: Ok Renee, you ready to hear the plan?

    Renee: Yes. I can't wait to see what I'm getting. :excited

    Steff: We're going to make you a redhead!

    Renee: Wow.

    Steff: You're getting a fire engine red weave with bangs. It's going to look stunning!

    Renee is sitting in the chair getting her weave tracks put in.

    Ashley: She's going to look so different.
    Deerdre: I know. I can't wait to see what it looks like finished.

    Renee: I am so happy with my makeover. You don't even understand! I felt like the short hair was really holding me back but now I look so glamorous and much more like a model. I think people are going to see me as serious competition now.
    Steff walks over to Emily-Brooke and Trinee.

    Steff: So, the last 2 girls to know what they're getting. You're both very different in terms of looks. But you both have something in common.... you guys are getting blonde hair! Both of you.

    Emily-Brooke: Awesome!

    Trinee: Wait.... are you serious? Me? A blonde?

    Steff: Trinee, we just feel like your hair right now is a little flat and common looking. We want to give you a hairstyle that is as striking as your beautiful face.

    Trinee: I don't think I'm going to be able to go blonde. I'm sorry but there's no way. It'll ruin me.

    Steff: Trust me, it's what you need. Right now with this hair, you're just not standing out as much as you should. It's not like we're going to cut all of your hair off. You're actually going longer. It's just going to be blonde.

    Trinee: I'm going to look like a freaking clown. I know it.

    Steff: No you won't. Trust me.

    Casey: Trinee starts crying like a little bitch just because Steff tells her that they're going to give her blonde hair. Like seriously, how big of a wuss can you be? All this proves is that she has no future in the modelling industry. If you're going to complain over a makeover, get the hell out.
    Trinee: Fine. I guess I'll go through with it.


    Emily-Brooke: When I saw myself in the mirror I almost pooped my pants. I look so much better with blonde hair! And now I have contacts instead of my stupid glasses. This is so insanely awesome! I can't thank Steff enough.

    Trinee: I honestly don't know what they were thinking with this. I really don't. I look like some wannabe Beyonce instead of a fashion model. This blonde hair really cheapens me and I hope Steff will come to her senses and changes it back because this looks ****ing awful.
    Steff: We had some model tear droplets today but it wouldn't be makeover day without them. You all look so much better with your new hairstyles and I can't wait to see what you guys do at the next shoot.

    Girls: Thanks Steff!!

    2009 - 2017

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    Png version of the hairs plss

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    Sam,Georgie and Miska are my fav makeovers

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    Just Beautiful~, casually returning for a bit of unexpected slayage. Eroh! Emily-Brooke!

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    Georgie!!! I miss BeauNTM!!

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    Love all these makeovers, especially Georgie's!! Deerdre, Emily-Brooke, and Trinee were so upgraded!
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    Vivian's and Ashley's are the only ones I don't like, and I feel like Trinee's should be dark. But the others are epic.

    Billie's and Georgie's are just Georgie is sooo my dream girl right now

    People still aren't ready

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    GORGEOUS HAIRRR!!! Glad this is back to our life

    snatching the fan favourite title.

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    Thanks for the comments!

    Here are the makeover hairs with a bonus hairstyle:

    If anyone has any poses that they would like to loan me for shoots, please send them to me in a P.M. Thanks!!

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    Miska needs ice blonde/greyish white hair! This is dumbing her high fashion looks down!

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