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Thread: C33 CASTING!| Beautiful's Final Top Model

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    My girl made it
    So pumped for this cycle!

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    Hope we get to see more of this before BeaNTM: The Game takes over in terms of fabulousness!

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    After a long hiatus, this is coming back! Judging has been sent out.

    2009 - 2017

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    Aafreen//Da Eun//Kyle//Bruna//Danika

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    The 14 finalists are walking up the sidewalks of New York City. All of them are ecstatic that they've been chosen to compete in the final cycle.

    Emma: This is so exciting you guys! 1 of us are going to end it all.

    Billie: Seriously, how cool would it be to be the final winner of Beautiful's Next Top Model? We'll be in the history books.

    Vivian: I think it's pretty amazing that I got the chance to compete in both the 1st cycle of the show and the last. When I re-auditioned this year I never thought in a million years that I'd be asked to come back. I've been given an incredible 2nd chance and I'm not going to let it go to waste.
    Georgie: Maybe I can be the only curvy girl to ever win this competition?

    Sam: I don't think that's going to happen, Georgie because I plan on being the only gay winner.

    Renee: You're both wrong. A taxidermist has never won and damn it, that's about to change!

    Sam: Renee, you're such a dork.

    Georgie: During casting week, I was the last girl to be called and I wasn't even a part of the original Final 13. Because of that, it's only made me want to fight harder to be here because I know that I don't step up, my arse is on the chopping block.
    Michal, who is carrying the iPhone, receives a FaceTime call from Steff.

    Michal: You guys, Steff's calling!

    Steff (via FaceTime Hello chicas!

    Girls: Hi Steff!!

    Steff: Out of thousands of girls, you guys were selected as the Final 14. And 1 of you are going to be Beautiful's Final Top Model. You've got a lot of work ahead of you but before we start, you all need to get settled into your new penthouse!


    Steff: You'll receive a message in a few moments giving you the entry code into your new home..... which is right in front of you.

    Suddenly, a gate opens and reveals the luxurious penthouse. Everyone screams in hysterical joy.

    Emily-Brooke: When I saw our house for the 1st time, I almost pissed myself. I never could have imagined getting to stay in such an expensive place. I grew up in a mobile home so I'm not going to know what to do in a place this extravagant.
    Steff: Your entry code has been sent. Type it into the keypad at the front door and enjoy your new home, ladies!

    Everyone races to the front door. Michal quickly enters the code and the front door unlocks. The girls go shuffling inside.


    Trinee: It's..... nice.

    Trinee: These bitches were having a heart attack over the penthouse and I just wasn't getting it. I mean, have they never been to The Four Seasons? None of them have any class, I swear.
    The girls go to explore the bedrooms.

    Deerdre: Oh my god, the beds look so comfortable! I want to go to sleep right now.

    Casey: Ooh I've found my bed!

    Casey flops down on her chosen bed.

    Eroh: You guys, why are there only 12 beds?

    Grace: Oh god, are you serious?

    Sam: She's right. There's only 12.

    Ashley: So 2 people are going to be without a bed.

    Michal: Oh s**t you guys..... this must mean there's a double elimination coming.

    Renee: Well this just sucked the excitement out of everything.

    Vivian: We're going to have to work something out with the bed situation.

    Billie: I'll sleep on the couch. I don't care.

    Vivian: Thanks Billie. Ok, now we just need 1 more person.

    Trinee finally joins the group in the bedroom.

    Trinee: What's going on?

    Vivian: There's only 12 beds. 2 people are going to have to sleep on the couch.

    Casey: It looks like you're 1 of them, Trinee. 1st come, 1st serve.

    Trinee: Me? Sleep on the couch? Oh hell no! I'll sleep on this bed.

    Casey: Sorry, already called it.

    Trinee: I'm not sleeping on the couch, damn it! My back will be in knots.

    Casey: You don't have a choice, princess.

    Trinee: Keep talking smack, Casey. You're going to get smacked.

    Billie: Guys do we seriously have to make a big deal out of this?

    Billie: Some of these chicks are way too dramatic. Trinee had to go and make a big deal out of the bed situation instead of just compromising and sleeping on the couch. Sleep on the couch for a few days, then when someone goes home, take her bed. It's that simple.
    Vivian: I'll sleep on the couch too. I got a bed the 1st time I was here. It's not fair that I take 1 away from someone else.

    Trinee: Thank God. I was not sleeping on the couch.

    Trinee: I can't believe these girls were even contemplating the idea of me sleeping in the couch. It'll be a cold day in hell, honey's. The queen gets her own bed. :halo
    Steff Mail comes in via text on the iPhone.

    Ashley: We've got mail!

    -Welcome to the official competition! For 1 of you, it will all be worth it. But soon, 2 of you will have to say your goodbyes. Love, Steff.-
    Michal: I told you guys it was going to be a double elimination.

    Eroh: Well this sucks.

    Vivian: It is a little scary thinking about the fact that I could be eliminated 1st again. I still remember getting cut in Cycle 1 like it was yesterday. It was devastating. I'm a much stronger model than I was back then so I'm not going to sit and dwell on bad thoughts. This is my chance to redeem myself.

    2009 - 2017

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    Go Georgie!
    EWFA10:Perchuhi.Cong Mae.Idina

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    I hope Vivian does redeem herself, but I wouldn't be surprised if she were one of the first two cut.
    Project ANTM Relaunch - Cycle 1, Week 7.2 Voting Open!

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    Go Michal!!

    Aafreen//Da Eun//Kyle//Bruna//Danika

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    A new era of Elouai is coming.

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    Hope it wasn't me holding it up Judging is now in ^_^

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    Steff: Hello girls!


    Steff: The competition has officially began and very soon, 1 of you will become Beautiful's Final Top Model. Of course you all know our judges.

    Editor in Chief of Couture Magazine and respected fashion expert,

    and Fashion Blogger and insanely popular social media icon,

    Steff: This year, the winner of Beautiful's Final Top Model will walk away with......

    -Contracts with The Charmant Elle Modelling Agency and modeL Management
    -A $100,000 contract with Loreal Paris
    -A 6 page spread and cover of Vogue Paris
    -and her very own Lexus IS 250 F Sport.

    Steff: For your very 1st photo shoot, you were all split up into pairs and posed together in a venue of your choosing. As you know, this week is a double elimination so the stakes are very high. Let's get this judging started!


    Steff: Alright guys, let's start with Emily-Brooke. Shall we?
    B. Ryan: I like that you actually are doing something with your body! I watched you girls on set and I'm stunned at how safe y'all went with your posing this week. The pose is good. Is it an amazing picture? No, but it's a good start. You have an amazing face, your look is very current in the fashion industry. It's a good start I would say!
    Emily-Brooke: Thanks!
    Celine: I really like your face in this shot, but I think you're being outshone by Ashley. The hunched pose makes your body look a little bit thicker than it actually is.
    Steff: I think this is a good shot of you but I don't really see a model at all. It kind of just looks like a party girl who just left the club and is going to catch the train back home.
    B. Ryan: Steff has experienced this a lot so she knows what she's talking about.
    Steff: I won't deny it.

    Steff: Now let's move over to Ashley.
    Celine: As I said to Emily-Brooke, you stand out in this shot. Your pose is powerful and your face is fully of passion. It's quite beautiful.
    Steff: You look much more like a model here than Emily-Brooke does but I'm still not sold on it. You look pretty bored. Like "I'm just going to stand here and hopefully I'll get a good shot out of it." I'm also quite disappointed that you guys didn't really work together in this photo. Neither of you are feeding off the other one's energy.
    B. Ryan: Lord you look as stiff as a ruler here! You're relying on pretty here, and I'm sorry but with this photograph you come off as quite prissy-looking, which is not good. Relax, take risks, your modeling is only going to benefit from this. Then maybe you're gonna steal the spotlight in a group shot.
    Steff: Thanks guys.
    Ashley and Emily-Brooke: Thank you.

    Steff: We'll start with Vivian.
    Celine: Bombshell! I do wish your eyes were focused on the camera, but this pose is so well-thought-out, and from head to toe it is full of sex appeal!
    Steff: I agree. Vivian, you have improved leaps and bounds from where you were in Cycle 1. My eyes go straight to you in this shot. And that booty! Girl I'm jealous......
    Vivian: I have my kids to thank for that.
    B. Ryan: Well here comes the bitch. You're creating beautiful shapes with your body but you know what, I hate this photo of you. You're so dull you almost look like one of Billie's props. And that angle, giiiirl... you almost look ugly here. You're a gorgeous girl, but that angle is just nobody's best friend. You missed the mark this week!
    Celine: B. Ryan, what are you smoking if I may ask?

    Steff: So moving on to Billie. I love your look but here, you just look nervous to me. Your face looks so unsure. The pose is a bit generic from the hips up but I do love your legs here.
    Billie: Thanks. I'll take it.
    B. Ryan: MILLION DOLLAR FACE! You know I'm lovin' it boo, you're a future star, but body-wise, it's a weak shot. Your face does make up for it though, and all the attention is on you! Props on selling them accessories too, I need this necklace and ring!
    Steff: B., I agree with you that she has an amazing face but I do not see it in this shot. Sorry.
    B. Ryan: Ooh child, you need some glasses.
    Celine: You have an extremely unusual beauty, with your wide-set features, but you're doing well in this commercial shoot. I will say you haven't stood out in this shot as much as Vivian, but I think you're working really hard against your type.

    Steff: Our 2 sex bombs. Let's kick things off with Casey.
    B. Ryan: Sex kitten alert! Although the pose is quite safe, I can't deny it's a great photo of you Casey. Your face is to die for here! Actually, the upper part of your body is good, the legs are killing me here. If you would have created better shapes with them, it would have taken this photo from "great" to "KILLER"!
    Casey: Ok.
    Celine: Your head looks rather small with the pose you're doing. Speaking of the pose, you look a little bit unsure of yourself.
    Steff: Casey, I really like this shot of you. You look sexy as hell but you also have an elegance about yourself. For me, you steal the shot.
    Casey: Thank you so much!

    Steff: Now let's talk about Miss Michal.
    Celine: I was on Tweeter or whatever it's called the other day and the fans are just eating you up! I'm not that into it. I think that Vivian does what you do but better.
    B. Ryan: Oh snap!
    Celine:That said, you're a stunning swimwear model, and you're shining in this shot. Don't get disheartened by my comments; I didn't like Lauren for the first half of the competition last time.
    B. Ryan: That's right. Now she is out there working it. But Michal, I literally can't at how amazing your skin looks here! You're gonna do great in cosmetic and skincare ads! Although this doesn't take away from the fact that Casey is the star here. You too are relying on pretty. This is not a Facebook photo darling! You're competing in Beautiful's Next Top Model! You really should take more risks!
    Steff: I want to start by saying your face equals perfection in this shot! I'm going to go out on a limb and say you have 1 of the best faces I've ever seen in this competition's 32 cycles. But because of that, I'm going to be a little tough on you. I know that you can do better with your posing than what I see here. This is a catalog pose from hell and I'm not going to let you get away with it because I know you're supermodel potential.
    Michal: If I'm here next week, I promise you that I'll do much better.

    Steff: I'll start us off with Grace. You have such a strong face but because of that, you're going to have to loosen up your mouth. It looks way too tight here and honestly it's making you look older. Your pose also looks like it should be in a department store ad.
    B. Ryan: Issh... you photograph old my poor thing! The face is not it... you will need a makeover in order to make you look younger. This white/blonde hair isn't doing you any justice. And the body is just... it's a bit stiff. You have such a strong look, if you're gonna sell something as severe as business attire, you really should work on softening up! Although the shot itself is decent, with a softer expression and pose it would have been great.
    Celine: You look about as old as me in this shot. Oh, maybe you look as old as me altogether.
    B. Ryan: Damn!
    Celine: The styling doesn't help your case, but I mean... maybe I'll give you some of my Botox after judging.
    Grace: Wow, ok. So I guess the general consensus is that I look like a 70 year old woman?
    Celine: I'm not that old dear.

    Steff: On to Deerdre now.
    Celine: Nerdy realness! I love a good set of specs on a lady.
    Celine: One fault, though, is that you seem intent on portraying this character rather than simply modelling as yourself.
    B. Ryan: Very good! I do think the styling is working in your favor though but you know, you're working it, you're working it. Your pose is simple, but you created a lot of angles with it and most importantly you're selling everything you have on! I mean come on, who doesn't want a pair of glasses like these after seeing this photo?
    Steff: For me, you nailed it. You used everything from the styling to the props to your advantage. What I love most about this photo is that it proves that you can be versatile. It's so different from your shot during cast week.

    Steff: Let's start with Eroh.
    Celine: Oh my. If Billie's beauty is extremely unique, then yours is just extreme. You have a very severe look, but I kind of enjoy it. You're in no way my winner yet, but you're the most interesting so far.
    Eroh: Oh.... thanks.
    Steff: Yes Eroh, you do have the most interesting look out of all the girls in my opinion. That can be both a blessing and a curse in the modelling industry. I like what you're bringing to this shot but I just want you to remember that your awkwardness is not going to work in every shot. You'll have to find a way to bring something else to the table as well.
    B. Ryan: Oh, you're missing an arm!
    Eroh: Oh crap! It's actually behind my back.
    Steff: Just remember Eroh, if the camera can't see it, we won't be able to see it.
    B. Ryan: The thing I have with you Eroh is that I expected you to succeed in punk-ish/underground concepts and you totally did, but I wish you would have given more of a fashion twist to your shot. I see an average girl working at Urban Outfitters here, I don't see an expensive top model. I mean, it's a good shot, but it could have been much better.

    Steff: Let's get to Emma now. You have some killer legs, girl!
    Emma: Oh thank you!
    Steff: This shot of you as a whole is a bit hoochie. You're giving practically the same expression you gave in your casting week photo but here it looks kind of tacky. I just feel like you took the wrong route with this photo.
    Emma: Shoot.
    B. Ryan: Oh sweet Jesus, this shot is just tragic Emma! You look about 4' tall, the pose has nothing to do with fashion, have you ever read a fashion magazine? I know you're new to this business but this is all kinds of unforgivable. I mean the face, come on......
    Steff: I think part of the reason she looks short to you here, B. is because she's standing next to Eroh who is 6'4".
    Celine: I see what you went for, but this angle, with the wink and open mouth, is just a bit of an unfortunate look, dear. Your body, however; outstanding.

    Steff: We'll start things off with Georgie!
    B. Ryan: You're... amazing, baby girl. You're a star! I'm seeing an elaborate pose, I'm seeing legs for days here, it's amazing! You're representing for the curvy girls and you sure made 'em proud! And although the pose is very men's magazine, your unique face gives it a fashion twist. You did the best in my opinion this week Georgie.
    Georgie: I can't believe you just said that. Thank you!
    B. Ryan: You better believe it, hoe.
    Steff: Why are you so surprised to hear him say that?
    Georgie: It's just that I was expecting to come in here and get ripped apart. I was the last girl to make it through and honestly, I was doubting myself.
    Steff: Georgie this is why we added you to the cast. Because we knew that you had it in you to deliver a strong shot. This is leagues better than your casting photo! I'm happy to see you looking so confident and displaying your body like this.
    Celine: You're very small for a plus-sized girl. Is she plus-sized? She looks like she should be plus-sized.
    Steff: She's right on the line of being plus sized, Celine. Remember?
    Celine: Oh yes that's right.
    B. Ryan: The dementia must be kicking in.
    Celine: 1 more comment like that and I'll hit you with my cane. Anyways...... from the first chin up, however, you are stunning.

    Steff: Now let's talk about Trinee.
    Celine: Your face is extremely shiny, whereas your body is not. You obviously sweat a lot in the face; some press powder maybe?
    Trinee: It's not sweat. It's called taking good care of your pores.
    Celine: You are gorgeous, but even though she's on the jetty, Georgie is outshining you. I'm sorry, but it's simply my opinion that, despite it being naturally beautiful, having dark skin does not automatically make you unique. You're very generic looking.
    Trinee: Oh well, whatever.
    B. Ryan: Don't listen to her, Trinee. You are serving chocolate goddess here and I'm begging for more! And I can see you're feeling it too with that hand on your hip! It's a basic pose, very modeling 101, but you know, your face is awesome and as a whole shot it's probably the best this week. Good job Trinee!
    Trinee: Thank you. :halo
    Steff: I don't know, I'm on the fence about it. You obviously have a rocking body but I think back to your black and white beauty shot and this is practically identical to that. I feel like you have a tendency to just stand there and stare into the camera thinking, "I'm gorgeous. I've got this." And at some point we're going to need to see more from you.

    Steff: The final duo of the evening! We'll begin with you, Renee.
    Celine: What a classically beautiful face. Not as fresh as some of the other girls, but definitely a fashion face. Did you choose your own styling? This doesn't really mesh well with the venue you chose.
    Renee: The dress was actually chosen for me but I like to add some spice to things so it was my idea to add the jacket and the hat.
    Steff: I really love what Sam's doing here but I'll get to that in a second. Even though I'm obsessed with Sam's side of the photo, I'm still drawn in to you, Renee. Your classic face and beautiful eyes grab my attention immediately. Your body is very blase but I see something so special in you.
    B. Ryan: I love your look, it's very European! Facially it's beautiful, but not because of your expression, it's because of your natural beauty. You're relying on it! You have a lot on, and I'm afraid you're getting lost in all these accessories. It's definitely not the worst this week, but it's not the best either.

    Steff: And now let's move over to Sam. I just want to say that I am digging this shot of you!
    Sam: Awesome!
    Steff: For me you did everything right. You're selling the coat, your face look strong and you're doing just enough with the pose. A gigantic improvement from your 1st photo.
    B. Ryan: I hate to rain on the parade but you shouldn't have pouted so much, because your face is already fierce you don't have to do this much with it. It kills the shot for me a bit, because you truly understood how to sell this coat. I'm in love with your body, but the face is a bit try-hard for me.
    Steff: Whatever! That face is fierce, darling. Fierce.
    Celine: Now that coat just makes you look wide. I also can't tell if you have freckles or acne here. Your face is VERY unique, but extremely long. I'm not sure if I'm sold on it yet.
    Steff: Celine those are her freckles. They're going to come around, Sam and when they do, they'll notice how amazing your look truly is.
    Sam: Thanks guys.
    Steff: Well girls, the judges and I have a lot to talk about. It's going to be a long deliberation. When I call you back I will reveal which 2 of you will have to leave the competition for good.

    2009 - 2017

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    omg yes this photos, Eroh,Billie and Deedre for FCO

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    I actually think Vivian did the best though.
    I like Ashley & Deerdre too. Also Billie start growing on me.

    I'm expected more from Emily-Brooke & Casey though , Hopefully they can step it up !

    snatching the fan favourite title.

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    Beautiful shots as always I love all of them
    A new era of Elouai is coming.

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    Steff: 14 gorgeous girls stand before me but I only have 12 photographs in my hands. These photos represent the 12 of you who will continue in the hopes of becoming Beautiful's Final Top Model. This was a very polarizing 1st photo shoot. The judges and I were split on several of your photos and it made this decision extremely tough. But we have made our decision. The 1st girl who is safe and moving on to next week is...............


    D E E R D R E !

    Steff: Although the judges and I disagreed a lot this week, 1 thing we did agree on is that you did a great job in this picture. Congratulations, you're still in the running towards becoming Beautiful's Final Top Model.

    Deerdre: Thank you so much.


    G E O R G I E

    Georgie: Yes! :excited

    Steff: Look at that. From the bottom to almost the top. Keep up the hard work because if you do, you'll find yourself getting Best Photo very soon.


    E R O H

    Steff: You did really well this week. Just remember to be careful with your posing because if the camera can't capture it, it won't be on film. Congratulations, you're still in the running towards becoming Beautiful's Final Top Model!

    Eroh: Thanks.


    V I V I A N


    Steff: Why are you crying? It's good news.

    Vivian: I know, I'm just happy. This is where I was eliminated in Cycle 1 and now, being told that I get to stay..... it's just incredible.

    Steff: You should be proud of yourself. Congratulations!

    Vivian: Thank you.


    B I L L I E


    M I C H A L


    S A M


    C A S E Y


    A S H L E Y


    E M I L Y - B R O O K E

    Steff: Congratulations, you're still in the running towards becoming Beautiful's Next Top Model.

    Emily-Brooke: This is so awesome! Thank you!

    Steff: The next name I'm going to call is............


    R E N E E

    Will EMMA, GRACE & TRINEE please step forward?

    There are 3 girls standing before me but I only have 1 photograph in my hands. The 2 girls who I do not call must immediately return to the loft, pack her belongings and go home.

    We welcomed you into this competition because we love your quirky, unique look. During casting week, I looked and you and thought "This girl could really be a dark horse." But then we look at your photo this week and none of us are impressed by it. You let the other model outshine you, which is the worst thing that can happen in a group photo shoot.

    I'm rather shocked to see you standing before me because if someone would've asked me who the front runners were prior to this week, I would have included you in my list. However, this week you looked so stiff in your photo and it even caused some of the judges to think "How old is she again?" You have an undeniably strong face but we're unsure if you know how to work it yet.

    The girl with so much confidence in herself. You walk into the room and everybody notices you. But when does confidence go too far and become cockiness? And when we look at your photos we become worried that you're just resting on pretty and not truly giving this competition all you've got.

    Only 1 of you can move on to next week. This was not a unanimous decision. The last name I will call tonight is........


    T R I N E E

    Trinee: Oh hell yes! You won't see me in the bottom again, I swear.

    Steff: Trinee, we really want you to work on your posing and showing some humility. I suggest ordering a slice of humble pie for dessert after dinner. You're safe this week because B. Ryan really fought for you to stay. Now you need to convince Celine and I that he was right. Congratulations, you're still in the running towards becoming Beautiful's Next Top Model.

    Trinee takes her photograph and goes to stand with the other safe models.

    Steff: Emma and Grace, I am so sad to see you 2 go. I never would've expected it to be you girls going home but this was a tight week.

    Emma: Well I had fun anyway. Thank you for being so nice to me you guys.

    Grace: Oh well.... thanks for the opportunity.

    Emma and Grace quickly say their goodbyes and exit the judging room together.

    Casey (whispers to Ashley: ) This is insane.


    Emma: I'm a little sad to be going home but I did learn a lot about modelling during my short stay. I just don't think I'm ready yet and I'm fine with it. I'm ready to go home, get my old job back and see where life takes me. We'll see if I'm meant to be Emma, the supermodel or Emma, the sci-fi nerd.

    Grace: It sucks to get eliminated this early. It's even worse to be eliminated because you look old. I'm pissed about it right now but oh well, I'll get over it. Just because 3 people don't think I'm cut out to be a top model doesn't mean everyone will. I've got a pretty sweet gig playing Cinderella right now and until I get snatched up by the right agency, that's enough for me.

    2009 - 2017

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