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    This rank is so perfect omg


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    Sheree, Kenya, Kim R. and Brandi were SO. ROBBED.

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    Hello everyone !

    I have been pretty busy so I haven’t posted in a few weeks, but this is a DOUBLE POST. Instead of 3 housewives, I am posting 6 housewives.

    This post will take us from #30 to #24.

    Let’s get started

    Here is #30:





    We have Lisa Hochstein at #30 on my countdown. Lisa was 1 of 4 new housewives apart of the Miami Housewives shake-up for Season 2. She herself was obviously gorgeous and there was something exotic about her.

    She is married to famous Miami plastic surgeon; Lenny Hochstein, “the boob god” as Lisa puts it. Lisa had a very interesting role in the second season for me. She did have the limelight on herself sometimes, but I feel that she was a bit of a sidekick in the second season. In the second season, a good portion of her time was with her housekeeper and that they were paying for her plastic surgery that she wanted as pay.

    I do appreciate that Lisa was “the peacemaker” in the group. Lisa and Lea had an interesting start to their relationship, they were soon to live right near each other. I do feel that Lea was a bit weary of Lisa and it seemed that Lisa tried so hard to be Lea’s friend. It was pretty evident at the reunion that Lea saw that.

    Lisa spent a lot of time with new housewives Joanna Krupa and Karent Sierra, she had a great relationship with them. I do not think Lisa made a lot of enemies on her first season. I think Lisa was the closest to Joanna Krupa out of all the girls. I think it was a bit of a turning point when there was the physical fight between Joanna and Adriana at Lisa’s party that she became a pretty prominent character in the series. From that point on, it seemed that Joanna Krupa seemed to not like that Lisa was starting to be friends with Adriana as well, that issue becomes a pretty prominent part of the Season 3 storyline.

    By the Season 2 reunion time, it seemed that there was crack that was starting to emerge in her and Joanna’s friendship. A big part of Lisa’s storyline on both Seasons was her wanting to have a baby with her husband and the difficulty of having a baby I think this is a very relatable situation to some viewers that watch her. I feel that with that stress her already, she didn’t need the added stress of Joanna and Adriana. Things became a bit weird when Adriana invited Lisa to her wedding and then a fight erupted between Lisa and Joanna ending in Joanna disinviting Lisa to her wedding. They later made up and she wanted Lisa to be a bridesmaid in her wedding.

    All seemed well between all the girls for the rest of the Season once Joanna and Adriana made amends, that is until the reunion. Lisa and Joanna had a big fight at the reunion that pretty much ended their friendship for the time being. Joanna was in the wrong when it came to Lisa. But for Lisa, I think in some situations she tries to play the victim and tries to play both sides, in that sense, it sometimes looks like she is stiring the pot. But I do like how Lisa defended Lea against some of the girls.

    Lisa Hochstein is a wonderful housewife and I’ve met her as well as most of the Miami Housewives and she is a lovely person. But I am going off what I see on tv and there are 29 housewives that peek my interest a bit more.

    Here is #29:





    We have Mary Zilba from “The Real Housewives of Vancouver” next on my list. Mary Zilba is definitely not my favorite Vancouver housewife on the show, but I don’t know how the show would be without her.

    Mary Zilba is an original housewife from “The Real Housewives of Vancouver”. When we first meet Mary, she tell us that she is from Ohio and that she was Miss Ohio 1986 as well as having a singing career. She seemed like a well-rounded housewife with three kids and was one of the more “normal” housewives.

    Mary used to be friends with fellow housewife Jody Claman years ago but they lost touch, she figured that they both reconnect on the show. I don’t remember exactly why Jody didn’t like Mary so much but she found her annoying. Jody doesn’t like her for her own reasons. Mary pretty much got along with everyone in Season 1 except Jody and tried on more than 1 occasion to make up with Jody.

    Mary was probably the closest with fellow housewife, Christina Kiesel. Christina supported Mary in making her own line of alcohol. They even went on vacation together with Mary’s friend to Mexico to celebrate the drink.

    Mary was definitely at odds many times with both Jody and Ronnie throughout both seasons of the show. Jody would make these digs at her sometimes and so would Ronnie. What I got annoyed with was Mary was not standing up for herself nearly as much as she should of and I think that just made them want to throw more digs at her.

    I do think that we can’t put all the blame on Jody and Ronnie because in some cases, she egged them on and played the victim at times. By the time the second season came alone, Amanda joined Jody’s crew and new housewife Ioulia liked both Jody and Mary. One incident in particular I remember was when Jody hosted a party the same night as Mary’s birthday party and wanted the housewives to go to her party. I did feel bad for Mary because I don’t think she deserved that. But I do feel that she needed to stick up for herself, because she is a very nice person and she shouldn’t let people do that stuff to her.

    Here is #28:





    Lea Black is #28 on my Housewives ranking. Lea Black is another original from “The Real Housewives of Miami” show. Lea Black is married to one of the most famous lawyers in Miami, Roy Black which she has a son with.

    When you looked at Lea Black from the very beginning, you saw a leader. She seemed like the leader in the pack, and the “mayor of Miami” of sorts. Pretty much from the beginning, Lea organized a good amount of events the girls did in the first season and she was also a very good friend to fellow housewives, Adriana.

    Appearently, Lea took Adriana and her son in at a time and their sons even went to school together. Lea’s biggest problem in the first season was with housewife, Cristy Rice. It seemed that Cristy’s attitude annoyed Lea a bit. It all came to a head at Lea’s annual gala where Cristy Rice came to the event late and donated very little.

    It seemed that bothered Lea a lot and she didn’t let it go. By the second season, she about to be neighbors with housewife, Lisa Hochstein. It seemed that Lisa might have been a bit intimidated by Lea. She knew that Lea had a lot of power in Miami and it would be wise not to get on her bad side. Lea made friends with most of the new housewives except Ana towards the end.

    Lisa definitely took interest in the Ana and Karent situation and it seemed that she was on Karent’s side, especially when Karent was getting bullied. I think it came to a head with Lea when the ladies headed to Bimini in The Bahamas. The girls wanted to confront Karent about her boyfriend cheating on her but Lea came to Karent’s side when Karent didn’t give the girls the reaction that they wanted. By the end of the season, there seemed to be some tensions between Lea with Adriana, Alexia, and Ana.

    Ana accused Lea of things and made some accusations about her as well. Adriana thought that Lea wasn’t being a good friend to her and that seemed to really hurt her. Lea stayed strong at the reunion and didn’t back down from anybody. By the time Season 3 came around, it seemed everyone was against Lea except for Joanna and Lisa.

    I do feel that Lea was the closest to Joanna in the 3rd season. Lea and Adriana did try to burry the hatchet, but the friendship was not was it used to be at all. When the Season 3 reunion came around, Adriana, Alexia, and Marysol went against Lea at the reunion but not only did she stand up for herself but she had Joanna and Lisa at her side. Now I do think Lea brought it upon herself sometimes, but it didn’t need to be taken to the level it was taken to.

    Here is #27:





    Carole Radziwill is our next housewife on my list. Carole is from “The Real Housewives of New York City”. Carole Radziwill is a very well known socialite. She was an author but most importantly was related to “The Kennedys”.

    I was intrigued when I saw she was going to be apart of Season 5 of “The Real Housewives of New York City” after the pretty big shake up in Season 4. From the beginning, Carole had a great aura about her. She seemed to be a fun type of a housewife, and in many ways thought she would be really great friends with housewife, Sonja Morgan.

    One thing I really liked about Carole was that she was pretty quick witted and some of the things she said I didn’t expect, but I really loved that about her. I also really enjoyed that she was able to “read” the girls. I just felt that Carole wasn’t afraid of a confrontation and would always defend herself in an argument. She seemed to getting along with most of the housewives except Aviva.

    Carole was a lot more sexual than I thought she would be, but then again, maybe she was just more open to talking about it unlike some housewives. She was very comfortable with herself and that created a great aura around her and appreciated.

    Carole hasn’t been the center of a lot of the drama but she seemed to have little arguments here and there but it was pretty evident by Season 6 that her and Aviva were having issues with each other. I feel that Carole was tired of Aviva and I would be too. She really didn’t want to hang with the housewives and she didn’t go on any of the trips so far in Season 6.

    Carole was a great addition to the New York housewives in my opinion. She had great confessionals and she wasn’t afraid to tell it like it is. She wasn’t in any of the major drama but I think her drama was just enough. She was one of the more relevant housewives in the Season and I hope that she comes back for Season 7.

    Here is #26:





    Jody Claman is at #26 on my Housewives countdown. Jody Claman is from the housewives series “The Real Housewives of Vancouver”. Jody is probably one of the biggest personalities I think I have seen on the Housewives show in a while. What interests me about her is that she creates polarity, some people hate her, and some people love her.

    I don’t necessarily love her but I think she was made for reality tv. Jody was a big personality from the start and that it was probably I was drawn to. She wasn’t afraid to say anything, even if it was mean or petty. She did have friends on the show and just like some other housewives, I would not want to be on her bad side.

    Jody wasn’t as mean toward the beginning of Season 1, but as soon as word went around about one of her businesses, she turned the heat up. She was definitely looking for a source of the bad talk about her business and she targeted Mary. I would be mad to if someone is attacking your business, especially since she created it by herself, at the end of the day you are messing with someone’s money at that point. It wasn’t revealed if Mary was the one talking about her business, or that maybe she was just an easy target.

    Jody is very good friends with her daughter, Mia. As she even said, Mia is definitely a Jody “mini me”. Mia was always at her mother’s side and definitely was involved in the Mary drama. Mia had as much screen time on the show as some of the housewives. Mia did have an interesting relationship with housewife, Christina. Christina even told Jody that her and Mia were drinking at her house and that she slept over. I do think Mia should have stayed out of most of the drama.

    Jody had a love-hate relationship with housewife, Ronnie. They did get along and Ronnie was on Jody’s side some of the times, but by the end of the first season, she got sick and tired of Jody. Jody was also friends with housewife, Reiko, until Jody started to turn on her. On the Season 1 Finale, the housewives had a dinner to talk to Jody, it didn’t end as they hoped it would. By the end of the dinner, Jody was left alone at the table.

    By Season 2, Jody was friends again with Ronnie after Jody was there for her during a difficult time. Jody was friends with all the new housewives as well, but she especially took a liking to new housewife, Amanda. Amanda kind of became Jody’s sidekick. Jody and Mary did try to be friends again, but it didn’t work out well. Jody didn’t get along that well with Robin as the season went on because Robin started to become a bit of a tattle tale. Jody did get along with Ioulia but seemed to get a bit annoyed with Ioulia that she was also friends with Mary. But in the end, Jody had many friends by the end of Season 2 except Mary and Robin.

    Jody was definitely one of the stars of “The Real Housewives of Vancouver”. Yes she was mean at times, but she was reality tv gold and that is what I’m watching, reality tv, we do not know these housewives in real life. She did great confessionals and she had many quotable moments as well. Whether you loved her or you hated her, “The Real Housewives of Vancouver” wouldn’t be the same without Jody.

    Here is #25:





    We have the Australian socialite Chyka Keebaugh from “The Real Housewives of Melbourne”. Chyka is the Australian version of Lea Black from “The Real Housewives of Miami” in the sense that she is like the mayor of her city.

    Although I have Chyka at #25, she wasn’t that of a big character on the show. Chyka tried to stay out of the drama when she could but she always told the truth in any situation. Chyka was the most “level-headed” of the housewives and was the voice of reason. Chyka was the type of person to think what she is going to say before she says it.

    That being said, Chyka was always on both sides of the drama. She would listen to both sides of the drama and at points wouldn’t even try to stop it. So I don’t know why she would do that because if that’s the case, it could be that she couldn’t mind her business at times. But Chyka at the end of the day was someone all of the housewives really listened to.

    There were many times because she was the voice of reason that the housewives listened to Chyka and the drama didn’t escalate. I do feel that since everyone trusted Chyka, she might have been able to mend the relationship a bit between Gina with Andrea and Lydia. Chyka did seem to have a normal life with her husband and was definitely a socialite of Melbourne. She is very well known in the city and goes and hosts many events in the city. I do think Chyka should be back for the next season because she is pretty good being the voice of reason among the housewives of “The Real Housewives of Melbourne”.

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    Quote Originally Posted by heyy View Post
    Sheree, Kenya, Kim R. and Brandi were SO. ROBBED.
    Agreed with every name mentioned, they all rank high on my personal list.

    Sheree forever <3

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    Here are the 24 remaining housewives on my list:


    The Real Housewives of Orange County:

    Heather Dubrow
    Vicki Gunvelson

    The Real Housewives of New York City:

    Bethenny Frankel
    Jill Zarin
    LuAnn de Lesseps
    Ramona Singer
    Sonja Morgan

    The Real Housewives of Atlanta:

    Cynthia Bailey
    Kandi Buruss
    Kim Zolciak
    NeNe Leakes
    Phaedra Parks

    The Real Housewives of New Jersey:

    Caroline Manzo
    Danielle Staub
    Jacqueline Laurita
    Teresa Giudice

    The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills:

    Camille Grammer
    Kyle Richards
    Lisa Vanderpump
    Yolanda Foster

    The Real Housewives of Miami:

    Joanna Krupa

    The Real Housewives of Vancouver:

    Ronnie Seterdahl Negus

    The Real Housewives of Melbourne:

    Gina Liano
    Janet Roach

    Which housewives do you think will be ranked next

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    Hello everyone! I am back for another day of ranking "The Real Housewives" !

    Here are #'s 24-22

    Here is #24:





    Heather Dubrow is the next housewife that appears on my list. Heather Subrow is married to plastic surgeon, Terry Dubrow. Heather I would have to say is one of the best “new” housewives we have gotten in the last several years and one of the best Orange County housewives, she was in the Top 2 of Orange County according to my list.

    Heather first appeared on our television screens in Season 7 and to be honest, she was a breath of fresh air. Heather added a sense of class and elegancy that just felt right to me. Heather Dubrow has a sort of blunt, tell it like it is type of personality and some people might take it the wrong i.e. see Season 9 of Orange County. She had a pretty good stance in her first season on the show, she was pretty much friends with all of the housewives and she seemed closest to Gretchen, Vicki, and Tamra.

    I feel like there is a “real” factor that Heather exudes. Yes she has probably lied on the show before, but who hasn’t? I would believe what Heather says more than some of the other housewives on the show, she just seems a bit more credible. Heather is an actress and has been on many tv shows and has done a stint on Good Day L.A as well as Hawaii Five O. I think the housewives were a bit jealous of her acting gigs, but not as much as Heather made it out to be.

    Heather started to have issues with housewife Alexis Bellino. Alexis felt that Heather had a certain attitude towards her and that Heather was talking down to her. Now this wasn’t the first or the last time Heather was accused of talking down to people. I don’t think that was necessarily the issue between the two, I just feel like some people just don’t get along. I feel that Alexis took it a bit too personal along with the stress with the other girls ganging up on her.

    Heather Dubrow wasn’t the main center of the drama until the most recent season, Season 9. Heather’s friendship started to come to question with her best friends Vicki and Tamra. At the beginning of the season, we see Vicki and Tamra talking about her attitude and talking behind her back. Heather’s biggest issue was with new housewife, Shannon.

    Both Heather and Shannon would butt heads a few times, but eventually tried to patch things over. That lasted about an episode. I think both of them did things wrong. The event when Shannon went to Heather’s house to talk to her about how she knew something that she only told Tamra. I think Shannon was mad at the wrong point and I think she overacted a bit. It shouldn’t have escalated to the point where Shannon was kicked out. All in all, Heather is a great edition to “The Real Housewives of Orange County” and I would like to see her on more upcoming seasons and maybe even replace a veteran that has been on the show for quite some time.

    Here is #23:





    Next on my countdown is the international supermodel, Cynthia Bailey. Cynthia along with fellow housewife Phaedra were brought in to be on Season 3 of “The Real Housewives of Atlanta” to shake things up.

    I think for Season 3, the spotlight was more on Phaedra than Cynthia, but she had her moments as well. I think for her first 2 seasons on the show, Cynthia wasn’t one of the “stars” of the show. Cynthia’s storyline for Season 3 consisted of her getting married to her now husband, Peter Thomas. Cynthia Bailey was a model back in the day and she modeled all over the world. Season 3 for Cynthia was interesting from the viewers perspective. From our perspective, not many people were supportive of her and Peter getting married due to Peter’s financial status and the fact that they didn’t want Cynthia getting involved in his businesses. But, in the end, Cynthia stayed by her husband and they are still happily married.

    Season 4 for Cynthia was about Peter making a bar called Bar One as well as Cynthia getting her modeling school up and running. As in Season 3, there seemed to be a bit of drama with Peter’s business with Bar One. Peter did open Bar One and Cynthia opened her modeling school and was a hit.

    I feel Cynthia really started to shine in Season 5. She was not only one of the stars of the season, but she was one of the best housewives of that season. Everything was working for her, we really saw her involved in her modeling school and she seem to have developed a backbone, or the producers finally let us see her sticking up for herself. As NeNe said, Cynthia knows how to read! I have to agree and her confessionals were some of the best that season.

    I didn’t watch all the episodes of Season 6, but it seemed that Cynthia was pretty similar in the fact that she wasn’t taking crap from anybody, she really found her footing in “The Real Housewives of Atlanta”.

    I think Cynthia is one of the biggest improvements to me on the show. Cynthia went from looking like a follower and someone that should of stuck up for herself her earlier seasons to someone who always stuck up for herself and became one of the stars, now whether or not she was always like this, we would have to ask the producers. One thing I always have to give Cynthia is that she always looks amazing and flawless! Cynthia always looked beautiful in every confessional and her hair was always amazing and there is just something so regal about Cynthia Bailey.

    Here is #22:





    We have Jacqueline Laurita from “The Real Housewives of New Jersey” as the next housewife on my ranking. Jacqueline Laurita is part of the original cast of “The Real Housewives of New Jersey” and is related to fellow New Jersey housewives Caroline Manzo and Dina Manzo by marriage, she married their brother.

    When we first meet Jacqueline, she is married to her husband Chris and has two children. Her oldest child Ashlee (Ashley) Holmes played a pretty significant in the earlier seasons of the show. From my perspective, it seemed Jacqueline did so much for Ashlee and she was so unappreciative about a lot of it. Chris was definitely the stricter one, at least from what I saw and he supported and encouraged his wife.

    I went back and forth where to put Jacqueline Laurita in my housewives ranking because she had a lot of great moments and she had some moments I’d like to forget. Ultimately the way she acted in the later season puts her lower in my ranking then where she originally was. I really liked the Jacqueline from Season 1 to mid Season 3 or so. In Season 1, she felt pressured about her friendship with Danielle Staub, a person most of the housewives had problems with. Jacqueline definitely had a backbone and stood for what she felt was right, it was pretty evident by the table flipping Season 1 Finale.

    Jacqueline didn’t feel the sting of Danielle Staub until Season 2 when she was talking about her behind her back, she slowly distanced herself from Danielle, but little did she know that her drama with Danielle wasn’t over. The hot topic of the book from the Season 1 Finale went into Season 2 and that definitely put a strain on all the housewives relationships with Danielle Staub.

    Jacqueline definitely came under fire in Season 2 because of the behavior of her daughter, Ashlee. At the annual Posche Fashion show, Ashlee pulled Danielle’s hair and Danielle threated Ashlee with an arrest and charges. A lot of the rest of the season involved the issues between Jacqueline, Ashlee, and Danielle. Jacqueline didn’t condone what Ashlee did but she stood by her daughter. We all knew her friendship with Danielle was done.

    I think by the time Season 3 came around, Jacqueline became in a sense, a follower. It looked like she was pretty influenced by Caroline and basically did whatever Caroline did. Caroline had her own issues and wanted to cut Teresa off, but it took Jacqueline a while longer to feel hurt by Teresa. I do think they overreacted with Teresa in many ways and many things that were said and done were way out of line and it kind of seemed a bit like bullying.

    It seemed “The Real Housewives of New Jersey” was starting to get known for housewives not showing up to reunions because Jacqueline Laurita was one of, if not the first current housewife to not show up to the reunion. I do blame it a bit because they made a huge mistake in my opinion on filming Season 4 while Season 3 was airing. The Season 3 reunion wasn’t that interesting because most of what the housewives were feeling couldn’t be discussed because they couldn’t talk about Season 4, that just wrapped up. That itself kind of screwed itself up because we knew from the very beginning on how Season 4 was going to end.

    In Season 2, Jacqueline had a son named Nicholas, and by the time Season 4 came around, it was revealed to us that he was diagnosed with autism. I give so much props to Chris and Jacqueline, they try their best and they, as people in the spotlight, wanted to be there for people who were in the same situation as they were. I really liked the moments I saw of them with Nicholas. I wish them nothing but the best for them and their family.

    A big problem with Jacqueline and the viewers was that she would have many “infamous twitter rants” that would almost get her in trouble. Jacqueline came to the Season 4 reunion and let out her anger from the past few years. I do think that there was hope that she could be friends with Teresa again, and we were right.

    I feel that both Caroline and Jacqueline saw the backlash they got for Season 3 and Season 4 and wanted to change for the better. It was a rocky start for Jacqueline and Teresa at the start of Season 5, but by the end of the Season and the reunion, they were in a much better place. I do think Jacqueline left the show on a high note in my opinion and I do think “The Real Housewives of New Jersey” needed to switch things up a bit because the storyline was the same for like 3 seasons and it was getting stale.

    In the end, Jacqueline Laurita wasn’t always my favorite housewife, but I would be lying if I said I wasn’t happy that she was on the show because she was a huge part of what “The Real Housewives of New Jersey” started as and what it has become.

    Here are some hints on the next 3 housewives on my list:

    A New Jersey Housewife
    A shocker boot
    A housewife on for 2 seasons

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    I am back with the next 3 housewives in the ranking !

    After this update, we will only have 18 housewives left in the ranking!

    In this update, I will be ranking the housewives' at #'s 21-19 :

    Here is #21:





    We have Danielle Staub from “The Real Housewives of New Jersey” at #21 on my countdown. If you thought about which housewives have always stood out to me, Danielle Staub would be pretty high on my list, but not always for a good reason.

    Danielle Staub is probably one of the most controversial housewives in history and she was probably the most controversial at the time she was on the show. Danielle Staub was part of the original cast of “The Real Housewives of New Jersey” and from the very start was pretty much an outcast. The rest of the housewives were all family by blood or marriage, except Danielle Staub.

    I do feel most of what happened with Danielle was brought upon herself. She was very antagonizing on the show, and yes the other ladies did as well, nobody was innocent but she would go for the jugular. Nevertheless, she was never a boring character on the show. Danielle herself would surprise us in many ways all in her 2 seasons on “The Real Housewives of New Jersey”, no all the surprises were good.

    In the first season, Danielle’s relationships with her boyfriends and her friendship with fellow housewife Jacqueline Laurita came into question. Danielle wanted Jacqueline on her side and Jacqueline was caught in the middle of a friendship and her family. Many of the housewives accused of Danielle of having “whoreish” ways after they found out she used to be a stripper. That information blew up towards the Season 1 Finale. Apparently, a book was floating around and that included information on what Danielle Staub did in her younger days that rubbed the rest of the housewives the wrong way.

    By Season 2, all of the housewives were against Danielle Staub, including her former friend Jacqueline after she heard Danielle talking about her behind her back. With all housewives against her, Danielle lashed out. I don’t know if it was for more attention or if it was a malicious, but in some situations, it was definitely malicious. Danielle had a friend named Danny who was pretty much a douchebag to everyone and all the housewives on the show. Both him and Danielle made lots of threats against the other wives and it didn’t sit well with them at all.

    It all came to a head at the Posche Fashion Show when Danielle and Jacqueline’s daughter Ashlee got into an altercation where she pulled Danielle’s hair. Danielle got the police involved as well as the court. A lot of it was shown on the show and I think this made her relationship even worse with all of the housewives. On the Season 2 reunion, it got even worse when she got in arguments with all the housewives. Things got so heated that Andy Cohen tried to keep Teresa from going after Danielle. Danielle did apologize to Jacqueline, but whether or not she accepted the apology was on Jacqueline.

    Was I surprised to see her not back for Season 3? Nope, not one bit. She was great entertainment but there was so much hostility between Danielle and the other housewives that I feel the other housewives told producers that it was either Danielle or them and they had to make a decision. Whether or not you loved her or you hated her, Danielle Staub is definitely memorable and one of the most controversial housewives in housewives’ history.

    Here is #20:





    Jill Zarin from “The Real Housewives of New York City” rounds out the Top 20 at #20. Jill Zarin is not only an original member of the show but she is also one of the most memorable housewives from her city.

    I feel the Jill Zarin that was in Season 4 wasn’t the same Jill Zarin we first met in Season 1. In Season 1, she was a very sweet kind of person but she did have a sharp tongue. The biggest storyline for Jill Zarin for me revolved around fellow housewife Bethenny Frankel. In the first season, Jill and Bethenny were pretty good friends, but they did have their fair share of fights during the first season. Especially at an event Jill did. She did let Bethenny advertise her “Skinnygirl” drink but she didn’t know how much she was going to advertise and that pissed Jill off. In the end, boh of the housewives got over their issues, for the time being.

    Another person Jill had an issues with several times was another housewife on the show, Ramona Singer. Jill had a pretty big personality and she butted heads with woman that was both like her, namingly Bethenny and Ramona. Both Jill and Ramona would argue many times about different issues. Jill wouldn’t like Ramona’s behavior sometimes and Ramona didn’t like the way Jill spoke to her. As Jill said herself she likes to “runs with a fabulous group of people”. I feel that she felt embarrassed being with some of the housewives on a few occasions.

    I don’t think Jill got the title for “meanest housewife” until Season 3 of “The Real Housewives of New York City”. Apparently that summer when they were filming Season 3, her and Bethenny were having problems. Jill’s storyline revolved around the destruction of her friendship with Bethenny. One thing I don’t like seeing is someone wanting to be somebody’s friend to the point of crying and the other person being a bitch about it, and Jill was definitely being that mean girl.

    There were several attempts by Bethenny wanting to make up with Jill Zarin. Jill knew Bethenny was going through a lot such as the passing of her father and she should have been a lot nicer to her. Jill wasn’t having it with Bethenny, that is until later in the season. Bethenny got tired of not receiving any time of friendship from Jill and she was done. Bethenny’s love life was shown and she eventually got engaged. That is when Jill started to want to be her friend again, combined with the majority of the housewives keeping their distances from Jill. It all came to a head when Jill and her husband Bobby wanted to surprise the girls on their tropical vacation, and as she put it, she was “kicked out”. I don’t know what Jill expected after all the issues she had with the majority of the housewives that season.

    On the Season 3 reunion, she apologized to Bethenny and they hugged it out, but I feel it was a forgive and forget kind of situation. I feel that Bethenny accepted her apology but she didn’t want to be Jill’s friend anymore. I feel that Jill brought of lot of this on herself. By Season 4, she was doing damage control. Jill repaired many relationships or least tried to that season, especially her relationship with Ramona. In the end, Jill was one of the 4 housewives that were not asked back for Season 5.

    I do feel Jill should have been on Season 5, but I wouldn’t know what her storyline would consist of because I feel it would just be a repeat storyline of her fighting with the same housewives over and over. Even though I did always like Jill Zarin, she definitely brought the drama and wasn’t boring.

    Here is #19:





    We have the last Vancouver housewife, Ronnie Seterdahl Negus at #19 on my countdown. Ronnie was one of the original housewives from the international series “The Real Housewives of Vancouver”.

    If anybody was to go toe to toe with Danielle Staub, Ronnie Negeus would definitely be a good candidate. I don’t mean it in a bad way, at least for Ronnie. I feel that Ronnie wouldn’t back down from Danielle Staub. In many ways, Ronnie could be intimidating and that sometimes works in her favor. There are many reasons why Ronnie made it to #19 and honestly I thought she would be a little bit lower on the list, but oh well.

    Ronnie definitely has the “IT” factor going for her. Ronnie is very attractive, very beautiful, she lives the luxurious lifestyle, but most importantly, she isn’t afraid to speak her mind at all. Although Ronnie lives in Vancouver, she was born in California and she did do some modeling I believe as well. Ronnie also has four kids.

    In Season 1 of “The Real Housewives of Vancouver”, the producers made it seem that Ronnie drank quite a lot during the show. The person Ronnie had an issue with the most in Season 1 was Mary. Ronnie felt that Mary wasn’t being genuine most of the time. By the end of Season 1, she led the girls against Jody at her dinner in the Season 1 Finale.

    By the time the Season 1 reunion came around, it is revealed the Ronnie and Jody were friends again after Jody was there for her when something happened with Ronnie’s child, Remmy. It was a very hard scene to watch when Ronnie was describing the even that happened to her child, but she is a very strong woman.

    Something that really skyrocketed Ronnie on my list, was seeing how she was with her children. Although she had the luxurious lifestyle, she didn’t have maids, she always spent time with her kids. One of Ronnie’s kids was born with special needs and it was so nice to see the scenes with Ronnie spending time with her kids, especially Remmy. It takes a strong person and Ronnie definitely is that strong person.

    By Season 2, Ronnie was still very good friends with Jody and some of the other housewives except Mary and Robin. She tried being friends with Mary again towards the beginning of the season, but I guess some people aren’t meant to be friends. Ronnie felt that Robin was fake and a snitch and she even got in a screaming match with her.

    I have spoken to Ronnie a few times and she is a very nice person. Ronnie Negus had many quotable moments and even the reunion host pointed out that she sometimes can speak very dramatically. Ronnie is definitely my favorite Vancouver housewives for many reasons. She’s a bit spunky, she’s got an edge, she isn’t afraid to speak her mind, and she is gorgeous. Ronnie is definitely the star of “The Real Housewives of Vancouver”.

    Here are hints for the next 3 housewives on my ranking:

    Southern Belle
    Housewife with Plastic Surgery
    Beverly Hills Housewife

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    FLAWLESSSSS @ Kim Zolciak still thriving. She might be out with the next update, but I love you for keeping her in this long. <3

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    Hello everyone! We are back with another update to my “Real Housewives” Ranking .

    Today, I will be ranking the housewives’ at #’s 18-16

    Here is #18:





    Yolanda Foster from “The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills” is at #18 on my Housewives ranking. Yolanda Foster is married to the famous David Foster. Yolanda was born in The Netherlands and was a very successful model. Yolanda’ daughter, Gigi herself shows a promising career in modeling.

    I really liked what Yolanda brought to the table when she first came on the show in Season 4 of “The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills”. Yolanda came onto the show with such beauty and poise and she was so put together. I do feel that some of the housewives were a bit intimidated by her. One thing that really didn’t make sense to me during her first season on the show was, while she would be nice to fellow housewife Kyle Richards, she would say some not so nice things about her in her blog. It just didn’t add up until we fast forward to the reunion where we see that Yolanda Foster wasn’t a fan of Kyle Richards.

    Yolanda definitely got along with Lisa Vanderpump and Brandi Glanville the best. While the girls were in Paris, Yolanda made some rude comments about Kim and alcohol because she was taking pretty long to get ready in the hotel. One thing I really liked about Yolanda was her time with her husband and her daughter. We would see her spending time with her husband and pertaining to her garden, which looked wonderful. She went on to say that the fruits and vegetables they used were grown in her own garden.

    Yolanda’s relationship with her daughter, Gigi was great to see as well. It was nice to see Yolanda supporting her daughter and being there for here while she pursued modeling. Yolanda was there to give advice as well because she knew about the modeling business and she could give Gigi tips. Yolanda also developed lyme disease, which wasn’t revealed until this past season.

    Yolanda’s relationship with Lisa Vanderpump changed and she started to grow closer to Kyle Richards as Season 5 came to an end. At the beginning of Season 5, it seemed her, Lisa, and Brandi were a dynamic trio against the other girls and were a bit mean to them. Towards the end of the season, things changed between her and Lisa Vanderpump. She felt that Lisa Vanderpump could have been there more for her when she wasn’t able to leave her house a lot due to Lyme Disease.

    Yolanda Foster added some grace, class, and beauty to “The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills”. She was an interesting addition to the series because her storyline didn’t focus on drama with the ladies as much as it did with her spending time with her family and her daughter’s modeling career. I feel that they might be trying to bring those types of housewives onto the shows to bring back what the shows were originally supposed to be about.

    Here is #17:





    Our housewife at #17 is the beautiful Australian housewife, Janet Roach from “The Real Housewives of Melbourne”. Janet Roach to be is the Australian version of Joan Rivers to me. So, I immediately thought to myself that she was going to be entertaining.

    Janet Roach definitely is the definition that enjoys her wealth. Janet Roach is in property development in the city of Melbourne. Janet could also be called a cougar because there were a few occasions where she went on dates with men that were a bit younger than she is.

    When we first meet Janet, she was getting her hair done by a hair salon she had been going to for the last 20 years. Janet herself said that she never does her own hair, she always goes to that salon and they do it for her. Janet proclaims that she is the life of the party and I can definitely see that. There is just a great aura around Janet and you know your going to have a good time with her.

    Janet had a very interesting storyline for the first season of “The Real Housewives of Melbourne. Janet goes to fellow housewife and psychic, Jackie Gilles for a psychic reading. The two seemed to be getting along really well, so well that Janet invited her to housewife, Andrea Moss’s party where she met the rest of the other housewives.

    Janet really didn’t have that much confrontational drama as much, she had a very interesting role. Even though she wouldn’t be in an argument, she would always be “in the know” about everything. One of my favorite scenes of Janet was when she went on a blind date. Some of the housewives snuck in the restaurant to spy on Janet. They surprised Janet at the table and she found it hilarious. Janet and her blind date went to her hotel room to drink and have conversation.

    One of Janet’s standout moments was after one of Gina’s arguments with Andrea Moss, they both went to the bathroom and Gina vented to Janet about Andrea and Lydia and the “C” word was said. Word got back to Andrea and Lydia that Gina called them the “C” word and that caused an all out war between the three of them. As I said Janet wasn’t involved in that many arguments, but she definitely was a **** stirrer and she definitely stirred the pot in some arguments.

    It all came to ahead in the Season Finale and then the reunion. On the Season Finale at the launch of Jackie and her husband’s alcoholic drink, Janet was confronted about stirring the pot and she got caught. She got herself out of that situation without a scratch and the girls weren’t as mad as I thought they were going to be. At the reunion however, Gina confronted Janet about stirring the pot and she heard from Lydia when it was revealed in footage from the show that Janet was talking bad about Lydia in some of the confessionals.

    All in all, Janet was a great and kooky person on the show and while she wasn’t involved in a lot of confrontation, she kept herself relevant by being “in the know” and stirring the pot. Janet definitely seems like a lot of fun and I can’t wait to see what comes next from Janet Roach.

    Here is #16:





    Our self-proclaimed “southern belle”, Phaedra Parks from “The Real Housewives of Atlanta” is next on our list at #16. Phaedra Parks calls her self a “southern belle” and is also a lawyer and came onto the screen during Season 3 along with new housewife at the time Cynthia Bailey.

    Phaedra Parks made a huge splash in Season 3 and probably had the most interesting storyline of all the housewives that season. When we first meet Phaedra Parks, she is pregnant with her first child with husband, Apollo. What was interesting to the girls was that Phaedra, a lawyer, was married to Apollo, an ex-convict. That definitely started some pre-judging from the girls about Phaedra.

    What made me have one of those “wait, hold up” moments was when the ladies asked her how far along in her pregnancy she was, Phaedra told them she didn’t know. One of the housewives said, “how don’t you remember when you got knocked up”. This issue with Phaedra came up most of Season 3 and she pretty much brushed passed it off each time.

    Phaedra’s baby shower for her son was definitely a sight to see. The baby shower was nice and elaborate and NeNe made a few comments about flowers being in Phaedra’s hair. The rest of the Atlanta housewives visited Phaedra after she gave birth to her son and was there when the nurse asked Phaedra alluding to how far along she was and she got a bit tongue-tied. Fellow Atlanta housewife, Kim Zolciak was really interested in finding out the answer, especially since she was a nurse herself. Later on in the seasons, Phaedra decided to become a mortician and own her a funeral home.

    I could never be mad at Phaedra because I do find Phaedra pretty hilarious, especially in confessionals. Towards the beginning of her time on “The Real Housewives of Atlanta”, she would make nicer reads but as seasons went on, she started to read the girls for filth and it was pretty entertaining to watch.

    Phaedra pretty much got along with all the housewives up until Season 5 when Kenya Moore entered the season. Phaedra had a problem with what seemed to be Kenya flirting with her husband, Apollo. I definitely would be on Phaedra’s side because flirting with a married men is a no-no. But after a while, Kenya’s flirting kept going on and Kenya had some interesting text messages from Apollo. But Phaedra stayed by her man. Even recently at the Season 6 reunion, Phaedra called Kenya out and she did deliver some low blows, but she wanted to protect her family.

    Phaedra Parks is one of the most comical housewives in my opinion and I do enjoy watching her on “The Real Housewives of Atlanta”. She has a pretty interesting storyline each season and she keeps surprising us. I’m glad she is on this show and we will see what Phaedra Parks decides to surprise us with next.

    We are getting down to the wire on this countdown! Only 15 housewives remain on my ranking! To make this a bit more suspenseful, I will now only be ranking 2 housewives for each update.

    Here is a hint for the next two housewives on my countdown!

    Two housewives with a singing career

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    Oh no, Kim Z. isn't long for the ranking. And...Countess Luann?

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    NOOOOOOOOOO @ Danielle. I thought she would've been a shoe-in for Top 10.

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    Quote Originally Posted by NikkySan View Post
    NOOOOOOOOOO @ Danielle. I thought she would've been a shoe-in for Top 10.

    IKR? That gif alone justifies a top 10 placement.
    However, she also gave this flawdess musical performance. Top 5 placement IMHO

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    Hello everyone! Welcome back to another day of my Housewives countdown !

    We are down to the Top 15 housewives and tonight I will be ranking the Housewives at #'s 15-14. The Housewives are getting harder and harder to rank so it has been a difficult decision

    Here is #15:





    Next we have Grammy Award winning artist, Kandi Burruss from “The Real Housewives of Atlanta”. I myself started watching “The Real Housewives of Atlanta” in Season 3, so when I researched her and saw what she was about, I instantly loved her. I did know that she wrote the famous hit song “No Scrubs” by TLC.

    Right from the beginning, Kandi Burruss was a nice and sweet kind of girl. She has a daughter named Riley and you could tell Kandi wanted a husband and I wanted her to get what she wanted because she really deserved it. Kandi entered “The Real Housewives of Atlanta” on the Second season and was engaged to a man named A.J. As I said, Kandi was a sweet housewife, but you knew not to cross her and it was evident what happened when you do cross her, as shown in the later seasons.

    Kandi and fellow housewife NeNe Leakes had issues during Season 2, but really, it just seemed that NeNe had issues with Kandi. All I saw was that Kandi wanted to be friends with all the housewives, but once NeNe started messing with her, she wasn’t having any of it. They did try a few times to make up but it just seemed that they always bickered towards each other. They seemed to have this kind of relationship even up to the current season of “The Real Housewives of Atlanta”.

    We received some shocking news on the Season 2 reunion show that Kandi’s fiancé A.J. suddenly passed away and I was in pure shock. I felt incredibly bad for Kandi as did everyone else. Kandi told us some of the hard ships she went through when she was younger and I really felt bad for what had happened. I wish the best for her.

    Kandi was pretty good friends with fellow housewife, Kim Zolicak and they even collaborated on Kim’s infamous first single “Don’t Be Tardy”. The song was actually a hit and they wanted to collaborate again, but as the saying goes “don’t go into business with your friends”, now while that is not always true, I think it is for this situation because it pretty much put a huge strain on their relationship.

    Kandi’s mom, Joyce had started to play a prominent part in the show, especially in the later seasons. Kandi soon found love again in a man named Todd Tucker, who actually worked for the show I believe. You could definitely tell that they were very much in love and it was nice to see. They eventually got married this year and I can’t wait to see her get married on her spin-off show!

    In the most recent season, Kandi and her mom started to have an issue with her friend Carmen, which almost came to blows between Carmen and Joyce and it ended with Kandi saying “I will drop you in this bitch”. Kandi is always a nice person but don’t cross her because she knows how to defend herself. She never backs down when an issue involves her. She is pretty good at staying out of the drama that doesn’t involve her as well.

    Some might be a bit surprised to see Kandi not make it a bit further in my countdown, but at this point, I really love all of the housewives. I love Kandi for what she stands for, the hardships she went through, she’s a beautiful person inside in out, she’s got a family that loves her, she stands up for herself and doesn’t let anyone control her and she is successful. I hope Kandi does whatever she wants to do in life and I will always support her because I am a Kandi fan.

    Here is #14:






    Next on my countdown, we have Countess Luann De Lesseps from “The Real Housewives of New York City”. LuAnn is one of 5 housewives that was apart of the original crew of “The Real Housewives of New York City”. LuAnn was once married to a Count and that is how she acquired the name “Countess”.

    I definitely see why LuAnn was picked for the show, first and foremost, she was a Countess. She had certain sense of class and elegance and she was successful as well. From the very beginning she was pretty good friends with all of the housewives especially housewife Jill Zarin. Along with Jill Zarin and the other housewives, she did go to many high-profile events and Mercedes Benz Fashion week.

    LuAnn had an interesting relationship with housewife, Bethenny Frankel. They would sometimes get along and other times they would be throwing shade at each other. I don’t think they fully became friends until towards the end of Season 3. LuAnn was always criticized for having a bit of a “pompous” attitude. I don’t think she necessarily meant it in that type of way, but she is very used to the “Countess” lifestyle and class as she would say.

    Of course of the things that stood out to me about LuAnn that she decided to become a singer. LuAnn released a song called “Money Can’t Buy You Class”. My feeling about the song is that whether you love it or hate it, it is a very catchy song. The show showcased her making the music video for her single which included Jill Zarin, Kelly Bensimon, and Alex McCord being in the music video.

    As I said, LuAnn and Bethenny had an interesting relationship, especially in Season 3. In Season 3, Bethenny and LuAnn were having issues and when they all met up at Mercedes Benz Fashion Week, Bethenny and LuAnn got in an argument and it ended in Bethenny calling LuAnn “a snake”. By the end of the season, they seemed to have patched things over which was nice to see. LuAnn was pretty close towards Jill and Kelly while they were both on the show.

    LuAnn’s biggest issue was with fellow housewife, Ramona Singer. LuAnn’s issues with Ramona was similar to Jill’s issues with Ramona, but the arguments didn’t seem as vicious. With LuAnn and Ramona arguing, it was pretty much dabs at each other, kind of like high school.

    When “The Real Housewives of New York City” came back for Season 6, LuAnn decided to have a part-time role on the show instead of being a full-time housewife. Even though she was only part-time, it seemed that she was on the show more than Aviva this season. I really liked LuAnn on this season, she had a great aura about her and she kind of seemed to be the voice of reason this season.

    LuAnn De Lesseps was a great original housewife on “The Real Housewives of New York City” and she definitely earned her spot as an original housewife as well as being pretty high on my list. She was always entertaining and this season of “The Real Housewives of New York City” made me like her more. I hope that she comes back next season as a full-time housewife because I think she is made for this show.

    Here is a hint at our next 2 housewives on the Countdown !:

    Has a spinoff show
    Chief Executive Bitch

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    Hello everyone !

    I hope everyone had a great holiday weekend!

    I am back for another day for the countdown!

    I am going to rank the Housewives that rank at #'s 13-11.

    At the end of this countdown, only 10 housewives will remain in my countdown

    Here is #13:






    We have the “Don’t be Tardy for the Party’ housewife, Kim Zolciak at #13 on my countdown! Kim Zolciak was one of the original housewives on the hit show, “The Real Housewives of Atlanta”.

    Seeing Kim Zolciak pretty high on my list might surprise people, but it shouldn’t and I will tell you why. I think the problem some people have with Kim is that they take her too seriously. At the end of the day, it’s a reality show, and that is how I look at it. I think Kim Zolicak makes pretty great television in my opinion.

    Let’s start from the beginning with Kim Zolicak, starting with Season 1 of “The Real Housewives of Atlanta”. Kim Zolciak was first introduced to us in Season 1, a divorced mother of two who was in a relationship with a man who went by the name “Big Poppa”. Big Poppa became a pretty hot topic throughout the first two seasons of “The Real Housewives of Atlanta” and it even caused some of the fights involving Kim.

    Kim Zolciak was pretty much Kim’s sugar daddy and he would spoil her with lavish gifts and anything she wanted. Kim said countless times that it wasn’t for sex and that he took good care of her and her daughters. There was one problem, he was still technically married to his wife. That rubbed a lot of the Atlanta Housewives the wrong way, especially her friend, NeNe Leakes.

    One of Kim’s best friends on the show was fellow housewife, NeNe Leakes. There relationship during the 5 seasons Kim Zolicak was on the show was definitely a rollercoaster relationship. Kim was buy NeNe’s side with both went to a party at Sheree’s and NeNe wasn’t on the list. By the time the Season 1 reunion came around, things got so heated between the two that NeNe had to be restrained by housewife Lisa from going after Kim.

    Kim and NeNe were back to being friends in Season 2 and Kim’s main enemy that season was fellow housewife, Sheree Whitfield. There was an infamous moment in that season where her, NeNe and Sheree went into the restaurant that ended in a heated argument outside of the restaurant and Sheree pulling on Kim’s hair. Accusations were made that season that things got physical between her and Nene and it was brought up at the reunion.

    Kim Zolicak, with the help of her friend Kandi Burruss created her hit song “Don’t Be Tardy for the Party”. It did give Kim some success and she even went on tour with the song. Kim and Kandi’s relationship dissolved over the season and issues with the song hindered their relationship as well.

    Season 3 is where everything went to **** for Kim and NeNe. Season 3 is probably one of my favorite seasons of the “Housewives” series. All the ladies were great and added something to that season, there was fun and comedy, but mostly importantly, drama. Kim and NeNe got along for most of Season 3, it wasn’t until the last 3 episodes or so when their relationship took a turn for the worst. Season 3 is where Kim met her future husband, Kroy Biermann at a dancing with the stars type of event in Atlanta. I have to say that what I have seen of Kroy, that he is an amazing person and he treats not only Kim well, but her daughters as well.

    Kim and Kandi did a tour in Season 3 where they traveled across and few cities and sang some songs. It was on the way to Miami where Kim and NeNe had a huge altercation and it ended up with NeNe almost getting in Kim’s face. It seemed at the Season 3 reunion that we didn’t know if Kim and NeNe would ever be friends again.

    Kim in Season 4 was pretty much about her and Kroy’s relationship and her wanting to move into a bigger house. Kim also got a spinoff show entitled “Don’t Be Tardy For The Wedding” and it showed her and Kroy getting married. That spinoff show is now about to be in it’s 4th season under the title “Don’t Be Tardy”. Kim’s hair has always been a topic on “The Real Housewives of Atlanta” on what her real hair looked like, and she revealed her real hair on her spinoff show and it looked pretty good. During the course of the seasons, Kim and Kroy had two boys as well as twins along the way, and Kroy adopted Kim’s two daughters as his own.

    There was a lot of talk about Kim Zolicak in Season 5 that she wasn’t returning to the show, but when the press release came out, she had her own promo shot and she was also in the opening. Season 5 was pretty interesting, the first few episodes were trying to get Kim and NeNe to be friends again. Kim seemed to be over it, but not with NeNe, but with the show. That is why early on in Season 5, she stormed out of the restaurant the ladies were confronting Kim at and quit the show. Kim went to the Season 5 reunion and Kim and NeNe talked to each other and seemed to be in a better place and working towards their friendship.

    Kim Zolciak definitely deserves a spot in the Top 13 housewives because she is one of the people I think when I hear talking about “The Real Housewives”. Kim has definitely left her mark on “The Real Housewives of Atlanta”. She seems to be happy with her life and I am happy to see it. Who knows, maybe she will return to “The Real Housewives of Atlanta”.

    Here is #12:






    We have Caroline Manzo from “The Real Housewives of New Jersey” at #12 on my countdown. Caroline Manzo along with her sister Dina Manzo were part of the original cast of “The Real Housewives of New Jersey”.

    Caroline Manzo comes from a pretty big family having several brothers and sisters. Not only are Caroline and Dina sisters, but they are also sister-in-laws, they married brothers. Caroline is married to Albert Manzo and they have 3 kids.

    Caroline is definitely about her family and always has been. I think in the group of the 5 housewives of “The Real Housewives of New Jersey”, the girls looked Caroline as kind of the ring leader and the mother of the group. Caroline definitely got along with most of the group in Season 1, except for Danielle. Caroline’s problem wasn’t so much how Danielle treated her, but how Danielle treated the other ladies and her family. She definitely was protective over the housewives about Danielle having known them for a long time.

    In the Season 1 Finale at the last dinner, Caroline said something that sums up what she was about during her 5 season duration on the show, that she doesn’t stand alone, she stands with her family. I think that holds true to her, she always was with her family and I do think she considered her friends “family” as well. When the season 1 reunion came around, Caroline bursted into tears about something Danielle did involving her sister Dina, the argument ended with Caroline telling Danielle “You will never be a friend of mine, you are garbage”.

    Danielle wanted to show the other housewives that she changed during Season 2, but Caroline wasn’t fooled. Caroline was definitely turned off especially when Danielle started going after the kids. I would be the same way with Danielle, you don’t go after the kids. Danielle and her friend Danny just set Caroline and the rest of the housewives off.

    Caroline didn’t get involved in a lot of the drama in Season 2, but she did have her input and was the kind of the person that the housewives could talk to. Once Dina left the show and the altercation at the Posche Fashion show, Caroline wanted to have one last sit down with Danielle to tell her to drop the charges against Jacqueline’s daughter Ashlee and said they would leave her alone if she did it. The dinner didn’t go as planned but they didn’t have to worry about seeing Danielle again because she didn’t return for Season 3.

    Season 3 was a turning point for Caroline Manzo because two new housewives were added to the group, Teresa’s cousin Kathy Wakile and Melissa Gorga, Teresa’s sister-in-law. Caroline was a bit standoffish with them at the beginning of the season, but she warmed up to them by the end of the season and flipped on Teresa. Teresa did seem to make a jab at her kids in her cookbook, but the issue should have been smoothed out pretty quickly instead of being dragged out.

    I will say it again, it was a big mistake to film Season 4 of “The Real Housewives of New Jersey” while Season 3 was still airing. The Caroline Manzo in Season 4 was mean and cruel and it was very uncomfortable watching her in many seasons. She got a lot of negative attention that season, including the huge argument she had with Teresa.

    I feel that when it was time for Season 5, Caroline took a look at herself and wanted to change especially with how everybody reacted of how she acted on Season 4 of “The Real Housewives of New Jersey”. She started to become the Caroline we all liked. She became kind of the peacemaker when things were getting tough with Teresa and her family, It did seem that the two of them smoothed things over, same with Jacqueline. On the Season 5 reunion, Caroline did argue with Teresa a bit. I do hope that now they are able to be friends again because they truly were great friends.

    I really liked the Caroline from Seasons 1-Mid Season 3 and the last half of Season 5. That is the true Caroline in my opinion. Caroline would have probably made the Top 10 of my list if it wasn’t for her behavior on Season 4. I think Caroline Manzo left on high note, she was able to smooth things over with Teresa and she also got her own spinoff show as well as becoming an author. Things look great for Caroline and one thing I will always like about her is that she stands with her family.

    Here is #11:






    We have the fan favorite Gina Liano from “The Real Housewives of Melbourne” at #11 on my Housewives ranking. I think it’s pretty amazing that a housewife like Gina Liano, whose “Housewives” series just finished their first season makes it all the way to the Top 11 of my list.

    Gina Liano is the type of girl that could go toe-to-toe with girls like Lea Black, Caroline Manzo, Danielle Staub, you name it, Gina would not back down. She was definitely the fan favorite of “The Real Housewives of Melbourne”. Gina has had some of the best comeback lines I have heard from any housewife in sometime.

    Gina Liano is one of the original housewives from “The Real Housewives of Melbourne” and she is a barrister and deals with law. She also has two sisters that are fashion designers in Australia. Gina could definitely take the title of Miss Fashionista because she definitely likes to look good. Gina definitely got some notoriety from her makeup, even herself she said that “some people call her the ultimate drag queen”. From the very beginning, she came out with some witty jokes and that really got me to like her even more. One thing you could tell from the beginning was that Gina could become very intimidating.

    The drama throughout the first season of “The Real Housewives of Melbourne” revolved around Gina. From the first episode, when all the housewives sat down for dinner, Gina found out that Jackie was a psychic and wanted a reading. Jackie alluded that Gina’s boyfriend was not being faithful to her while he lived in the United States. That immediately turned Gina off her. A few days later, the two sat down and had a dinner and Gina told Jackie that she didn’t believe what she said. The meal ended with Jackie in tears.

    A lot of the drama that pissed off the other housewives about Gina that she was late to a few of the events. When Gina was late for the tennis game at Andrea’s and apparently left a mess in Andrea’s bathroom, it pissed her off. The issue could have been resolved so easily but Andrea seemed to have kept a grudge. The turning point for the ladies to turn against Gina was when they were on the attack against her and her and housewife Janet went to the bathroom. Gina vented to Janet about the girls and called Andrea and Lydia the “C” word. That really set both Andrea and Lydia off and it seemed that they couldn’t get over that issue, even with an apology.

    I feel that both Andrea and Lydia felt that the viewers would be on their sides but it seemed Gina was getting a lot of support. The last half of the season was some of the girls bashing Gina on every level. Even some housewives from the American Housewives Shows showed support for Gina, like Lisa Vanderpump. But did Gina back down from Andrea and Lydia? Nope. She always had a comeback and always knew what to say when some of the girls would attack her. Whether it was that was how Gina defended herself, she wasn’t going to be disrespected.

    All of the housewives including Gina said things about each other, but some of the other ladies I feel took it a bit too far with Gina. It got so bad that it seemed to almost be to the point of bullying with them even saying things about her family, which was pretty disrespectful.

    One of the biggest moments with Gina and Andrea was towards the end of the season when they went to lunch to discuss the issues between each other. The lunch didn’t end well and nothing was accomplished, but the conversations were pretty interesting and the lunch ended when Gina stood up and when she was about to leave, she said to Andrea “Good luck with your deck of cards, cause that’s all you’ve got is a deck of cards that’s about to topple”. That was one of the biggest scenes of the first Season for me. Another big scene for me was when all the ladies confronted Gina at dinner while they were on vacation. When all the housewives were verbally attacking Gina at the same time, Gina didn’t give them what they wanted, instead she started doing her makeup.

    It seemed that by the time the reunion came around, Andrea and Lydia seemed to still not get along with Gina and it seemed that Gina got along with Jackie, Chyka, and Janet. They did hash out their differences on the Season 1 reunion and I think by the end of it, there seemed to be hope for Gina’s relationship with Lydia and maybe Andrea.

    Gina Liano is definitely the fan favorite of “The Real Housewives of Melbourne” for many reasons. I do think Gina is likeable and she’s real. Gina isn’t going to be around the bush and she tells it like it is. She also has great confessional interviews and some great comeback responses and one liners. Since “The Real Housewives of Melbourne” is coming back for a second season, Gina Liano should definitely come back for the second season because she is one of the stars of the show.

    Well, we are down to the Top 10 Housewives on my list!

    Here are the 10 remaining Housewives on my List:


    In no order:

    How do you think the rest of the countdown is going to go?

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    Nice ranking, i love the top 10 <3

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    Rooting for: Bethenny, Camille, RAMONA<333

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    Hey everyone !

    We are at the Top 10 of my Housewives' ranking!

    We are getting close to see who is #1 on my Housewives' ranking

    I am ranking the housewives that are at #'s 10-9 on my list.

    Here is #10:






    We have reached the Top 10 on my “Real Housewives” ranking and we have Camille Grammer from “The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills” at #10 on my ranking. Camille Grammer was also an original on “The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills”.

    Camille Grammer to me was one of the more high profile housewives we have had in the series. All the girls are well known in their circles but Camille’s husband was probably the most well known for several reasons. Camille’s husband was none other than Kelsey Grammer who stared on hit tv shows like “Fraser” and some movies as well.

    Camille has had one of the craziest rides I’ve seen on a housewives show with her being a permanent housewife the first two seasons and a friend of the housewives on Season 3. When we first meet Camille, she is saying goodbye to her husband Kelsey because he is moving to New York for a while for his broadway show. I don’t think anyone was expecting what happened next.

    Throughout the show, we slowly started to see her marriage unravel infront of our eyes. It really hit Camille hard when it was found out that Kelsey had a mistress in New York and that he was done with the marriage. Probably the most awkward moment was when they both went to the Tony’s together, and Camille supported Kelsey.

    I wouldn’t want to be in Camille’s position and I don’t know how I would react, so I give her a bit of a pass with the drama she caused during the first season of “The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills”. Camille was the main source of drama from the first season. Everything was pretty peaceful with the girls until they went to Las Vegas and had an infamous dinner. Camille made accusations against housewife Kyle Richards about what she “thought” she said. That began a big blowout between the two ladies that lasted until the reunion.

    I do think Camille was paranoid and maybe a bit insecure and that is why she was lashing out at the girls. As I said, I couldn’t imagine what she was going through, and she probably didn’t tell the girls, so she had it in her boiled up and lashed out at whoever she was arguing with. Another infamous moment was the huge dinner that Camille hosted and a psychic attended named Allison. When Allison made accusations about Kyle’s marriage, both Kyle and her friend Faye defended her and Camille sat back and watched.

    Even at the Season 1 reunion, it seemed that she was still at odds with Kyle Richards. She felt that Kyle was being a bit malicious but I think Camille was just overacting. I think by the end, they agreed to disagree or apologized to each other.

    Magazines claimed Camille went from being the most hated housewife to doing a complete turn around and I definitely think she changed for the better. With Season 2, she seemed in such a better place since the divorce and her and Kyle were friends. Camille really didn’t have problems with any of the girls really that season except Taylor. I think Camille was coming from a place of being a friend to Taylor and her delivery might have been a bit off at times.

    Camille wasn’t an official housewife for Season 3 but she was in the friend’s of a housewife role and she definitely made her appearances throughout the season. She seemed to be at odds with Brandi sometimes because she seemed that Brandi was out of line a lot, and she was. She also at times seemed to have issues with Yolanda during Season 4 as well.

    Camille to me left the show with grace and I think we saw the real Camille during Season 2 to Season 3. She was in a rough place in the first season, but since then, she has been an even stronger person and individual and that is why she is in the Top 10 of my Housewives’ ranking.

    Here is #9:






    We have Kyle Richards at #9 on my Housewives’ countdown. Kyle Richards along with her sister Kim Richards were original housewives on “The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills”. Kyle Richards has a pretty famous niece, and that is Paris Hilton.

    Being the aunt of Paris Hilton put a bit of pressure on Kyle in the first season I feel. We did see Paris Hilton make a few appearances as well as Kathy Hilton a few times throughout the show. When we meet Kyle Richards, we see she is a mother of 4 and married to Mauricio. Kyle was definitely fighting with her sister here and there, but that is what siblings do. It didn’t get more serious until the end of Season 1.

    Kyle Richards did butt heads with fellow housewife Camille Grammer. I definitely think the majority of the drama came from Camille. Camille was in a rough place and was a bit paranoid. I do think eventually like anyone else that after several times of getting yelled at, you snapback, and she did. One thing I really like about Kyle is that she never backs down and she really isn’t fake. The was an event on Season 1 Finale when Kim and Adrienne were talking in a limo together, then Kyle entered. Both were pretty heated because Kim felt a bit ambushed by a few of the housewives at the party so they were all pretty heated to begin with. Kyle said something that shouldn’t have been said and it really hindered her relationship with her sister for a while.

    Eventually, Kyle’s sister Kim got the help she needed and Kyle tried to turn over a new leaf with Camille Grammer during Season 2 of “The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills”. They seemed to be doing great as friends. I think Kyle was really close with Taylor during Taylor’s duration of her time on the show. Kyle seemed like the person that Taylor could confide in and it was nice to see. One of Kyle’s highlights each season is that every year, Kyle would host her annual white party.

    After Kyle and Camille became friends, Kyle made a new enemy in Brandi Glanville. I do think Kyle and Kim started the arguments between them and Brandi by playing a bit of a trick that wasn’t so funny. But I do feel Brandi hung onto the issue for way too long after they both apologized. Kyle and Brandi seemed like frenemies for the longest time because just when you think they were cool, Brandi would post something on social media or blogs. I don’t think it was until the end of Season 4 when they really became friends.

    Kyle also had issues with Yolanda Foster, or should I say, Yolanda had issues with her that weren’t even clear to us. Kyle and Yolanda always seemed to get along but if you read Yolanda’s blogs during Season 4, she would be talking crap about Kyle sometimes. They seemed to patch things a bit over by the end of Season 5 and the reunion.

    I think Kyle’s most dynamic arguments were with Lisa Vanderpump. Lisa felt that Kyle wasn’t there for her a lot when drama popped off. I really didn’t get Lisa at that point, she felt terrible when Taylor told Lisa that she had never really ever almost begged to be someone’s friend and then they became friends but she held a grudge against Kyle. I didn’t get it especially since Kyle and Lisa have known each other for so long. I think soon enough Kyle was tired of trying to be Lisa’s friend because it always seemed Lisa was holding a grudge.

    In Season 5, Carlton had issues with Kyle that made no sense. It seemed that she was just trying to create issues with Kyle and almost trying to get into arguments with her, that way when Kyle would finally popped off, she would spin it on her. There is only so much someone can take until somebody pops off and that is what seemed to happen between Kyle and Carlton.

    Kyle Richards definitely deserves her #9 spot because is one of the most memorable housewives from “The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills” alongside Lisa Vanderpump. Kyle is definitely dynamic and she stands up for herself. Kyle pretty much tells it like it is and she is always there for her family. We’ll see what happens with her in “The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills” Season 6.

    Here are hints on the next 2 housewives on my list:

    2 east coast housewives

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